BlackTGirlsHardcore Review: Tiana Brook & Soldier Boi

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Official Description: Meet Tiana Brook! Just discovered by Omar Wax, Tiana is a pretty girl with a hot body, an amazing ass and a BIG cock that she loves to play with! Tiana was happy to introduce herself to you, horny and eager to show it all off! Watch her stroking her big dick in her first scene ever! Also, Tiana is Model of the Month for November!

Biography: A few months ago, sexy Tiana Brook made her Grooby debut and became “Model of the Month” for November 2018! Today, she’s about to make her hardcore debut! We’ve been waiting to see this hottie getting her sexy ass pounded! She is joined by Soldier Boi who is ready to give her what she needs! Watch Soldier Boi pounding Tiana’s tight hole in another smoking hot hardcore scene brought to you by Omar Wax!

Review: Gorgeous adult industry newbie Tiana Brook sits on an ottoman fluffing her hair even after TEAs-winning performer Soldier Boi insists (and I’m paraphrasing here) that she looks perfect. As he approaches her and asks if she’s making herself look fine just for him, she replies, “maybe” and he takes that as a good sign.

The way they flirt makes it seem that they’re not a couple, but this is their first night together alone. Clearly, she’s ready to take things to the next level. She rubs his crotch while they’re kissing. Soldier Boi even comments that she’s moving kinda fast, not that he minds. He’s not shy about showing his cock at all, but he wants to see more of her first.

I just know he’s getting a hardon when standing behind Tianna admiring her behind because… just look at it! On top of that, she says, “It’s all for you if you want it. He slowly pulls up the hem of her dress to expose the most curvaceous ass clad in pink panties. Soldier Boi give’s Tianna’s ass a brief tonguing and spanking, then rises as she sits back on the ottoman to help him undress.

Tianna slowly fishes Soldier Boi’s cock out and gives him head, sitting with her legs parted, her own rod jutting from between her thighs. I hope you like build-up and sexual tension because this scene is past the midway point when the fucking begins!

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