PornOCD Interview with Alexis Fawx

December 30, 2016

Alexis Fawx has been paving a way not only towards the top of the porn world since 2010, but into the hearts of fans the world over. She’s counting on fan votes for MILF Performer of the Year and GIRL-GIRL Performer of the Year at XBIZ 2017. Sit back and enjoy once again my interview with this amazing lady.

PornOCD: How was growing up for you in your hometown?

Alexis: I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. Went fishing, hiking, canoeing, camping, skate boarding, snow boarding… Anything outdoors I loved.

PornOCD: What sort of student were you in school?

Alexis: High School bored me. I was a good student, however I didn’t put in much effort. When I went to University, that’s where I excelled. I have a degree in Physiological Psychology.

PornOCD: Were you popular with the boys?

Alexis: I was a tomboy and really didn’t pay attention. I don’t think I cared much. I always had a boyfriend. I also had a liking towards girls then too.

PornOCD: Were you a party girl or more a sensible girl?

Alexis: I was a little bit of both. Smart enough to get the homework done and crazy enough to go have some fun. I started going to DC and NYC clubs (Limelight particularly) at 15/16. Some stories I tell. Lol

PornOCD: What music really connected with you growing up?

Alexis: Loved Jane’s Addiction and still do. Smashing Pumpkins for a while, Sex Pistols…. List is endless. NOW I love Trip Hop, I guess is the genre … Tricky, Portishead, Glass Animals, Chet Faker … I love music … Just usually nothing that gets radio play.

PornOCD: Who adorned your bedroom walls?

Alexis: No one. I didn’t do posters. I think at one point I thought of putting Tony Hawk up, not because of him, rather because of what he was doing in a pic in a magazine called Thrasher.

PornOCD: You went into the military. How did that career path come about?

Alexis: I wanted a future and out of my small town. I knew it would get me out and help with college. I moved out of parents home while I was in High School and I was responsible for my future and knew where I wanted to go. I knew at an early age (like 12) that there was a world to be discovered and I felt that living in a small town would suffocate me creatively.

PornOCD: Did you enjoy the hard physical side of the job fitness training?

Alexis: I was Air Force. We used our minds.

PornOCD: Do you think that the military is still seen as a male only job in the U.S. or are opinions changing?

Alexis: Depends on the job. As a whole opinions have changed a little, however we still don’t see many women.

PornOCD: When did you first view porn?

Alexis: I don’t remember the age, however I was young. Found Playboys of my uncle’s. I actually used to love to find the Playboy symbol on each cover. It was like a puzzle. Then I found his video collection and had my first taste of Ginger Lynn. I remember specifically one with Amber and Ginger Lynn with some guy. The 2 on 1 really turned me on.

PornOCD: When did your thoughts turn to a career in porn?

Alexis: 2010. It just happened kinda.

PornOCD: How did your friends and family react to your porn career?

Alexis: Well, some aren’t friends anymore and that’s cool. To each their own. My mom at first was like, “I don’t want to talk about it”. I was already an adult so it wasn’t like she had any influence in my choices. She always respected my choices and left me be. Remember I was very independent at like 16. Now her and I can joke about some of the silliness that happens and we are closer.

PornOCD: When did the offer of your first scene come about?

Alexis: July 2010 – Dancing Bear.

Alexis: I loved it. It was thrilling. Adrenaline rush. Completely out of comfort zone.

PornOCD: I cannot do this interview and not discuss your boobs. How big are they and when did you feel you wanted big, big boobies?

Alexis: 32DDD. I got my boobs before porn. I was naturally a full C. Just wanted bigger.

PornOCD: How do people react when you talk about your career or is it never talked about to new people you meet?

Alexis: I don’t usually talk about my career when I meet new people. I’m more than my career. I’m a unique individual just like everyone else. What people do for a living isn’t their entire being and should not define them. For instance, I not only do porn, I’m also a therapist. I work with disabled, terminally ill and athletes in hopes in making their lives better, more manageable and hopefully pain free. I just was in Peru this summer working as volunteer at a disabled children’s hospital. I don’t tell people I do either career.

PornOCD: How do you think porn stars are seen by most people? Do you think that it is more part of society now?

Alexis: Depends on who and where you ask. Still have closed minded, bible carrying, gun toting people that will damn you as soon as they find out, and then their open minded. I really don’t give a shit what people think of my choices. People should be more concerned with their own life and choices. Concentrate on being a good human being. Quote – “Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own” – Paulo Coelho – the alchemist

PornOCD: How do you keep your body in such incredible shape?

Alexis: #1 – nutrition. #2 – I move. Walking, boxing, yoga, lift weights. I’m active and #3 – I sleep. I listen to my body.

PornOCD: How important do you think Twitter is to your career and porn in general?

Alexis: I think it’s great for keeping us in touch with fans.

PornOCD: How much do you enjoy keeping in touch with your fans?

Alexis: Love it.

PornOCD: Do you think they are downsides to social media?

Alexis: Yes, I think people blast their beefs with others or personal problems rather than doing something to resolve them. When that’s done it becomes a circus.

PornOCD: Do you watch your own scenes?

Alexis: Yes, I want to know how I can improve to be a better performer.

PornOCD: For those reading about you for very first time, describe yourself in five words.

Alexis: Charismatic, Pulchritudinous, Cantankerous, Spiritual, and Loving.

PornOCD: Some woman love shoes and handbags. What is your little shopping addiction?

Alexis: I don’t have one. I save money. When I do spend it, I travel to other counties. I thrive on having a enriching life and experiences.

PornOCD: When it’s time for the money shot, where do you like the cumshot aimed?

Alexis: It depends on my mood. Just not my eyes! Lolz

PornOCD: Do you have a #hashtag name for your fans?

Alexis: #FawxFanatics

PornOCD: What can your fans look forward to coming out in the near future?

Alexis: Lots. I still have many firsts! Stay tuned!

PornOCD: Who is in your list of stars you still want to work with?

Alexis: Endless…. 

PornOCD: What catches your eye first on a hot man or lady?

Alexis: Attitude. You can be the hottest man or woman, however if you have a shit attitude and you’re fake, I don’t want anything to do with you.

PornOCD: If you had 1 million dollars and 24 hours to spend it, what fun would you have?

Alexis: Mmmmmmmm I would set it up in a way that the money spent would earn me money for years to come.

PornOCD: Your dream one night stand?

Alexis: Christian Bale and Scarlett Johansson… 3 some.

PornOCD: If you could have dinner with any three people alive or dead who would it be and why?

Alexis: My Dad… Passed … That’s it really.

Twitter: @alexisfawx

Thank you for reading our interview. You can find Alexis on Twitter at @AlexisFawx and I’m at @PornOCD