Transfixed Review: S1 | E5 | Workout Girls

Watch The Trailer Synopsis: Kenzie Taylor and Kayleigh Coxx are exercising together, working up a light sweat that glistens off their stunning bodies. Kenzie looks at Kayleigh, her eyes drawn magnetically to the tantalizing bulge between her legs. As they move in tandem, the pulsing rhythm of their workout quakes through their taut bodies. “You look really good when you’re bouncing around like that,” Kenzie tells Kayleigh, fixing her with a seductive gaze from her sultry eyes. As the workout continues, Kenzie becomes more and more entranced by the carnal spell cast by the blonde bombshell beside her.

As her lust reaches its peak, Kenzie surrenders to her desire and pulls the willing Kayleigh onto a workout mat. Kayleigh slips her sports bra off, revealing her perfect breasts and perky pink nipples, which Kenzie tongues sensually as Kayleigh throws her head back with pleasure, rubbing her rapidly-stiffening cock over her workout shorts.

Slowly and tenderly, Kayleigh pulls Kenzie’s sports bra down. Kenzie’s spectacular breasts come spilling out and Kayleigh envelopes Kenzie’s nipples with her soft lips, sucking on them as if she is satisfying a deep and animalistic craving.

Kenzie pulls down Kayleigh’s shorts, getting her first glimpse of the treasure that lies between Kayleigh’s legs. Kenzie begins to lightly stroke Kayleigh’s cock, cupping her balls delicately before easing Kayleigh down onto her back. Kenzie licks her lips, filling her eager mouth with Kayleigh’s beautiful cock. Now…the REAL workout begins…

Review: If you’re already turned on by that official description of Scene #01, Episode #05 Workout Girls, I’m not at all surprised. The writer is as into the scene as much as I am! Since most of the action up until the initial blowjob scene is already laid out for you, allow me to add just a few tidbits.

I love the passion Kayleigh puts into her pussy eating since I love doing it also. Kenzie sure seems to love it! The 69 footage is awesome and I love that the raw fucking begins before the midway point of this episode! Three quarters into the scene, both girls are butt naked and every inch of their beautiful bodies is captured. Kenzie gets repeated tastes of herself by sucking Kayleigh’s erection several times between bouts of powerful railings. She also gets a taste of Kayleigh’s precious elixir at the end of this spectacular scene!

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Transfixed Review: Kissing Lena with Lena Kelly and Athena Rayne

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How lucky do you feel when two of your favorite stars from two different planets in the overall porn universe come together? Trans beauty Lena Kelly and cisgender sex goddess Athena Rayne’s worlds collide explosively in Episode 4 of

If you’re looking for the highest level of production values available, the mainstream hub of Transfixed is which showcases the new porn standard. In Bree Olsen’s latest Transfixed update, Lena is presented topless in the sauna with a white towel draped across her lap.

The initial sequence with Lena in contemplation, then rising to move across the room and dropping her towel is one of the most erotic pieces of footage of Lena I’ve ever seen. It rivals the best of the best scenes on her own official website. It almost seems to be a silent way of announcing that this actress is the one with the cock and balls.

The next time we see Lena, she’s gazing into a mirror and Athena enters the frame to plant a kiss on her hand seductively. Both performers are wearing white under-shirts and panties with heightens the eroticism. The foreplay takes place on a white down comforter where the girls engage in passionate kissing, frottage, foot fetish action, cunnilingus, and 69-ing and fellatio. The bareback fucking occurs moments after Lena utters, “Hop on my cock,” not long after the midway point of this scorching hot update!

Full credits roll at the end that will remind you that you’ve just seen a major world class production. is as good as it gets!

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Transfixed Review: After Hours with Natalie

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I think plot-driven porn scenes with lots of dialogue are amazing when they’re well done. But I’ve got to admit that I like them with little dialogue better. director Bree Mills utilizes the technique of using extraordinary visuals to tell the full story. There aren’t many words necessary.

There’s the look in the driver’s face as Natalie and Riley kiss in the backseat, for instance. Better yet, the looks the girls give each other. Then there’s the sexual tension that drives them to pull over for privacy in a private warehouse.

