Review: Bailee and Daniella Hansson

“So you’re finally in my bedroom,” says stunning German-born globetrotting, Bailee Paris to gorgeous Austrian bombshell, Daniella Hansson. The cisgender blonde has never been fucked by a trans girl and that’s what brought her here tonight.

Bailee promises that she’s not going to fuck her. She’s going to fuck her really hard! This lovely fashionista is dressed in black fetish wear that tells me anything can happen. But Daniella seems ready for it.

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She’s open to compliments, passionate French kisses, and having her full breasts fondled through her brassiere. Bailee makes it clear who’s in charge by pushing Danielle on the bed and straddling her body for more kisses. She announces that she’s going to make Daniella’s pussy wet for her hard dick and proceeds to eat her out. I don’t have a pussy but I know good technique when I see it!

We can already see that Bailee’s cock is stiff in her panties as she sits up to help get Daniella’s off. Daniella wastes no time leaning forward to take Bailee’s boner inside her mouth. What comes next is no ordinary blowjob, but a forceful one with Bailee guiding Daniella’s head up and down along her hard shaft.

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Once Bailee’s cock is raging hard and stranding straight from her loins upon Daniella’s release of it, the glistening rod makes it’s way to Daniella’s horny snatch. The blonde is getting fucked raw within the first quarter of this session! Missionary comes first, then some doggy style with spanking added.

When Daniella’s poor pussy needs a break from Baillee’s relentless pounding, she satisfies her quim with her rubbing fingers while sucking on Baillee’s big, stiff cock.

Then she rides it while Bailee lays on her back! I love the cumtastic ending of this masterpiece and the intimacy it ends with until fading to black. Available now on,, and

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