EvilAngel Review: TS Kendra + Cis Girl Sophia:

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Description: Spunky blonde cis girl Sophia Grace eagerly awaits her steamy, gender-warped fuck session with fit TS Kendra Sinclaire. Sophia strips off tight shorts and kneels to give Kendra a gagging, slobber-soaked blowjob. Kendra returns the oral favor and then buries her thick boner deep in Sophia’s sopping cunt. Sophia fondles her clit as Kendra fucks her. The blonde rims the T-girl’s rectum. The wild soiree climaxes as Kendra slathers Sophia in a hot cum facial.

Review: Kendra and Sophia are dancing as “A Wild Date” directed by Joey Silvera of EvilAngel.com begins. “TS Now: Big Bunda!” If you guessed that the Portuguese-English translation for “bunda” is buttocks, winner winner chicken dinner! This is the sole America scene of the DVD.

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The girls are wearing short-shorts, lingerie and bikini tops until Sophia bares Kendra’s titties and begins fondling them. Kendra explores Sophia’s protuberant bunda and the cis girl exposes Kendra’s stiffening cock. This leads to a fabulous cock sucking and Kendra stripping down to her tall sandals and nothing else.

Sophia is down to just barely wearing her blue lingerie number. She gets her pretty pussy fingered and licked next. Then Kendra introduces the bare head of her big, swollen cock to the entrance of Sophia’s quim.

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Anyone who knows Kendra’s style of fucking is aware that if her heels come off, she’s planning to dig in and deliver a powerful pumping session. She goes at Sophia’s poor little snatch so hard, the girl takes a break to suck her cock again! But judging by the position changes and eagerness that follows, Sophia is far from being worn out. Be careful not to wear your own cock out while stroking to yet another EvilAngel.com Joey Silvera instant classic!

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Transfixed Review: Venus at the Party Starring: Cherie DeVille, Venus Lux

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The poolside garden’s twinkling lights reflect in the sparkling water. Smiling guests, lost in their own worlds of enchantment and reverie, are only briefly distracted by the waiters gliding silently among them, ensuring that their glasses never run dry.

The moment Cherie DeVille sets foot in the garden, she knows that tonight is going to be magical. She can feel something pulsing deep inside her core, though she’s not yet sure what it is. It’s as if she’s in a daze herself, crossing that threshold from her everyday, boring life into something extraordinary.

Someone is calling to her — she can FEEL it. Her eyes search the faces of all those gathered, taking in their blissed-out expressions, but they’re not who she’s looking for. Then the crowds part, and her eyes fall upon a mysterious woman, Venus Lux, stretched out in a chair with her eyes hidden behind the dark lenses of her sunglasses. Could Venus be the undeniable force that’s been beckoning to her the moment she stepped in through the door?

When Venus removes her glasses and ensnares Cherie in her smokey gaze, Cherie is transfixed. She wants nothing more than to be in this goddess’ passionate embrace. She moves forward to close the gap between them, but is blocked by a waiter with a tray of hors-d’oeuvres. Desperate not to lose sight of the beautiful stranger, she politely declines his attention, but with this momentary distraction, it seems as though Venus has disappeared without a trace.

Cherie is lost as she aimlessly wanders around the party. Other girls make small talk with her, but she doesn’t hear them over the ache of desire for Venus from within. She doesn’t understand why she can’t find Venus again — was she simply a figment of her imagination?

Just when all hope is lost, Venus reappears as suddenly as she vanished. Cherie is breathless as she’s caught under Venus’ intense, lustful gaze. Not a word is shared between them as Venus slowly extends her hand. Cherie knows that taking her hand will change everything in an instant, setting them both embarking on a journey of erotic discovery unlikely anything they’ve ever experienced. She doesn’t hesitate. All heads silently turn to them.

Cherie is the girl to win Venus’ affection, the one chosen out of all the others tonight, but Cherie doesn’t see the rest — she only sees Venus. Their warm bodies press close as they begin to dance, unable to tear their gazes from one another. Cherie is spellbound. They move together as one, matching every step in time. Even their breathing is in sync.

Venus invites her into the house. It’s as if Cherie’s whole life’s been leading up to this moment, and she dreamily drifts ahead of Venus. Her heart pounds with excitement as she hears the footfall of platform heels and the swishing of fabric behind her. Venus’ powerful gaze penetrates to the very soul. They come together effortlessly again, their lips locking as waves of pleasure course through Cherie. Their hands sensually explore each other’s bodies as pieces of clothes fall away to the floor. Cherie can’t get enough of Venus, wanting to taste ALL of her. The heat building between them is incredible, and Cherie’s not sure how much longer she can hold out. The tension has pulled her muscles so taut that it almost hurts — she NEEDS Venus.

