DarkX: One Last Time

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Joanna Angel and Jason Brown have been having an affair, he explains to her that this needs to end and that they cannot see each other anymore. Joanna refuses to accept ending it and tempts him by giving him her tight ass. This is clearly an offer he cannot refuse and it isn’t long before he’s deep inside her booty!

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That’s the official DarkX.com synopsis and here’s my take on the video. Both lead actors are 100% convincing as business professionals in an illicit affair. Jason works for Joanna’s husband which makes the situation all the more dangerous. This is plot-driven porn for those who don’t always need acting in porn, like myself. Sometimes set-up is crucial however and when you have talent that can act, why not take advantage of it? This is the key element that makes “One Last Time” memorable as an erotic tale.
Natural chemistry between the actors drives the action and it’s palpable here with Joanna and Jason. The tension is quickly set-up and perfectly introduces the beautiful contrast these partners when Joanna performs oral sex on Jason’s massive cock. It’s a forceful, wet and messy blowjob leading to cunnilingus by Jason that appears to drive Joanna half out of her mind with pleasure.


Joanna at times seems to make sounds that only dogs can hear when sinking her quim on Jason’s long, thick rod for the first time. The expressions on her face are priceless, yet they don’t overshadow Jason’s reactions. The video moves to a higher level of tension when the anal sex begins. Total nudity of both beautiful bodies will not be taken for granted by most viewers. What I love is the way these actors stay true to their roles to the final sequence of this DarkX.com masterpiece directed by James Avalon. I’ve been a fan of the actress, director and producer of BurningAngel.com since I first learned that she spent her some of her teen years in the same Bergen County, New Jersey neighborhood I did. Until then it seemed unheard of that people from that conservative area would seek a career in the adult industry. This alt porn icon is also the hostess of JoannaAngel.com.

Burning Angel: Double Anal FTW – Joanna Angel And Holly Hendrix

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The official synopsis of “Double Anal FTW” reads: Do you want to see two dicks inside Joanna Angel’s fine ass? Do you want to see two dicks inside Holly Hendrix’s fine ass? Because you’re about to witness double anal epicness between Burning Angel’s Queen and AVN’s Best New Starlet, with professional meat-slingers Steve Holmes and Markus Dupree. You know these two don’t want to simply get fucked, they want to get fucking hammered by cock! They want it deep, they want it hard, and they want it all – and that’s exactly what they’re going to get in this unforgettable group sex escapade!

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The special effects in this movie are so good it almost seems like showing off from the opening moments. Then there’s bareback jackhammer fucking within the first few minutes with this sinfully attractive, cast that’s diverse in nationality, ethnicity and age. There’s lesbianism and big cock sucking right off the bat also. I wouldn’t say not to try this at home, but this foursome is a collection of sexual acrobats that make contortions and double penetration look easy. The tea bagging and shaft devouring the two men Steve and Markus get while stroking their enormous cocks near the end from these super pretty young ladies is absolutely mind-bending.

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Welcome to burningangel.com, home to delectable Joanna Angel’s own site of tattoo and punk porn incredibly hot emo models, pin-up girls and cosplay porn. Check out all the hardcore anal and squirting sex videos, punk schoolgirls going sex crazy and teaming up with two guys at the same time and getting creampied or spanked, with one dick in the pussy and another in the ass. And of course, there is the spellbinding Joanna Angel herself. Take a close look at “Double Anal FTW“.

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Anna Bell Peaks in Squirt or Die!

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Squirt Or Die! was directed by Joanna Angel for the amazing BurningAngel.com. I have long been a fan of Joanna and her work with the sexiest tattooed girls in porn. In this movie you can feast your eyes on Janice Griffith, Anna Bell Peaks, Leigh Raven, Lily Lane, Kimberly Chi, Xander Corvus, Small Hands, Mr. Pete, and Tommy Pistol. We are going to have a look at Anna Bell Peaks scene. I have been lucky enough to interview Anna Bell twice and am a very big fan of her work.

Small Hands’ mind is wandering and consumed with thoughts of Anna Bell. They always say if you love someone say it in a song!!! He must of heard this and heads over to see Anna Bell with a bunch of flowers. Getting down her on his knees in front of her and briefly serenades Certain people are cool without even trying and Small Hands manages this without effort.

