PornOCD Interview with Katy Bikini

April 4, 2017

Most people will think of Belgium and think of strong beer, chocolate or long bike races but with this, you you will think of Boobs … Big Boobs. Sit back and enjoy my interview with Katy Bikini.

Twitter: @Katybikini

PornOCD: You were born in Belgium. How was growing in such a beautiful country?

Katy: Belgium is a great country. Lots of wicked places to have sex, so no complaint on this side.

PornOCD: What languages do you speak?

Katy: French, Dutch and English and of course the body language one which I am afraid is international. You know, when you touch your tits and open your legs to invite a stunning guy to come and lick your pussy… or more.

PornOCD: Do you still live in Belgium?

Katy: Yep and I do not intend to move!

PornOCD: What was your very first ambition for your life and career?

Katy: To fuck and get fucked for the pleasure of it! Can you imagine that you wake up in the morning and say, “Yesss, sex again today!” I love Mondays, Titty Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thong Thursdays, Follow sexy people Fridays and naughty weekends!

PornOCD: Have you always been comfortable being naked and showing off your body?

Katy: Always ! We were all born naked anyway, but I love wearing sexy clothes too (mini or long dresses, skirts, tight jeans, short shorts…). It’s also a pleasure to undress … slowly … Do you know the French song : « Déshabillez-moi » ?

PornOCD: We cannot do this interview with talking about your Big Boobs what size are they ?

Katy: 100 D (Europe) – UK 44D . I therefore joined the 1000 cc boob club and I’m terribly proud of it!


PornOCD: What is the best thing about having Big Boobs?

Katy: You can get more cum on them! … More men’s hands pressing them … Sexier body shape in bikini or jumper… Greater fun when you put a man or girl’s face between them.

PornOCD: Do you want to get even bigger boobs or are they happy with the size they are now?

Katy: I think I’m happy now.

PornOCD: Do you enjoying you enjoy sliding cocks between those big boobs?

Katy: Of course! A must do! I’ve even enabled a guy to do his first cock sliding! I also insert dildos, cocktail shots…

PornOCD: What reaction do your boobs get from men and women on a daily basis?

Katy: Staring of course! 😉 During sex , guys or girls do love them; kissing, biting, sliding a cock between them, cumming on them, pressing them … Enjoyable!

PornOCD: What is your favourite part of your body?

Katy: Supersize boobs, feet, hands with my very long nails , my abs…

PornOCD: You have a number of tattoos. How many do you have and which was your very first one?

Katy: Very first one was my Wile E. Coyote on my left arm. I completed the full arm bit by bit. How many? Check my pics. 😉

PornOCD: Any plans to get more tattoos?

Katy: Of course. I’m drafting some projects.

PornOCD: How many piercings do you have?

Katy: Just let people check my pics and zoom to find out. That’s what I say. If I tell you, I’m afraid the surprise effect won’t work anymore since I have many, so I’m hiding some to show some others. My pictures are different from one to the other.

PornOCD: Do you think that tattoos and piercings are more accepted in society now?

Katy: Depends where you are. I’m afraid I must admit that people are rather ignorant. Make fun or stare at me. I do not care. The more they laugh or criticize, the more they prove they are ignorant or intolerant. Shame on them ! My pleasure is to use my tongue piercing to suck a dick and men/girls play with their tongue with my clit piercing (oops, now you know this one too).

PornOCD: Can you remember the very first time you watched porn?

Katy: It was the movie « Emmanuelle » a bit soft I must admit … but I got wet from it.

PornOCD: How popular were you with the boys growing up?

Katy: I’ve always loved being surrounded with guys. I’ve always been a guy’s best friend. And now I’m surrounded with guys and we fuck all together… adult games. I love know to be at men’s dick height to suck them and lick their balls, open my mouth to swallow their cum!

PornOCD: It seems you love wearing sexy heels. How many pairs do you own?

Katy: About 400 I guess. I have to recount them since I’ve reorganized my dressing lately! No joke. I cannot imagine sex without wearing heels! I love when I’m fucked hard and held by my heels.

PornOCD: When did you first think you wanted to make a career in the adult industry?

Katy: When I was 20. I started but stopped since there was nothing interesting since Internet was just starting. I started again four years ago and no regrets ! Internet and social media help a lot. It’s a pleasure to be watched via social media. I love exhibitionism so much, so the more I get tools for that, the better!

PornOCD: How did your very first opportunity come about to enter the porn world?

Katy: I fucked with a producer during a gangbang without knowing it, then I applied.

PornOCD: Tell us all about your very first porn shoot. How did you feel on the day of the shoot?

Katy: First photo shoot was hot: In a bathroom, playing in the shower. It was great to spray water in my pussy and wank with a lot of soap and bubbles. It’s absolutely great to play it naughty in front of an objective (camera or video), knowing lots of people will get horny viewing it!

PornOCD: How popular is porn in Belgium compared to the rest of Europe, UK and the US?

Katy: I think that Belgium and everybody will agree with me is the very best country for chocolate and beer. Says enough I guess… next question.

PornOCD: Do you prefer men or woman or both?