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TransAngels Review: Leave Something Behind

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Description: Kayleigh Coxx knows the importance of self-care, hot showers and frequent orgasms, and any chance she’s given to combine them is a chance she’s going to take. But, just as Kayleigh is getting ready to ride her in-shower dildo, she’s interrupted by her impatient roommate Kleio Valentien! In her rush to be a good roommate, Kayleigh accidentally leaves her dildo behind. Kleio is shocked when she first sees it, but can’t help herself and decides to take it for a spin. When Kayleigh catches Kleio playing with her toy, she’s reluctant to forgive, at first, but when Kleio suggests that the two sexy roommates can play together all trouble is forgotten. Kayleigh and Kleio take turns playing with the toy and each other until Kayleigh shoots her load all over her roommate.

Caramel’s Review: On TransAngels.com, stunningly naked Kayleigh enters the shower and pours bath gel across her skin like she’s just freshening up. But as she lathers her pubic region, she develops an erection. She now finds it impossible to simply shower without jerking off.

She knows exactly where to find help. There’s a huge dildo hidden beneath a towel in the luxurious shower stall. It’s now clear that Kayleigh had shower time masturbation as her plan from the beginning. She affixes the plastic dong to the wall at its base, climbs aboard the marble bench and backs up against the sex toy. Just as she’s about to push her ass back onto the dildo, there’s a knock on the door. It’s a woman asking to use the shower.

She rushes out with a towel and apologizes to waiting Kleio for taking up part of her shower time. When Kayleigh returns to her bedroom and goes through the pile of clothing she’d shed in the bathroom, realizing to her horror that she left the sex toy behind! She goes back to the shower to see if it’s still attached to the wall, and she’s also treated by the sight of naked Kleio lathering up.

Kayleigh is so turned on that she develops a boner and she can’t help stoking it watching the nude girl bathing. Kleio is shocked and surprised to suddenly spot the dildo attached to the wall behind her! But she decides to have some fun and she pretends it’s a real live cock and gives it a mock blowjob. Then she positions herself on the marble bench the same way Kayleigh had arranged her body previously – in order to fuck the toy doggy style!

While Kleio rapturously rides the huge dong, Kayleigh lunges forward loudly, catching Kleio by surprise! Kayleigh confesses that she’s returned to take get her dildo. Kleio doesn’t seem to mind too much that she’s been busted. She’s more interested in inviting this beautiful trans woman in the shower with her. The two begin French kissing and, this time around, Kleio gets to play with a real live cock!

Kleio gives what looks like an amazing blowjob! Kayleigh returns the favor, making it seem like Kleio’s pussy is absolutely delicious. But what I’m mainly interested in is the way Kayleigh fucks her shower partner. The drilling she gives Kleio in multiple positions illustrates the reason I reserve thew word “epic” for special occasions. Kayleigh’s latest TransAngels.com bareback pounding is incredible! For more of this trailblazing star, visit KayleighCoxx.com.

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EvilAngel: Katrina’s Oiled Interracial Anal Fuck

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Description: Bodacious, glamorous, outrageous Katrina Jade glazes her gorgeous body in oil through a glistening tease sequence. When the insatiable porn beauty spots Prince Yahshua’s humongous big black cock, she can’t help cramming it into her mouth. Prince slathers her in slick liquid as she worships his thick meat. He harshly hammers her wet slit. Provocatively tattooed Katrina moans as Prince’s prick penetrates her asshole. In a hard-charging interracial anal fucking, savage, ass-to-mouth face fucking makes Katrina slobber. Prince pumps hot sperm over Katrina’s tongue.

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Review: I’ve been waiting for this scene for quite some time now. I knew it was going to be off the chain when I first heard about the production. Katrina’s opening striptease is just sick and the oil begins flowing almost immediately across her shapely form. After the sex goddess does things with oil in lingerie I’ve never even thought of, the legend of PrinceYashua.com appears. Katrina pounces on his hard, massive organ face first just after two minutes into the scene. Katrina twerks while she sucks and drools and the blowjob footage is white hot. I may have an oil fetish but I’m not even into the whole gonzo drooling stuff and I still absolutely love this! I guess it has something to do with no matter how wrecked Katrina gets in a film, she always looks incredible. I can’t get enough of rough sex and the choking during the initial vaginal penetration is perfectly tone setting for the anal to follow. The fucking is vicious and my favorite sequence is a rare moment of calm where Katrina sinks her tight ass down of the Prince’s huge ebony rod and we get a full frontal view. This air fuck footage is extraordinary and I hope the direction of Chris Streams is well recognized during the next awards season.

