Mr. Skin Major Upgrade (and Amy Lindsay)

Softcore Porn Actress Amy Lindsay

You may have heard that the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz pulled his most recent ad this week after learning that one of the actors in the production billed “Conservatives Anonymous” was also a softcore porn star. This controversial event, and the mention of Mr. Skin on last weekend’s Saturday Night Live on NBC led me to look into the relaunch of Mr. Skin. On February 16, 2016, Marty O’Brien reported on that after 16 years exposing “wardrobe malfunctions” and other public displays of celebrities’ naughty bits, the redoubtable Mr. Skin has refurbished and re-launched his website. “The overhaul includes an updated look, responsive design, new interactive features and a brand new safe-for-work section. The updated site allows users to give every celeb, movie, TV show, picture and clip their own personal ratings. In addition, they can create collections of their favorite celebs, pictures and videos for easy access. Members also may request missing celeb content by hitting the “request” button next to celebrities’ names. Last but not least, a more powerful search engine allows users to explore the site’s database of more than 300,000 celebrity images,” O’Brien added. “As we welcomed 2016 and the bountiful nudity that awaits us, we realized something: Our appreciation for naked celebrities may never change, but sometimes our website has to,” said Jim “Mr. Skin” McBride. “That’s why we’ve done a complete redesign and redevelopment of to make the experiences for our users infinitely more seamless, intuitive and, well, boobiful.”

Allison Janney Nude

Allison Janney nude? Really? You never know who’s going to turn up on Mr. Skin. Six-time Primetime Emmy Award winner for her television work and has won a Drama Desk Award and received two Tony Award nominations for her work in the theater. The “Mom” star looks hot as hell at 54! Allison is up for the MILF award for 2014 in my head.

January Jones Nude

I was as hot for actress January Jones when she was at the pinnacle of her slender beauty on the Mad Men series as I was when she was convincingly transformed into a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) in the character Betty Draper’s depressed phase. In the 2013 production of “Sweetwater” she’s delightfully half-naked and wonderfully captured by Mr. Skin. I’m wondering what her natural hair color is and I know the best way to find out, but I digress. Click on January and enjoy the video preview!

Lady Gaga Nude – The Abramovic Method

Although I’m not one of this groundbreaking recording artist’s “Little Monsters” I do love some of her songs and wish her all the best with her upcoming new album. I’m more interested in Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and I was floored by her beautiful Abramovic Method performance. At a three-day retreat in upstate New York, Marina Abramovic instructed Lady Gaga in the Abramovic Method–a series of exercises designed to heighten participants’ awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment.Here is a stunning preview captured by Mr. Skin. Lady Gaga is one of the world’s most influential people and I love seeing her in a video that’s erotic enough to make millions of fans cum!

Jodie Foster Naked In 1994’s “Nell”

I’m not certain that Jodie Foster is a lesbian but my gaydar has been pointing at her for quite some time. Since I’m a chick with a dick, I’ve had better luck with bisexual and lesbian women than with straight females in my lifetime. When I saw this legendary actress in the “Nell”  movie way back in 1994, I wanted to show her what it’s like to be with a chick with a dick and I still do! I don’t know if she’d be into a lady like me, but I could save her lots of vibrator battery life and there would be no need for a strap-on partner with me around. Check out this video clip and more photos of  Jodie on Mr. Skin.  

Mr. Skin Presents Chloë Sevigny Sucking Cock

I’m used to seeing Hollywood actresses nude all the time. Aren’t we all? I’ve seen Chloë Sevigny bare her breasts in fashion shows on the catwalk and fake fucking in movies before, but I never thought I’d see her giving a blowjob!

When you click on the photo above, give the movie clip a few moments to buffer. The hits are off the chain! I’ve fantasized sex with Chloë more than a few times over the years and damn, that’s a big juicy cock she’s blowing. The dominant guy is actually pretty cute and I love the way she moans while giving head! I’d love to go down on both of them! Check out Mr. Skin’s homepage for more celebrity updates.