Katy: Both! I’m a bisexual babe.

PornOCD: What is the very first thing you notice about a hot man and hot woman?

Katy: A man: his girlfriend and a woman, her man of course. If they are single, I love big dicks so I love to guess a big dick under sexy jeans. I don’t care about men being fit or not. I fucked with muscled guys and they were total zero’s and on the contrary, I fucked with fat guys who were absolutely turning me on in my ass, my pussy and cumming an awful lot many times all over me! What I notice about a hot woman is her boobs. I love huge boobs, fit babes, some curvy babes too. I love to share a double dildo with a woman or fuck her in her sexy ass. Squirting with a girl on a guy is fun!

PornOCD: How long have you been running your website

Katy: Four years now. I’ve uploaded some stuff in my Boutique: explicit pictures of my ass, my pussy I finger or fill with a dildo. I sell my used panties, tights. I love to feel my wet panty and sell it to someone who will smell my pussy perfume.

PornOCD: How often do you actually wear bikinis?

Katy: I love wearing bikinis during gangbangs or 1 on 1’s and trio’s. Guess why my name is thus, Katy Bikini. I love lingerie but bikinis, and trikinis have my preference. There’s no season to wear bikini’s. I love to wear mine under my jeans, t-shirt or home on high heels. I enjoy summertime walking around in bikinis and heels in my garden.

PornOCD: What is your favourite sexual position and why?

Katy: Sliding cock between my boobs, legs wide open with a guy’s cock in my pussy while another guy has his cock in my ass. My mouth sucking a cock and my hands wanking two cocks! That’s why I really really love gangbangs ! I’ve recently hosted my own calling for participants on Twitter and my website (so not a private one) and it was absolutely great. I won’t stop after this one… count on it! Then offline, they can meet me during 1 on 1’s, trio’s or more if they want it or they can book me for a private photo/video shoot. They can enjoy my presence in front of behind the camera. I love sex tapes! Cuckold is also one of my fav’ things, so ladies or gentlemen, do not hesitate to offer me your partner while you enjoy watching us having great sex! I’m also available for High Class Escort Services. To step in my Boudoir, please follow these links:,

PornOCD: What do you do to keep your body in such amazing shape?

Katy: Gym! 7 days a week, alternating fitness (heavy weights) and cardio. I follow a strict diet all year long with a stricter one during Summer. My fav’ routine; legs day on Sunday because the gym is my church! I need sport and heavy weights. For my round boobs and chest I do heavy dumbell press. My mottos : « dumbbell for boobs », « Stronger is the new sexy » and « Stronger than the boys » (they hate it …. Hehehe)!

PornOCD: How important is Twitter to your career?

Katy: You can reach a mix of wicked people, interact and post explicit lyrics without being banned. You can meet lots of great people like The Courtesans (a UK girl band), great musicians, great music I listen to relax or fuck!

PornOCD: How much time do you try and keep in touch with your fans?

Katy: Daily. But I do not answer to rude, disrespectful messages.

PornOCD: Who would you love to shoot a porn scene with #PornBucketList?

Katy: No one special, or only one guy: James Blain, tattooed sexy rock ‘n roll but first of all adorable porn man!

PornOCD: Who would be your dream one night stand and dream threesome?

Katy: Marilyn Manson and a threesome with guys of Metallica… or the whole band!

PornOCD: What is 100% guaranteed to bring you to mind blowing orgasm every time?

Katy: Hard sex, no taboo! Double penetration for example. Or hard sex in the lockers room in a sex club!

PornOCD: When it comes to your partners cock size, is bigger always better? #SizeQueen?

Katy: I admit I love big dicks, but I hate it when a guy with a huge one sends you a pic asking you whether it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Do I look like I’m a virgin out of a Catholic school?

PornOCD: Can a cock ever be too BIG?

Katy: Never… Bigger is better!

PornOCD: What do you have coming up for your fans to look forward to?

Katy: Explicit pics in my Boutique: wanna see my clit, my pussy fingered, double penetrated, my arse wide open, me squirting in my cat outfit? Wanna book me for a memorable date? Please contact me! Wanna enjoy a sexy Skype show in one of my hot bikinis and high heels too? Contact me via email : [email protected]!

PornOCD: Last question. Do you have a motto for life?

Katy: For my sex life, sure : « my pleasure to give you pleasure » since I love to see, hear, feel, taste men’s or women’s pleasure when I give them some.

PornOCD: Where can your fans find you online?

Katy: My website:
On Twitter: @Katybikini
On Facebook:
On Uplust:

Then offline, they can meet me during 1 on 1’s, trio’s or more if they want it or they can book me for a private photo/video shoot. They can enjoy my presence in front of behind the camera. I love sex tapes! Cuckold is also one of my fav’ things, so ladies or gentlemen, do not hesitate to offer me your partner while you enjoy watching us having great sex! On my website, you’ll find more bio info and pictures in all kind of outfits, my babe wishlists, my guestbook and a contact form in view of a wicked work offer. Lots of sweet and naughty kisses, Katy Bikini. ©