TSPlayground Review: Honey, Scene #01

Scene Trailer

Adorable Honey D introduces herself as a 20 year old from Bangkok, Thailand when her TSPlayground.com debut opens. I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever seen this bikini top wearing cutie pie before elsewhere, but nothing rings a bell. As the camera pans out and I see the head of her big uncut pecker swinging around, and see her brown nipples when she exposes them, I know I would have remembered this model.

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Honey’s already sporting a boner that her miniskirt can’t hide and she turns around to show us that she’s got a perfectly rounded bottom. Then she faces the camera again and flicks her hard dickie with her finger. It’s almost risen to a 45 degree angle and she hasn’t begun truly masturbating yet. But wait. That’s the way she taps her nipple also. I realize she just has an uncommon fap technique. The majority of the middle of this update consists of Honey showing off her ass in a variety of positions. She simulates getting fucked and also plays with strings of pre-cum oozing from her stiff member.

Scene Trailer

Honey makes her prong dance on it’s own and when it comes down to getting her nut, she begins beating off the conventional way while lying on her back. She moans softly as a pretty large amount of cum spurts from her swollen cock head. She toys with her spent cock for a while and it doesn’t seem to want to soften. We’re transported next to the shower for a brief pee sequence before this super sexy TSPlayground.com update comes to a close. It looks like some of her left-over cum is mixed with her pee when it ejects from her still-hard penis!

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