GroobyGirls Review: Meet Beautiful Sofia Bun!

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Description: It’s time for us to introduce our “Model of the Month” for April and we have an immense pleasure to welcome one absolutely stunning new girl! Meet Sofia Bun! Just discovered by Jack Flash, Sofia is, of course, from Florida and she is super cute! She’s beautiful, she’s sassy, she’s so sexy and totally horny! She walked onto the set and just oozed personality together with a rock hard cock and a continual stream of precum coming out of it! Watch her introducing herself, stripping, showing off her amazing body and a perfect ass and stroking her cock in her amazing debut!

Gorgeous Sofia Bun says where she’s and that this is her first adult industry shoot. She’s wanted to do this for years she says. Sofia likes to play with guys sometimes, but she really likes other trans girls. Perhaps we’ll see her on the trans lesbian sister site someday! Maybe her South Florida producer Jack Flash can arrange that.

While a lot of people will no doubt comment that she has wholesome “Girl-Next-Door” looks, I’m intrigued by the fact that she’s into rough sex and a little bondage. It gets even better when she describes her sex toys. Then Sofia’s masturbatory strip tease begins.

Does she seem shy and a bit nervous for her major studio debut. Yes, a little and it’s absolutely charming. I didn’t see that coming from a model so pretty. When she begins fondling her breasts, she slips into sexual arousal quickly and the tone of this video changes from that point on.

As she exposes her lovely boobs and talks about their development during her transition, she appears to be much more relaxed and getting turned on about what she’s doing. Sofia kicks off her sneakers and pulls off her socks. Then she sits up in the chair describing the ink on her foot and where she wants her next tattoo to go.

Sofia then stands up and removes her top next. She begins pulling her pants down and shows off the pink panties she says a friend got her. She fills them out very well and she’s pretty quick to reveal what was held inside and creating the wet spots.

When Sofia says, “I’m so horny,” I totally believe her. A moment or so later, she allows her rigid cock to spring out like a horny Jack-In-The Box. Don’t miss the debut of delightful Sophia Bun on!

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GroobyGirls Review: Grooby Newbie Izzy Baker

Watch The Trailer Description: It’s Saturday and we have an immense pleasure to end this Grooby Girls week by introducing one gorgeous newcomer. Meet Izzy Baker! Introduced to us by Shawn, Izzy is a sweet and ambitious soul who knows what she wants out of life. She’s professional, yet determined to please and would love nothing more than to attract your gaze as she bares herself. No stranger to role playing or being in front of a camera, Izzy is as naughty as you want her to be!

The video opens with Izzy in the time-tested school girl mode. She’s just come back home from school and ready to relax (note the tartan plaid skirt, etc.). As she toys with the hem of her skirt, she “accidently” exposes her panty bulge and she’s worried that you caught that. But, she figures she might as well expose it to you fully. None of the other girls at school know Izzy’s secret. She then focuses your attention on the large bustline in her top, and then in just a brassiere. Izzy then reveals her huge tits fully and begins massaging them.

Izzy then hoists the hem of her skirt about her gray panties to about the waistband and she pulls her cock out of one of the sides. She jerks off for you in the kitchen for a few moments, then sits on the table to remove her booties. Izzy has curvy legs and sexy, well-pedicured feet. She’s also developing a nice, sizable hardon for you.

Eventually, Izzy goes into full fap mode, laying back to jerk off on the table in the sunlit kitchen. When she releases her erection, its head points directly up toward her deep cleavage. She continues masturbating until she hears her parents coming. Uh-oh! Join to grab the full video and don’t worry. It’s discreet and no one will catch you. Download this video in your choice of 4K 2160p 4,327.04Mb, 1080p 952.15Mb, 7200p 593.95Mb and 480p 358.14Mb formats!

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