PornOCD Interview with Leia Parker

February 9, 2017

Twitter: @leia32L

If Big Boobs are your thing, then you will enjoy my interview with 32L Big boob model Leia Parker. She is still new to the industry but plans of getting herself and her Big Boobs known and seen across the world.

PornOCD: Right, so where does your story begin? Where were you born and raised?

Leia: I was born and raised in Bracknell, England which is just outside of London. My dad is Londoner but my mum is from Romania.

PornOCD: Can you speak your mother’s language of Romanian?

Leia: Noooo, only been there one time.

PornOCD: So how popular were you with the boys at school?

Leia: Not very much when I was younger as I was very shy. I was really conscious of my skin and my figure.

PornOCD: So what was your first ambition for your life and career?

Leia: I wanted to be a hairdresser like my older sister. That was first ambition so I started doing that at college.

PornOCD: So when did you decide that modeling could be a good career choice for you?

Leia: Well, I started doing promo work…like brand ambassador work in shopping centres and from there I got into more and more ring girl work and events stuff. Walk on work for darts and boxing. After doing that, I got spotted by The Sport and I ended up doing big feature with them.

PornOCD: We cannot do an interview without talking about your boobs. What size were you before?

Leia: I’ve only had one boob job. and I as a 32F before, so I wasn’t small.

PornOCD: Wow, you already had big boobs then? Did you find having big boobs growing up a good or a bad thing?

Leia: Like I said growing up I was conscious about them, but then I got to love them and realised that they are an asset. 🙂

PornOCD: Do you think that men sometimes have preconceived ideas about girls with big boobs?

Leia: OMG yeah definitely, especially since I had mine done.

PornOCD: So what size are they now and any plans to make them bigger?

Leia: I am now a UK size 32L. I think my management would love me to go bigger. They have said it. However, they are not the ones that would have to live with them!!

PornOCD: Do you suffer with any back problems having such big boobs?

Leia: Yes, especially if I am standing up all day. I go to the gym and do lots of work on my back and that helps lots.

PornOCD: So do you have a supportive group of friends and family who support your career choice?

Leia: Yeah my nan is my biggest fan!! Haha. My mum is fine with what I do. She knows that I will be careful and that I want to do well. Dad doesn’t really say too much about it. It’s just not mentioned.

PornOCD: So tell us about your very first professional shoot. Were you nervous?

Leia: So nervous and I was probably hopeless. It was with The Sport and the photographer made me feel so comfortable. Soon I was loving it!!!

PornOCD: Are you comfortable being naked?

Leia: Yes, I am confident now. 🙂 Not a problem.

PornOCD: So who were your role models in modeling that you want to be as successful as?

Leia: For me growing up it has always been Katie Price. She sometimes gets in trouble, but she has had an amazing career.

PornOCD: So what are your plans for your career in 2017?

Leia: I have some work lined up in the US and in Germany. I want to do more work outside the UK. I would like to do more in the media to get my profile better known.

PornOCD: The big boob modelling and porn industry in the US is so popular with companies like Score. Do you think that Big Boobs are more popular across the Atlantic in the US?

Leia: I am definitely going to be speaking with more specialist titles. I hope to work with them soon. I think that’s the difference. There’s big boob fans everywhere !!!

PornOCD: So have you had any offers to do hardcore porn work?

Leia: Yes, lots.

PornOCD: Is it something you would consider?

Leia: I mainly want to go Glamour. I’ve done a couple of soft B/G things and am fine with that, but I won’t do more.

PornOCD: Right, so what is the very first thing you notice when you see a hot man or woman?

Leia: I am a sucker for nice arms…like big arms on a guy. Also nice kind eyes. xxx

PornOCD; So your ideal man has to work his arms to be strong enough to lift your boobs and given them the attention they need? 🙂

Leia: That’s about it, yep!!!

PornOCD: So do you enjoy going out and partying and what is your favourite kind of outfit to wear to impress and catch the attention?

Leia: Anything that shows the girls off which is most things actually! Hahaha

PornOCD: What is the worst chat up line ever used on you and did it work

Leia: Someone very well known in UK said to me at an event, “Your tits look like bouncy castles. Can I jump up and down on them?!!!!

PornOCD: So having 32L boobs, where do you have to buy your bras?

Leia: Sometimes can get them online from Bravissimo. But also there’s a woman in Poland who makes them special for me.

You can follow Leia on Twitter at @leia32L and like her fan page on I’m Scott and thank you for reading our interview. Follow me on Twitter at @PornOCD.

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