Anna Bell sucks on his cock he slides his fingers into her pussy the grabs hold of the sexy lingerie she is wearing and rips it. The rest is torn off in the lust of the scene and he slides his cock inside her. He bangs away hard and pulls out his cock and she explodes a squirting orgasm onto the bed.

She enjoyed her squirting orgasm and asks for him to do it again and he bangs away again with his cock. Another powerful spray of her squirt juices is unleashed and caught in his hands and rubbed onto her face. The sexual chemistry between these two is simply amazing and just cranks the heat of this scene towards boiling point.

Riding in cowgirl causes another huge squirt release and drenches him but she kindly licks up her juices from his cock. The sex just keeps going and yet more squirting action with more huge squirting orgasms drenching him and filling the whole room with her love juices. This just works on every level. Anna Bell smiles throughout the scene and you can understand why with how many times she unleashes her cum. He shoots his cum on her boobs while she cums yet again. This movie is not just for the squirting fans. This movie will be loved by every porn fan, trust me. You need to watch this scene people trust me!!!! I’m Scott. Follow me on Twitter @PornOCD. For my first interview with Anna Bell Peaks, click here. Check out the box cover to see all the trailers for Squirt or Die! 

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Cum On My Tattoo #06 with Anna Bell Peaks

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Cum On My Tattoo #06 is brought to you by burningangel.com and directed by the amazing Joanna of joannaangel.com! It stars Lily Lane, Small Hands, Small Hands, Xander Corvus, Bill Bailey, Anna Bell Peaks, Juliana Rose, Felicity Feline, Gage Sin, Monique Alexander, and Alessa Savage. Today we are going to take a look at Scene #02 Anna Bell Peaks, Small Hands and Bill Bailey.

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Anna Bell Peaks was ready to enjoy an afternoon outside in her shiny red bikini, relaxing in the hot tub and tanning in the sun – but first she’d need sunscreen for her tattoos. When she found the bottle empty, her friend Bill Bailey suggested jizz, if she rubbed it all over, would keep her skin moist and in pristine condition! She was getting some cum on her tattoos, and Bill was going to deliver it after he wrecked her pretty pussy and made her squirt as those perfect knockers bounced along! Inspired by his brilliance, she wanted to cum on HIS tattoo, but he didn’t have any, however, his friend Small Hands did, so… She made it rain!

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Anna Bell wants to tan understand the hot sun but she does not have any sun cream to protect her tattoos. She asks Bill for some sun cream and he offers out his idea that cum can be used as sun cream. Anna Bell is less than convinced at first but if a scientific study has been done who can argue with that or so he says. Bill heads straight towards her big boobs and gives him some love his his tongue and mouth. She works over his erection with her mouth and throat and slides his cock between her very ample cleavage for a titfuck. She uses his tongue to lick her pussy and he slides his cock inside her from behind and begins slowly working up the penetration pace. Anna Bell wants to bounce on his cock and does this in reverse cowgirl and her boobs bounce. His cock hits the right spot and she squirts and rubs her pussy with pleasure as her love juices fly!! The sex continues in various positions and he makes her cum again. He pulls out his cock and cums on her leg tattoo. Anna Bell wants to return the favour but Bill has zero ink. Oh disaster I hear you cry. No disaster averted when Small Hands who has more than enough tattoos for both him and Bill saves the day. He lays down while Anna Bell peaks plays with her pussy and explodes her hot squirting squirt all over him. I’m Scott follow me on Twitter @PornOCD and keep enjoying Porn!!

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PornOCD Interview with Chelsea Grinds


Hi, from Scott aka PornOCD! My interview with Chelsea Grinds features her work on Joanna Angel’s BurningAngel.com website. Be sure to click on the photos for video previews and more photos. Joanna’s multiple award winning site as been credited with helping the ‘alt-porn’ scene grow and develop in industry. With a strong focus on a punk aesthetic, the website is the perfect venue for Chelsea’s gorgeous looks, her style and incredible talents. I hope you’ll enjoy our discussion. Click here to read it.