TSPlayground Review: Alexa Scout & Sean Michaels

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Let’s see what mainstream legend Sean Michaels and trans porn superstar Alexa Scout is up to on TSPlayground.com right now. With Sean dressed as a cat daddy and Alexa a vision of beauty barely in a blue two-piece and matching tall sandals, this is an extraordinary deliberate performance. In other words, this in no casual boyfriend/girlfriend candid scenario – it’s a knock down, drag out suck and fuck scene!

The first couple of minutes are devoted to the magnificence of Alexa’s rear end. Then, she discovers the wonder of Sean’s big cock after asking, “Are you gonna release the beast?” while gazing at the long bulge in his pants. Alexa makes an erotic show of giving Sean head – there’s nothing quite like closeups of a pretty girl going down on a massive erection. Then comes the anticipation of how Alexa is going to take that huge rod inside her tight ass.

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Does she look uncomfortable as he enters her slowly and carefully? Yes, but not like she’s in tremendous pain. It looks like she just has a lot of dick to get used to here and her own raging erection looks exquisite. It never looks like Sean’s big tool is easy to take for Alexa – in the missionary position, doggy style, or when she’s riding it cowgirl! He moaning gets louder and her wincing more intense. But her hardon remains throughout this entire powerful railing.

The reverse cowgirl fucking footage with Sean pumping like a jackhammer and Alexa’s tits jiggling and her big, stiff pecker bouncing is out of this world! What I love most is when the scene is close to ending and Sean and Alexa throw in a little intimacy before the cumming begins. This is an instant classic.

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