TransAngels Review: Natalie Mars & Lindsey Love

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Description: Natalie Mars is the hottest cheerleader on the Angels squad and Lindsey Love is desperate to learn her secrets. Always happy to help, the gorgeous Natalie takes the struggling cutie under her wing, showing her all of the moves she’ll need to succeed on the field and in the locker room after the game. Lindsey shows her gratitude by giving Natalie a long, wet blowjob before letting the brunette angel fuck her tight cheerleader ass right there on the lawn.

Review: What do you get when you utilize one of porn’s most time-tested themes on one of the finest trans adult websites? A great beginning. Add two hot stars and you’ve got an instant classic if you can do it well. This is “Tryouts“!

Tom Moore is the producer to pull it off with”It Girl” Natalie Mars and the adorable Lindsey Love on! It begins with horny (but not corny) humor and the highest of high production values.

It’s so fun to watch how Natalie gets her way with “innocent” Lindsey. I love the outdoor setting and do I even need to mention the eroticism of the initial cock sucking sequence? Natalie treats Lindsey’s ass like it’s a Wolfgang Puck dessert before giving her a bareback pussy pounding.

I was wondering if the cheerleading outfits would get in the way, but both girls manage to expose their goodies well with them on. Besides, there skirts are off and tops just barely on when they move indoors to continue fucking.

The storyline is forgotten by the time the cumtastic ending comes and by that time, who cares anymore about that anyway?! The girls do however stay in character until the last line is spoken and that’s a wrap for the latest spectacular update!

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TEA Best Girl/Girl Scene Winner: Learning The Joys of Anal

MP4 Scene Trailer Description: Natalie Mars is having her bestie Ella Nova over for a steamy yoga session, and after some flexible fun, Ella lets her BFF in on her boyfriend’s anal fantasies. Only problem is, she doesn’t know if her tight ass can handle his big dick! Good thing for her that her tgirl gal pal Natalie has a whole toybox full of dildos to train her ass hard. Next thing she knows, she’s sharing a two foot long double-headed dildo with Natalie, and ass to ass penetration never looked so good! But Natalie’s training isn’t done yet, and with no substitute for the real deal, Natalie fills her friend’s booty with her big cock. And with a strap-on reach around finish, Ella’s ass is ready for anything!

I rarely agree with major award choices, but this is one I’m in total agreement with. “Learning The Joys of Anal” starring Natalie Mars and Ella Nova is an extraordinary secene from Natalie Mars walked away with Best Hardcore Performer, Many Vids Model of the Year and shared this Best Girl/Scene with Ella. Astronomical might be a corny way to describe Mars and Nova in this performance, yet it pretty much sums it up succinctly.

The flirting while working out is electrifying even when we know what’s eventually going to happen here. The opening sequence is like a festival of prettiness lead by two. At this point if you’re only somewhat familiar with trans porn, it’s easy to figure out that the hostess of NatalieMars.XXX is a megastar.

Her Texas native Cis porn star Ella aka Sister Mauer and Claire Cucumber is someone I’ve been following for about 3 years and she’s no stranger to trans porn. Does that give her any sort of edge with this production? I’m not sure because I’ve seen several Cis girls knock it out of the park their first time with trans girls. But in this case I think Ella’s experience certainly doesn’t hurt. I think it really comes into play with the strap-on sequences. It takes knowledge to wield one effectively, especially with a huge dildo like Ella’s. Natalie barely has to even look at Ella to cum which is a testament to her talent because so many of us could climax just looking at her and at Natalie too, for that matter.

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TransAngels Review: Leave Something Behind

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Kayleigh Coxx knows the importance of self-care, hot showers and frequent orgasms, and any chance she’s given to combine them is a chance she’s going to take. But, just as Kayleigh is getting ready to ride her in-shower dildo, she’s interrupted by her impatient roommate Kleio Valentien! In her rush to be a good roommate, Kayleigh accidentally leaves her dildo behind. Kleio is shocked when she first sees it, but can’t help herself and decides to take it for a spin. When Kayleigh catches Kleio playing with her toy, she’s reluctant to forgive, at first, but when Kleio suggests that the two sexy roommates can play together all trouble is forgotten. Kayleigh and Kleio take turns playing with the toy and each other until Kayleigh shoots her load all over her roommate.

Caramel’s Review: On, stunningly naked Kayleigh enters the shower and pours bath gel across her skin like she’s just freshening up. But as she lathers her pubic region, she develops an erection. She now finds it impossible to simply shower without jerking off.

She knows exactly where to find help. There’s a huge dildo hidden beneath a towel in the luxurious shower stall. It’s now clear that Kayleigh had shower time masturbation as her plan from the beginning. She affixes the plastic dong to the wall at its base, climbs aboard the marble bench and backs up against the sex toy. Just as she’s about to push her ass back onto the dildo, there’s a knock on the door. It’s a woman asking to use the shower.

She rushes out with a towel and apologizes to waiting Kleio for taking up part of her shower time. When Kayleigh returns to her bedroom and goes through the pile of clothing she’d shed in the bathroom, realizing to her horror that she left the sex toy behind! She goes back to the shower to see if it’s still attached to the wall, and she’s also treated by the sight of naked Kleio lathering up.

Kayleigh is so turned on that she develops a boner and she can’t help stoking it watching the nude girl bathing. Kleio is shocked and surprised to suddenly spot the dildo attached to the wall behind her! But she decides to have some fun and she pretends it’s a real live cock and gives it a mock blowjob. Then she positions herself on the marble bench the same way Kayleigh had arranged her body previously – in order to fuck the toy doggy style!

While Kleio rapturously rides the huge dong, Kayleigh lunges forward loudly, catching Kleio by surprise! Kayleigh confesses that she’s returned to take get her dildo. Kleio doesn’t seem to mind too much that she’s been busted. She’s more interested in inviting this beautiful trans woman in the shower with her. The two begin French kissing and, this time around, Kleio gets to play with a real live cock!

Kleio gives what looks like an amazing blowjob! Kayleigh returns the favor, making it seem like Kleio’s pussy is absolutely delicious. But what I’m mainly interested in is the way Kayleigh fucks her shower partner. The drilling she gives Kleio in multiple positions illustrates the reason I reserve thew word “epic” for special occasions. Kayleigh’s latest bareback pounding is incredible! For more of this trailblazing star, visit Take The Tour