The mutual oral foreplay sets the pace for the manual stimulation Natalie and Riley give one another. Next, come the intense cock sucking and pussy eating. The bareback fucking begins not to long after the midway point of this update. Some sequences can pass for BDSM footage with the roughness.

The mindblowing thing about this Transfixed scene is the expert skill of Natalie’s fucking. Also, what she does to send Riley into rapture in between driving her hard prick in and out of her is riveting to view. This is a hardcore to remember from the type of upscale operation we’ve come to expect from and

Transfixed Review: Venus at the Party Starring: Cherie DeVille, Venus Lux

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The poolside garden’s twinkling lights reflect in the sparkling water. Smiling guests, lost in their own worlds of enchantment and reverie, are only briefly distracted by the waiters gliding silently among them, ensuring that their glasses never run dry.

The moment Cherie DeVille sets foot in the garden, she knows that tonight is going to be magical. She can feel something pulsing deep inside her core, though she’s not yet sure what it is. It’s as if she’s in a daze herself, crossing that threshold from her everyday, boring life into something extraordinary.

Someone is calling to her — she can FEEL it. Her eyes search the faces of all those gathered, taking in their blissed-out expressions, but they’re not who she’s looking for. Then the crowds part, and her eyes fall upon a mysterious woman, Venus Lux, stretched out in a chair with her eyes hidden behind the dark lenses of her sunglasses. Could Venus be the undeniable force that’s been beckoning to her the moment she stepped in through the door?

When Venus removes her glasses and ensnares Cherie in her smokey gaze, Cherie is transfixed. She wants nothing more than to be in this goddess’ passionate embrace. She moves forward to close the gap between them, but is blocked by a waiter with a tray of hors-d’oeuvres. Desperate not to lose sight of the beautiful stranger, she politely declines his attention, but with this momentary distraction, it seems as though Venus has disappeared without a trace.

Cherie is lost as she aimlessly wanders around the party. Other girls make small talk with her, but she doesn’t hear them over the ache of desire for Venus from within. She doesn’t understand why she can’t find Venus again — was she simply a figment of her imagination?

Just when all hope is lost, Venus reappears as suddenly as she vanished. Cherie is breathless as she’s caught under Venus’ intense, lustful gaze. Not a word is shared between them as Venus slowly extends her hand. Cherie knows that taking her hand will change everything in an instant, setting them both embarking on a journey of erotic discovery unlikely anything they’ve ever experienced. She doesn’t hesitate. All heads silently turn to them.

Cherie is the girl to win Venus’ affection, the one chosen out of all the others tonight, but Cherie doesn’t see the rest — she only sees Venus. Their warm bodies press close as they begin to dance, unable to tear their gazes from one another. Cherie is spellbound. They move together as one, matching every step in time. Even their breathing is in sync.

Venus invites her into the house. It’s as if Cherie’s whole life’s been leading up to this moment, and she dreamily drifts ahead of Venus. Her heart pounds with excitement as she hears the footfall of platform heels and the swishing of fabric behind her. Venus’ powerful gaze penetrates to the very soul. They come together effortlessly again, their lips locking as waves of pleasure course through Cherie. Their hands sensually explore each other’s bodies as pieces of clothes fall away to the floor. Cherie can’t get enough of Venus, wanting to taste ALL of her. The heat building between them is incredible, and Cherie’s not sure how much longer she can hold out. The tension has pulled her muscles so taut that it almost hurts — she NEEDS Venus. proudly presents – the First Premium Trans Women on Women Showcase Series. Created by Bree Mills and her award-winning team at Gamma Films, this is a celebration of the most beautiful trans women paired with some of adult’s top cis female performers. Shot in 4K Ultra HD using cutting edge production techniques, high-fashion styling and photography, TRANSFIXED will set a new standard within both the TS and mainstream adult entertainment world.

You’ve never seen different women brought together in a more beautiful, erotic, and empowering setting! Go beyond XX and XY to experience this new era in trans porn, showcasing the hottest TS women and adult stars together as the supermodels they all are! Venus of and Cherie of Fancentro/ are sensational! There’s a strong plot line yet it’s challenging for the actors to pull the scenes off with sparse dialogue. In other words, it’s plot-driven for those who aren’t all that crazy about plots.

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