Femdom Empire

Mistresses Nikki and Jade had so much fun helping Mistress Lexi Sindel fuck her strapon slut that they wanted a turn as well. Nikki goes first, with Lexi sitting on the slave so that Nikki can fuck him as hard as she wants. Jade pitches in, making the slave suck her cock as she humiliates him. Jade then takes her turn, with Lexi and Nikki rocking the slave back onto Jade’s cock, making him take it balls deep as they verbally humiliate the pathetic slut. Download the full video on FemdomEmpire.com

Muscle Black Women

As a black tgirl, I stopped asking myself years ago why black female bodybuiders are so friendly with me. I wondered if many were bisexual or felt a kinship because of the negative reactions many of them experience when accused of trying to “look like men”. Whatever it is, here’s a little tribute to openly sexual black fitness experts and professional bodybuilders. Muscle Black Women showcases sisters who work their bodies hard, from from the largest bodybuilders to the girls next door with a great pairs of biceps. Cheers to these phenomenal women!