PornOCD Interview with Anna Bell Peaks Pt. 2

December 20, 2016

The link to my first interview with Anna Bell Peaks is here. If you haven’t read it yet, I hope you’ll enjoy it. In this discussion, we discussed some of her movies that you should love watching and owning.

Twitter: @AnnaBellPeaksXX

PornOCD; How do you keep up with all the offers of work you must be getting? So many frequent flyer miles and phone must never stop ringing!

Anna Bell: There’s a slow down for the holidays and surprisingly I’m not well known by tons of producers and companies. Of course I hope to change that every day!

PornOCD: You’re rocking social media to the max. How do you find time to update Twitter, periscope, use Chaturbate webcam so much? #impressive

Anna Bell: Well, I check my Twitter all day long, try to utilize multiple updating techniques as often as possible, and pretty much live on my phone! I love staying connected to everything.
PornOCD: Just how much are you loving life at the moment?

Anna Bell: I love my life. Truly. I’m flattered, excited, nervous and hopeful of the future, and just love life to the fullest.

PornOCD: You have done lots of movies since our last chat. Let’s run through some.  Triple BJ’s on Evil Angel is such an impressive trio with you Kalina Ryu and Riley Jenner. How much fun was that?

Anna Bell: Not surprisingly difficult to get three faces on and around a cock. But super fun and the cast was great to work with! Mike Adriano is great!

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PornOCD: Porn Fidelity’s The Whiteroom # 6 is it first time you worked with Ryan Madison. The sex looked good.

Anna Bell: Um, YEP. The sex was good. Understatement of the interview! Such a good hard fuck. I loved pushing limits and making that movie perfect.

PornOCD: When did you first realize you could squirt?

Anna Bell: Five or six years ago. Had sex with a guy who teased me with the tip of his cock and when I exploded, it was so hot he didn’t want to ever stop fucking me. Decided I definitely had to do this again and again!

PornOCD: What’s the sensation like when you know your going to explode a big squirting orgasm?

Anna Bell: Pressure build up, clenching of the pussy muscles, the orgasm build, then whoa! A huge release of pleasure!

PornOCD: In your scene with Lexington Steele (I’ve reviewed Lex’s Tattooed Vixens, Scene #03), you climaxed a fair few times. Is it easy for you to forget everyone and just let the cock bang and your orgasms flow?

Anna Bell: I like to the the orgasms flow as they come because it’s REAL!

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PornOCD: In Hot Chick Big Fangs 2, you appear with a mega-cast. How good was it being a vampire?

Anna Bell: I loved working with an all-star cast and felt flattered to be part of it. Pretty sure I “kept up” with the superstars and hope that shows I’m worthy in the industry.

PornOCD: Do you enjoy playing different characters in your porn movies to show off a bit more acting?

Anna Bell: I do enjoy the different roles cast. I want to be broad. The bitchy boss, the wild jealous wife, the naughty applicant for a job, navy policewoman, and slutty stepsister are just a few fun roles I’ve had.

PornOCD: “I Banged My Tattooed Step Sister In The Ass.” That is one hell of a porn title. Tell us about the movie. Such a hot #inked cast.

Anna Bell: I absolutely love Joanna Angel and the rest of the group at Burning Angel. Every time I shot for them it’s like a mix between a family reunion and all out party. They are simply fun to shoot with and I’m happy to call them my friends.

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PornOCD: I gotta say was impressed with your foot skills in First Time Foot Girls – Anna Bell Peaks – Cum On Anna’s Virgin Feet. This is a niche movie. How different was it from the rest of your movies?

Anna Bell: I really enjoyed the footjob video. I didn’t know I could make a man cum with my feet and I enjoy trying new things in sex.


PornOCD: I asked you in our last interview about you being typecast as a Big Boob genre girl. Do you think porn has moved on from rigid genres and girls only doing certain types of porn?

Anna Bell: I don’t know the answer to this yet. I hope to transcend the rigid genres of porn, but understand that I’m only going to be shot where the fans want to see me (and I hope that’s EVERYWHERE!).

PornOCD: You always seem to reply to fans on Twitter unless its total rubbish or spam. Do you try and keep fans close to work and make them feel appreciated?

Anna Bell: Oh yes, without the fans I would be a nobody! And since their perv minds think just like mine, we get along GREAT.

PornOCD: One of your movies has been nominated at AVN. What do awards and recognition truly mean to you?

Anna Bell: I’m really flattered, astonished that I have three nominations for AVN’s my first year. To me it’s validation that I’m doing things right, and that people like me for who I am. The absolute best part is that I’m just ME. I didn’t become someone else in front of cameras to make people like me. And to know I’m loved and wanted for who I am means the world to me.

PornOCD: What does porn mean to you? Is it more than a career now?

Anna Bell: I’m not really sure. It is a career, and a HUGE part of my life. It’s like every other job I have had in life though. I love it, work hard at it, enjoy every second I can and be the best I can be. One day i’ll be old and ugly and Ill have to move on. Til then I love my life!

PornOCD: I keep seeing your gym selfies I really hope the boobs are securely strapped down when the treadmill tempo increases?

Anna Bell: That would be 2 high impact sports bras securing them tightly to my body.  🙂

PornOCD: What albums are you rocking in your car and on your iPod right now?

Anna Bell: I listen to rock music, but lately I’ve been streaming Today’s Comedy from Pandora (laughter reduces stress and keeps me awake!).

PornOCD: You have worked with Lex Steele and Mandingo. Are you ticking off the huge dicks on your to do list?

Anna Bell: Yep. I don’t need a big dick to get of,f but it sure is fun to surprise the hell out of a big-cocked man by taking it all the way in and loving every second. 😉

PornOCD: Have you done anal on a scene yet or is that a no-no or don’t think about subject?

Anna Bell: My 2016 goal is to do anal at some point. I use toys in my ass now when I webcam, but they are not realistic or big, so I’m working on that nice good stretch!

PornOCD: It’s nearly Christmas. What does a successful porn star want for Christmas?

Anna Bell : I would like 4 backup web cameras (Logitech C920). Baby Oil, JO H20 lube, and 2 body wands. They are on my Amazon wish list (hehe, I tend to break webcams and sex toys a lot…).

Follow Anna Bell Peaks on Twitter at @AnnaBellPeaksXX and take the tour. You can find me on Twitter at @PornOCD. Thank you so much.