TsPussyHunters Review: Maya Kendrick Learns a Hard Lesson from Jenna Creed

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Official TsPussyHunters.com Description: Curtains up and the prudish starlet Maya Kendrick is late, again. Who does this little thing think she is! Jenna Creed has had enough. She doesn’t care how hot and tight Maya’s body is, this bitch needs to learn a lesson. Funny restrained in leather cuffs, Jenna cuts off all of Maya’s clothes. First Jenna starts with the cane on Maya’s perfect arched feet. Maya screams in pain and begs for forgiveness, but this lesson has just begun. Next Jenna pulls out the clothespins and sets up a zipper on Maya’s perfect body and perky tits. Maya must learn to serve next and takes Jenna’s huge rock hard cock in her mouth. She really knows what she’s doing and gags on Jenna’s dick during this sloppy wet blowjob. Jenna flips the fully nude Maya over and goes down on her for some pussy licking. Her perfect pink lips quiver with Jenna’s touch. Finally Maya begs for more cock insider her. Jenna delivers a deep hard fucking, which gets Maya screaming and orgasming with a hitachi.

This is Jenna’s second TS Pussy Hunters scene and it’s Maya’s 4th Kink.com appearance on 4 different sites in the network. Today’s update was directed by Sadie Lola. Maya slides a sweet compliment for Jenna in the opening interview and answers what she’s up for, along with hard limits, first. Jenna adds hers and there isn’t must discussion about the plot. I like that because I skipped the synopsis in favor of being in suspense with this update. The plot set-up is really done well with Maya as an actress with a bad attitude being flippant with Jenna, the production assistant. Mays has just said in the opening interview with the director, Sadie Lola, that she’s looking forward to the foot torture in the script. Jenna administers foot torture well with Maya’s wrists and ankles bound. She has fun with caning the submissive girl’s feet and if anyone has a foot fetish, Maya’s got some really pretty peds.

If you love a true BDSM TsPussyHunters.com feature with authentic props and gear, wait until you see the wire and clothespins Jenna busts out with – the zipper. As for Maya as the torture subject, the sounds of pain and discomfort make me wonder about my own sadistic nature. In other words, my she cock is raging hard at this point and oozing streams of pre-cum.

Knowing that Jenna loves cis girls as much as I do, because I’m a big fan who follows her work and interviews, I love seeing her go down on Maya. It gives me the impression that she knows exactly how to drive this super sexy ginger half out of her mind with lust. Jenna kisses her way up Maya’s torso to her rosy nipples and then “forces” Maya to give her a blowjob. I’ve never seen anyone seem so devoted to pleasing a stiff cock with her mouth more than Maya.

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After the midway point of this update, Jenna gives Maya head yet again and there’s a lot of finger banging with the help of a magic wand vibe buzzing against Maya’s clit! The vibrator stays right where it’s supposed to be, on her love button, while Jenna pumps her big bare dick in and out of her pussy with jackhammer thrusts. Jenna Creed proceeds to establish her dominance as well as her skills as a complete human fucking machine. Don’t miss this fantastic TS Pussy Hunters update on Kink.com!

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