TransAngels Review: Natalie Mars & Lindsey Love

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Description: Natalie Mars is the hottest cheerleader on the Angels squad and Lindsey Love is desperate to learn her secrets. Always happy to help, the gorgeous Natalie takes the struggling cutie under her wing, showing her all of the moves she’ll need to succeed on the field and in the locker room after the game. Lindsey shows her gratitude by giving Natalie a long, wet blowjob before letting the brunette angel fuck her tight cheerleader ass right there on the lawn.

Review: What do you get when you utilize one of porn’s most time-tested themes on one of the finest trans adult websites? A great beginning. Add two hot stars and you’ve got an instant classic if you can do it well. This is “Tryouts“!

Tom Moore is the producer to pull it off with”It Girl” Natalie Mars and the adorable Lindsey Love on! It begins with horny (but not corny) humor and the highest of high production values.

It’s so fun to watch how Natalie gets her way with “innocent” Lindsey. I love the outdoor setting and do I even need to mention the eroticism of the initial cock sucking sequence? Natalie treats Lindsey’s ass like it’s a Wolfgang Puck dessert before giving her a bareback pussy pounding.

I was wondering if the cheerleading outfits would get in the way, but both girls manage to expose their goodies well with them on. Besides, there skirts are off and tops just barely on when they move indoors to continue fucking.

The storyline is forgotten by the time the cumtastic ending comes and by that time, who cares anymore about that anyway?! The girls do however stay in character until the last line is spoken and that’s a wrap for the latest spectacular update!

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