Transfixed Review: After Hours with Natalie

MP4 Scene Trailer

I think plot-driven porn scenes with lots of dialogue are amazing when they’re well done. But I’ve got to admit that I like them with little dialogue better. director Bree Mills utilizes the technique of using extraordinary visuals to tell the full story. There aren’t many words necessary.

There’s the look in the driver’s face as Natalie and Riley kiss in the backseat, for instance. Better yet, the looks the girls give each other. Then there’s the sexual tension that drives them to pull over for privacy in a private warehouse.

The mutual oral foreplay sets the pace for the manual stimulation Natalie and Riley give one another. Next, come the intense cock sucking and pussy eating. The bareback fucking begins not to long after the midway point of this update. Some sequences can pass for BDSM footage with the roughness.

The mindblowing thing about this Transfixed scene is the expert skill of Natalie’s fucking. Also, what she does to send Riley into rapture in between driving her hard prick in and out of her is riveting to view. This is a hardcore to remember from the type of upscale operation we’ve come to expect from and