Transfixed Review: S1 | E5 | Workout Girls

Watch The Trailer Synopsis: Kenzie Taylor and Kayleigh Coxx are exercising together, working up a light sweat that glistens off their stunning bodies. Kenzie looks at Kayleigh, her eyes drawn magnetically to the tantalizing bulge between her legs. As they move in tandem, the pulsing rhythm of their workout quakes through their taut bodies. “You look really good when you’re bouncing around like that,” Kenzie tells Kayleigh, fixing her with a seductive gaze from her sultry eyes. As the workout continues, Kenzie becomes more and more entranced by the carnal spell cast by the blonde bombshell beside her.

As her lust reaches its peak, Kenzie surrenders to her desire and pulls the willing Kayleigh onto a workout mat. Kayleigh slips her sports bra off, revealing her perfect breasts and perky pink nipples, which Kenzie tongues sensually as Kayleigh throws her head back with pleasure, rubbing her rapidly-stiffening cock over her workout shorts.

Slowly and tenderly, Kayleigh pulls Kenzie’s sports bra down. Kenzie’s spectacular breasts come spilling out and Kayleigh envelopes Kenzie’s nipples with her soft lips, sucking on them as if she is satisfying a deep and animalistic craving.

Kenzie pulls down Kayleigh’s shorts, getting her first glimpse of the treasure that lies between Kayleigh’s legs. Kenzie begins to lightly stroke Kayleigh’s cock, cupping her balls delicately before easing Kayleigh down onto her back. Kenzie licks her lips, filling her eager mouth with Kayleigh’s beautiful cock. Now…the REAL workout begins…

Review: If you’re already turned on by that official description of Scene #01, Episode #05 Workout Girls, I’m not at all surprised. The writer is as into the scene as much as I am! Since most of the action up until the initial blowjob scene is already laid out for you, allow me to add just a few tidbits.

I love the passion Kayleigh puts into her pussy eating since I love doing it also. Kenzie sure seems to love it! The 69 footage is awesome and I love that the raw fucking begins before the midway point of this episode! Three quarters into the scene, both girls are butt naked and every inch of their beautiful bodies is captured. Kenzie gets repeated tastes of herself by sucking Kayleigh’s erection several times between bouts of powerful railings. She also gets a taste of Kayleigh’s precious elixir at the end of this spectacular scene!

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