BobsTgirls Review: Mia Maffia Creamy Cumshot

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“Hello, you naughty cocksucker,” beautiful Mia Maffia says at the top of this update. I don’t know about you, but she’s sure got me pegged. She’s perched on the bed in an animal print bikini with sparkly treatments and tall sandals. She continues talking so dirty that between listening to her and looking at her, you’re going to be fully aroused so fast!

She bares her full breasts and plays with her nipples. Then she kneels before you, playing with her bikini bottom, asking if you want to see her cock. When she tugs the garment downward, a lovely erection snaps out of the fabric and swings around for a moment.

The head of Mia’s turgid hardon arcs upward toward her flat tummy when she lays back to completely remove her undies. As strokes her boner and continues talking dirty, she eventually sits up on her knees.

This straightforward kneeling position and the force of gravity doesn’t prevent her raging hard organ from pointing up to the ceiling. The Brit encourages you to suck it until her load shoots against the back of your throat.

That describes just the first quarter of this incredible update. Mia Maffia came prepared to shoot a big load of creamy white cum at the end. She was so fucking horny for this shoot!

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