Transerotica Review: Nikki Jade Taylor Fucking Alura Jenson

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Official Description: This scene is absolutely incredible! Nikki gets paid a surprise visit from superstar Alura Jenson and not only gets the blowjob of a lifetime, but fucks her nice little bald pussy until she blows a fat load all over Alura’s massive tits! You definitely don’t want to miss this one!

Review: is the network for an incredible gang of top trans porn stars including Alexa Scout, Casey Kisses, Cassidy Quinn, Chanel Santini, Chelsea Marie, Jamie French, Jessy Dubai, Kayleigh Coxx, Lena Kelly, Lianna Lawson, Marissa Minx, Natalie Mars, and the beauty I’m focusing on today behind! This scene plays out like Nikki and Alura are best friends or roommates. Alura is lounging on the sofa when she sees Nikki moping around. She asks what’s wrong, thinking Nikki was going out tonight with her boyfriend. Nikki confesses that her boyfriend cheated on her and that relationship has just ended.

Alura insists that Nikki sit down next to her and she shuts off the TV to give her undivided attention. Alura feel so bad, commenting on how Nikki looks so beautiful in anticipation for tonight’s date. Nikki realizes it’s time to move on and she really appreciates Alura being there for her as a friend. They embrace and when Nikki gives Alura a peck on the lips, the woman is shocked. She doesn’t recoil, however. She just didn’t know that Nikki is also attracted to cisgender women.

When Nikki confesses that she’s always liked Alura, obviously that way, Alura gets embarrassed and flustered. Then Alura thinks back to a day when she was watching Nikki tanning outside her window. She was amazed at how Nikki’s body looked in oil. Nikki shares that she’s always wanted to kiss Alura, but she kept her feelings to herself until today. Nikki caresses one of Alura’s bare thighs while telling her how jealous she’s been for the guys who had a chance to date her. Alura is so flattered, but she tells Nikki that sex with a partner who just has a dildo isn’t going to do it for her. She needs a real dick. It’s pretty obvious that Alura would be all hers if she had a dick. Nikki parts her thighs and gives Alura a glimpse at what’s between them. It’s Alura’s lucky day!

Needless to say, the sex is incredible. Instead of overstating the obvious, let me fill you in with some background information. Nikki is one of the most prolific stars in the network whane is comes with getting it on with cisgender women. I’ve been a fan of the contract star’s website for several years. Back to Nikki, she’s a regular webcam hostess as well as having a successful studio career whose live cam channel reads, “I’ve been on hormones since Sept. 2011, so don’t expect me to get a boner instantly or make more than a few drops of cum on most days. But I do have days where I can get rock hard and cum a lot, if you come to my room often you will see that.” If you watch “Nikki Jade Taylor Fucking Alura Jenson” you’ll see that this was one of those days. Check out the way she splashes her cum across Alura’s huge knockers on and/or which comes with your subscription.

KhloeKayxxx Review: Khloe Kay Fucking Lindsay Love

Khloe Kay Fucking Lindsay” is rolled out as Khloe’s first time with a cis girl on the newly launch and highly anticipated website Gorgeous Lindsay love seems to be the most prolific one in the network making it with some of the network’s relatively new contract stars. She’s the girl so many guys and other girls would love to be and an extraordinary trans ally as well.

The girls are wearing bras and panties on the sofa, and tall strappy sandals, obviously ready to get down to it when the video begins. They kiss and get topless first.

Then Khloe takes the lead, pushing Lindsay to lay back for some carpet munching (well, Lindsay’s pretty pussy is shave bare, but you know what I mean).

Lindsay gets her mouth full of girl cock after letting the hard organ spring out of its panty prison. I love the way this blowjob begins and ends – with Khloe standing and Lindsay submissively giving head while kneeling before her.

Khloe enters the petals of Lindsay’s pussy with her erection from behind. She then fucks her in the reverse cowgirl position. She swings around to face Khloe while still humping her boner and the high point seems to be when Khloe practically fucks Lindsay through the sofa while Lindsay is face down on the furniture. Lindsay finishes Khloe off with her mouth and makes a great show of lapping up her elixir.

The 30:03 minute video is complimented by 100 photos. Check out sexy stunning network babe Khloe on her brand new official website that’s now launched for you to enjoy all her hardcore content. Go subscribe now!