PornOCD Interview with Jillian Janson

April 25, 2017

Twitter: @xoJillianJanson 

Jillian Janson is right at the top level of porn and has an army of adoring fans. Sit back and enjoy my interview with Jillian.

PornOCD: We are 100 days in 2017. How is your year going? Is everything on track and most importantly are you enjoying life and your career?

Jillian: So far it has been an extraordinary experience being able to travel doing what I love most, expressing myself in ways such as feature dancing and of course my favorite, fucking! Since the year has started I’ve enjoyed myself in multiple sexy scenes and on stage, but most importantly I’m always keeping my fans up-to-date on all my adventures via social media, especially on!

PornOCD: Evil Angel released “Jillian Janson is Evil” towards the end of last year. How did it feel having seven of your scenes on one movie?

Jillian: It was definitely a huge hit at the AVN expo, it sold out! I loved it, such a great opportunity for fans to see more of a variety when it came to the different directors and their styles for the company. I feel it was more bang for their buck. 😉

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PornOCD: You appeared in “Teens Who Squirt“. When did you first find out you could squirt? Was it a bit of a surprise?

Jillian: It was a huge surprise, but apparently I figured it out younger than most! I was getting pounded so hard on a pool table, when all of a sudden I felt the urge to pee and every time his huge cock pushed against my g spot, it felt like it was going to explode through my stomach! It felt like I needed to relieve myself but he went harder and before I knew it, my orgasm was built up and released. My pussy felt like it took a big breath in then let it ALL out! I had squirted for my first time all over him and the table. I felt flushed – I wasn’t even shocked at what happened, I was satisfied!

PornOCD: So many of your fans loved your scene with Chanel Preston in “Moms Lick Teens Vol. 6” with Reality Kings. Did you enjoy working on this scene?

Scene Trailer

Jillian: I absolutely loved it, Chanel is a one of a kind sweetheart. She definitely knows how to make every single hair on your body stand up and then some! She is so soft, sweet, and sensual. If I wasn’t already in to girls the moment I saw her, she would have been the reason I was! Perfectly proportioned and professional. Let’s just say she knows what she is doing. 😉

PornOCD: You worked with Cherie DeVille on “Let’s Bang the Babysitter 4“. This scene looked so much fun. Was it as much fun as it looked?

Jillian: Talk about another woman that knows what she’s doing! Cherie DeVille definitely got my attention the moment she walked on set! Extremely personable and pleasant with everything she did and said. She’s one of those woman that can be innocent and sexy sweet yet can instantly turn naughty in a heartbeat. I have so much fun with experienced ladies like this!

PornOCD: You have shot a number of scenes with Blacked and I have enjoyed all of them. Do you have a scene you shot with them that stands out for you as a favourite or a moment that stands out in your memory?

Jillian: My favorite is probably everyone else’s, “Black & White Vol. 2“. I believe it was my first IR Anal, but for me that wasn’t the only thing I overcame that day. The act itself was nothing out of the ordinary, a huge cock getting stuffed into my tight little asshole, but the difference was the oncoming of a major migraine. It made me feel so sick. I hadn’t eaten much that day due to digestion (you want to be empty, not full for anal) and the camera they used called the “Ring Light” made sensitivity extreme to my eyes. I threw up, had to take a nap, and within a half hour of getting a few nutrients I was ready to fuck again like nothing happened. It took my mind off of it so well in fact that I was able to squirt all over the place. Turned out to be an amazing scene!

Scene Trailer

PornOCD: You were nominated at this years 2017 AVN Awards Female Performer of the Year, Best Anal Scene and Best Oral Scene. How much do award nominations mean to you?

Jillian: It’s quite an unbelievable breakthrough when you’re able to be recognized for your accomplishments. A lot of people do so much to be noticed for these award shows, but in all honesty I just do my best to be myself. I don’t work every day to try and achieve an award I am in this to make a living and find myself. This business makes me feel whole and at the same time it allows me the chance to give others the exact feeling. Being nominated is the best honor in the world, but win or lose I can’t express my gratitude enough for all the support I receive around the world!

PornOCD: You do feature dancing. Is this something that you really enjoy doing?

Jillian: After a year of working in the adult industry, I found expressing myself through the rhythm and the sensual flow of the body as the most satisfying feeling in the world. I decided to take it to the next level by taking my moves to the stage and giving my fans the chance to see me dance live in the flesh! I loved being able to tease and please on camera, but for a bit I felt the need to express myself more. My first time felt so natural! It’s go great when I’m able to get up close and personal with my fans.

PornOCD: Who has been the biggest supporter of your career so far?

Jillian: My mother has been the most important person of my life. Not only did she create it, but she accepts what I’ve done with it. Having her support means the most to me. I never thought I would meet anyone that was as supportive as her but I did! Sometimes having relationships and friendships are difficult due to the hectic schedules working all day on set, travelling all the time, or just the basic realization of what we do isn’t easy acceptable by everyone. However, there are often times you will meet your diamond out of the dozen and that happens to be my best friend Flynt Dominick. Not only is he also a pornstar and can travel with me, but he is the most influential person I’ve ever met. In this industry.. in life in general.. you need at least one non-related individual to lift you up and keep guiding you in the right path opposed to others that just knock you off it. I really like to look out for him the way he does for me so if you’d like to check out his music or porno go to!

PornOCD: You have so many fans on Twitter. How much time do you try and make to keep in touch with your adoring fans?

Jillian: It’s quite simple actually, anytime someone mentions @xojillianjanson in Twitter I see their post. Most likely so if they post a sexy photo or scene of me, I enjoy acknowledging their admiration! I also enjoy offering services that allow them to interact with me such as texting or my premium Snapchat where they can see sexy solo, anal, GG, BJ, or BG shows! You can also enjoy my site

PornOCD: What three things could you not live without?

Jillian: Toothbrush – Toothpaste – Blanket. Haha, I really dislike the feel and smell of bad breath. I love practicality over technology or being materialistic.

PornOCD: What can your fans look forward to seeing you in before summer?

Jillian: I will be all over the place feature dancing, so join me June 15-17 in Baltimore at Hustler, July 8th at Sapphire Uptown in NYC, and if you miss me these weekends you can catch me at Sapphire LV again on October 20th! Stay updated on my social media for all the upcoming new scenes!

PornOCD: You have done so many movies. Is there any genre of porn you would love to shoot that you haven’t yet?

Jillian: Not really. I’m truly satisfied doing the range of porn that I’ve been able to do. Lately I’ve had the fantasy to do an all girl-girl showcase and another movie of me having threesomes with couples in the industry. I think both would be extremely sexy and satisfying! A few already know, but I also plan to become more dominant in the bondage/BDSM category. That may come later though, who knows 😉 Stay tuned!

Twitter: @xoJillianJanson

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Twitter: @xoJillianJanson 

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