Casey Kisses on Chaturbate

I logged onto while beautiful Casey Kisses was at the top of the platform, so to speak, one night last week. She was jerking off topless with her big cock protruding from her white Calvin’s chatting casually with a fan. The conversation was about motorcycles, which she loves, so buy her a BMW bike if you’re a wealthy fan. At any rate, she continues talking about the bike scene in Miami, all the while stroking her enormous erection. How does she do this?! It’s so much more of a turn on than the typical, “Oh baby, you make me so hard,” BS. Not only that, but the sharpness of her page is like watching a 4K recording yet LIVE! Casey continues chatting so sweetly, answering tasteful questions informatively, before lubing up generously and dildo fucking her tight ass. A few minutes later, a slender, high arched bare foot enters the frame and begins rubbing her hardon. Casey jokes that it’s her own foot and the two girls crack up (three if you include myself). The tanned foot and leg belong to a pair provided by Casey’s gorgeous cis girlfriend Kylie. They’re lovebirds, but they don’t make it sickening for those who don’t have anyone special. Kylie is bend over doggy style getting her pretty pussy lapped by Casey a bit later. Than’s the perfect position to be in when Casey decided to ease her big hard schlong inside! They took a fuck break or two before resuming their banging. But the main reason I’m raving about Casey and Kylie’s show is that it’s easily one of the finest live productions I’ve ever seen! Kyle’s climaxes are amazing, by the way. As for Casey’s we already been knew that! Multi-award winning adult superstar Casey Kisses is currently living in Las Vegas with her girlfriend Kylie Kisses. They love to web cam on multiple times a week, so please feel free to stop by and say hey! Tell Casey that Caramel sent you!

TGirls.Porn Review: Casey Kisses & Robin Coffins

Official Description: A delicious treat in store this week for all you naughty kinksters out there (you know who you are!) as TS lover Robin Coffins straps on a little something special and pounds the sweet derriere of site favorite Casey Kisses in a smoldering production under Radius’s lights. Fuck yeah!

Caramel’s Review: Mr. Dark rolls out this new TGirls.Porn update with a story line that’s a bit of a departure from the norm, but I love it. Actually, it’s far from the first time a video and photo set on this site featured a trans girl and a cis girl together. As a matter of fact, Robin has been here twice before with the trans real time love of her life and co-producer, Sarina Havok. This is Casey’s 5th time here and you should definitely catch up if you’ve missed either of their previous performances!

I’ve raved about Casey’s acting skills many times before and it’s refreshing to see how well matched Robin is with her in that range of talent. The look Robin gives us before entering the bedroom where Casey is tied to the bed is priceless.

Robin’s performance could double for an online instructional video in how to perfectly dominate a trans girl. I once dated a cis girl who was very skilled at this. We’re both dominant but we’d switch roles every now and then. I’d submissively perform foot worship and cunnilingus as well as submit to her powerful strap-on fucking technique.

There’s one big difference in what my ex-girlfriend would do and what Robin does in this scene. Robin’s overall skills are way more advanced. She goes about enforcing her Domination/submission roleplay like it’s her true passion. She’s well aware that fucking someone with a dildo is different than using a real cock. It requires more measured and careful thrusts.

Casey’s method of achieving orgasm in this TGirls.Porn update is unexpected, at least by me, and it’s refreshing. The aftercare and bonding is passionate and intimate. The shower scene this video closes with reinforces the acting skills I mentioned previously and it’s beautiful to watch.

TsPussyHunters Review: Noisy Nympho Neighbor

Description: Hot tattooed alternative girl Charlotte Sartre works from her apartment, webcamming and selling her small x-rated buttons that she makes and sells online. Her next door neighbor is the tall and beautiful Casey Kisses who is trying hard to study in her apartment but cannot concentrate because of Charlotte’s loud rock n’ roll music blasting through the wall that they share. Casey pounds the wall in frustration but Charlotte can’t hear it so Casey decides to show up at Charlotte’s front door to complain. When Charlotte answers the door, the two are immediately smitten and cant believe how hot the other is. Charlotte stops the music and apologizes right away, telling Casey she’ll do anything to make it up to her. Casey makes her self comfortable on Charlotte’s bed and tell’s Charlotte to rub her feet. Without hesitation, Charlotte gets to her knees and takes Casey’s shoes and stockings off. Charlotte rubs kisses, sniffs, sucks, and licks Casey’s feet and toes. Casey spreads her legs and pulls her big hard cock out of her lace panties and Charlotte crawls to worship it. She sucks and strokes Casey’s smooth cock while Casey takes her shirt off, letting her perfect perky tits out to breathe. Casey takes down Charlotte’s black leather miniskirt and bends her over to lick her pussy and ass with her long tongue. Casey lays Charlotte down on her back and spreads her legs and shoves her cock into Charlotte’s tight slutty pussy. She pounds Charlotte’s pussy hard and then flips her over into doggy style to continue with more pussy fucking. Next, Casey switches to Charlotte’s ass and pounds away while Charlotte presses an Hitachi vibrator against her clit and cums hard with Casey’s dick buried in her ass. Casey goes back to fucking Charlotte’s pussy and blows her load deep inside.

Caramel’s Review: Big ups to director Sadie Lola for developing a fantasy scenario that’s down to earth, yet features a pair of talents that are out of this world! Trans Casey Kisses and cis Charlotte Sartre are two of my all-time favorites. I’m challenged not to be biased about them as personalities, but I think I can manage to separate that from their work in “Noisy Nympho Neighbor” on

For those new to the Kink network of adult websites, TS Pussy Hunters is the trans porn sister site to and Casey has been on that site twice in 2018. Her male co-stars were DJ and Tony Orlando. Charlotte has been on SubmissiveX, and on in 2018. I just realized I reviewed one of her scenes from in 2017.

The opening interview with the actresses by the director in today’s review tells us how much they love coming back to Guidelines, safe words and expectations are established and then the action begins. The interview will give you an idea of why I’m worried about being biased. They’re so sweet and lovable. But now let’s focus on the sex!

Selfie-taking, loud music playing, masturbating Charlotte is great at portraying someone who’s just slipped into being a temporary annoyance – not an obnoxious pest. When Casey comes to her room to ask her to turn down the music, Charlotte tells her she webcams and makes button for a living. She;s genuinely apologetic and friendly. Casey seems to be cooling down, but the way she moves across the room and takes a seat instantly establishes her dominance over Charlotte who just wants to make things right.

She can hardly believe her ears when Casey suggest that she rub her feet. But Casey isn’t kidding and Charlotte drops to her knees and gets to work. This is where things get interesting. The girl doesn’t simply give her new friend a foot rub. She inhales the scent of her feet deeply from the lining of one of her pumps and actually licks the shoe. She’s clearly turned on by Casey’s stocking feet and the way she tends to them orally proves it.
Charlotte’s foot worshiping sequence is so erotic that Casey’s big dick is already erect when she lets it snap out of her panties.

The foreplay and bareback sex that follows is unrivaled by all previous scenes on and I’ve been reviewing them since this site was launched several years ago. Charlotte take Casey’s cock vaginally and anally like a champ and I remember asking myself at one point if Casey can go on fucking all day and night! The intimacy at the scene’s closing and in the post coital interview tells me one thing – this production is a must see. 

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