TGirls.Porn Review: Casey Kisses & Robin Coffins

Official Description: A delicious treat in store this week for all you naughty kinksters out there (you know who you are!) as TS lover Robin Coffins straps on a little something special and pounds the sweet derriere of site favorite Casey Kisses in a smoldering production under Radius’s lights. Fuck yeah!

Caramel’s Review: Mr. Dark rolls out this new TGirls.Porn update with a story line that’s a bit of a departure from the norm, but I love it. Actually, it’s far from the first time a video and photo set on this site featured a trans girl and a cis girl together. As a matter of fact, Robin has been here twice before with the trans real time love of her life and co-producer, Sarina Havok. This is Casey’s 5th time here and you should definitely catch up if you’ve missed either of their previous performances!

I’ve raved about Casey’s acting skills many times before and it’s refreshing to see how well matched Robin is with her in that range of talent. The look Robin gives us before entering the bedroom where Casey is tied to the bed is priceless.

Robin’s performance could double for an online instructional video in how to perfectly dominate a trans girl. I once dated a cis girl who was very skilled at this. We’re both dominant but we’d switch roles every now and then. I’d submissively perform foot worship and cunnilingus as well as submit to her powerful strap-on fucking technique.

There’s one big difference in what my ex-girlfriend would do and what Robin does in this scene. Robin’s overall skills are way more advanced. She goes about enforcing her Domination/submission roleplay like it’s her true passion. She’s well aware that fucking someone with a dildo is different than using a real cock. It requires more measured and careful thrusts.

Casey’s method of achieving orgasm in this TGirls.Porn update is unexpected, at least by me, and it’s refreshing. The aftercare and bonding is passionate and intimate. The shower scene this video closes with reinforces the acting skills I mentioned previously and it’s beautiful to watch.