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If this is your first time witnessing the 2018 AVN Award winning Katrina Jade in action and you can’t get enough of her, I highly recommend that you check out I Am Katrina: A Sex Documentary. That’s another masterpiece and the EvilAngel.com description reads: Evil Angel Films presents glamorous, outrageous Katrina Jade in a “docu-porn” reality production combining backstage interviews, a visit to her hometown and four new hardcore scenes shot by top directors. “I Am Katrina” is a cinematic look at a real person’s private and very public sexuality. The star proves her genuine lust in an anal double-dicking shot by Jonni Darkko. Katrina’s husband explains their “hotwife” lifestyles — “you get stroked when your wife bones other people. “Behind the scenes of a swinging anal threesome with Francesca Le and Mark Wood, we see wardrobe, makeup, photos and anal warm-up. The camera follows Katrina’s TS encounter with Venus Lux, a passionate creampie fuck captured by Aiden Starr. Katrina and adorable “wife” Kissa Sins twerk shamelessly on the beach in classic Buttman action from John Stagliano. He can’t control their frenzied lovemaking and laughter. Katrina says, “I wanna be the reason people do bad things.”

TheEnglishMansion: Queen Takes Pawn

Mistress Sidonia has her slave ready for use on the bondage bed, making him lick her beautiful shoes, then shoving her nylon feet into the foot whore’s mouth. Mistress is control of his senses, using a latex re-breathe hood as she ties his nipples tightly with thread and then torments them. His cock is teased and then cropped. “Queen Takes Pawn” is a 35+ masterpiece split into five delectible parts. It also the Top Movie this month on TheEnglishMansion.com. The Queen of Everything, Sidonia, plays 4D chess on this poor man’s mind as she torments his body. As the video begins, Mistress Sidonia looks exquisite as she swats the man’s sizeable boner with her riding crop.

Her curves are accentuated by a sheer outfit that reveals her center of the world, and the slave is bound on a dungeon bed by his wrists and ankles. He’s forced to suck the narrow heel of her tall platforms until she decides to stab at his nipples with them, making him whimper in pain. Then he’s made to suck her perfectly pedicured red toes. She unstraps one of her heels and releases it from her stockinged high-arched foot for a more complete foot worshiping session. Then she alternates the process with both feet. She’s even kind enough, or mean enough to torment his stiff cock with her dainty feet, depending on how you look at things.

She even kicks his balls and I think he likes it! Mistress Sidonia sits on her slave and then lays beside him and applies glass pumps to his nipples while his erection bobs and lurches. Then his nips end up extended like his stiff dick! In the next sequence, his poor balls are tied up and his cock is still throbbing hard. Now I’ve just described the first half of the complete film and the level of this slave’s torture is only beginning.

Katrina Jade’s First Interracial Anal

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Stunning Katrina Jade’s dramatic lingerie matches her long, silky hair. She sports striking tattoos (‘Slut’ on her ass), natural boobs and pierced nipples. Hot for her virgin interracial anal experience, the gorgeous star masturbates to porn and sends a sexy pic to black stud Isiah Maxwell. Upon arrival, he stuffs his tongue up her tasty ass before even stripping off his suit and tie. His big black cock goes ‘straight to anal,’ a doggie-style buttfuck making Katrina moan in delirium. Her butthole belches thick lube over her shaved pussy. In POV-style footage, his huge prick plows her comely butt to juicy gaping. He tongues her open sphincter. Katrina gives reverent, ass-to-mouth head, drooling and grunting. Her thick, BJ lips worship dick as her dark eyes make direct contact with the camera. ‘My asshole tastes so good,’ says the slut. Sodomy in multiple, manhandling positions brings more gaping. She slurps semen and swallows.

Flash Scene Trailer

Katrina Jade’s First Interracial Anal is one of the most highly-stylized pictures I’ve seen in a long time on EvilAngel.com. One moment it’s the beginning of a story, but then it’s a model showcase, flipping back and forth between the plot and a solo masturbation sequence. No time is wasted when it comes to the torrid sex – Isiah giving Katrina a rimjob before easing his long ebony rod inside her tight ass. For a hung black male watching this film with a thing for interracial sex, there are POV segments of this production to drive that fan out of his mind. For the rest of us, it’s simply the best of the best IR content out there today.

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