Transfixed Review: Kissing Lena with Lena Kelly and Athena Rayne

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How lucky do you feel when two of your favorite stars from two different planets in the overall porn universe come together? Trans beauty Lena Kelly and cisgender sex goddess Athena Rayne’s worlds collide explosively in Episode 4 of

If you’re looking for the highest level of production values available, the mainstream hub of Transfixed is which showcases the new porn standard. In Bree Olsen’s latest Transfixed update, Lena is presented topless in the sauna with a white towel draped across her lap.

The initial sequence with Lena in contemplation, then rising to move across the room and dropping her towel is one of the most erotic pieces of footage of Lena I’ve ever seen. It rivals the best of the best scenes on her own official website. It almost seems to be a silent way of announcing that this actress is the one with the cock and balls.

The next time we see Lena, she’s gazing into a mirror and Athena enters the frame to plant a kiss on her hand seductively. Both performers are wearing white under-shirts and panties with heightens the eroticism. The foreplay takes place on a white down comforter where the girls engage in passionate kissing, frottage, foot fetish action, cunnilingus, and 69-ing and fellatio. The bareback fucking occurs moments after Lena utters, “Hop on my cock,” not long after the midway point of this scorching hot update!

Full credits roll at the end that will remind you that you’ve just seen a major world class production. is as good as it gets!

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