Casey Kisses on Chaturbate

I logged onto while beautiful Casey Kisses was at the top of the platform, so to speak, one night last week. She was jerking off topless with her big cock protruding from her white Calvin’s chatting casually with a fan. The conversation was about motorcycles, which she loves, so buy her a BMW bike if you’re a wealthy fan. At any rate, she continues talking about the bike scene in Miami, all the while stroking her enormous erection. How does she do this?! It’s so much more of a turn on than the typical, “Oh baby, you make me so hard,” BS. Not only that, but the sharpness of her page is like watching a 4K recording yet LIVE! Casey continues chatting so sweetly, answering tasteful questions informatively, before lubing up generously and dildo fucking her tight ass. A few minutes later, a slender, high arched bare foot enters the frame and begins rubbing her hardon. Casey jokes that it’s her own foot and the two girls crack up (three if you include myself). The tanned foot and leg belong to a pair provided by Casey’s gorgeous cis girlfriend Kylie. They’re lovebirds, but they don’t make it sickening for those who don’t have anyone special. Kylie is bend over doggy style getting her pretty pussy lapped by Casey a bit later. Than’s the perfect position to be in when Casey decided to ease her big hard schlong inside! They took a fuck break or two before resuming their banging. But the main reason I’m raving about Casey and Kylie’s show is that it’s easily one of the finest live productions I’ve ever seen! Kyle’s climaxes are amazing, by the way. As for Casey’s we already been knew that! Multi-award winning adult superstar Casey Kisses is currently living in Las Vegas with her girlfriend Kylie Kisses. They love to web cam on multiple times a week, so please feel free to stop by and say hey! Tell Casey that Caramel sent you!

Aura Candy on Chaturbate

I didn’t really know what to expect when I landed on the webcam page of since I’d never seen her online before. Her presentation was crystal clear and bathed in sunlight. She was wearing a white Levi’s t-shirt and she was removing a pair of pink panties when I arrived. Her smooth legs were bare and she had really cute and sexy bare feet her fans were going nuts over. 21 year old Aura began playing with her flaccid cock, toying with it but not really masturbating. In fact, she put her boyshorts back on for awhile for a killer tease. By the time she removed them again, her uncut cock had begun to expand a bit.

This petite minx was super quiet, yet she showed her pretty face in full a few times. Sometimes she adorned studious eyewear. Aura finally showed off her bare bottom which is tremendously well-rounded. I love to be teased but eventually I need to get to the main event. I missed it if Aura removed her t-shirt and went into a full-on fap session, but what I saw in about 15 minutes was more than enough to make leg admirers and foot lovers who love watching trans girls on cum hard.

Erica on Chaturbate

Erica is one of the best trans webcammers I’ve ever seen. Do yourself a horny little favor and follow her on so you’ll be notified of her next show via email. Registration is FREE. I can’t remember how long one of her recent shows had been in progress when I logged in and saw she was live the other night. But, Erica was already sporting a big, juicy hardon and stroking it rapidly while tweaking one of her nipples below a print shirt that looked like flannel. I remember she wore that shirt while getting her cock sucked by a friend in a trans lesbian hardcore show! At any rate, she was sitting in a computer chair the other night with her curvy bare legs spread widely. Her fun spot was fully visible and I could hear several electronic sounds of tops rolling in. Erica’s feet were bare and she rocked a red pedicure. That’s kind of hard not to notice since she gets a lot of requests from her foot-loving fans to show them off. I wish I’d gotten to her page sooner to hear some of the naughty things she had to say that night. But fortunately, I wasn’t there too late to see her big, swollen cock head shoot thick ropes of creamy white cum high in the air! “How can someone look so pretty while cumming?” I remember asking myself. Erica thanked her big tippers graciously as she came down from her intense orgasm. She then continued rubbing her boner and it didn’t seem to want to go down. Just as I began to wonder if she could make herself cum again, she informed viewers that she hadn’t eaten anything yet. That gave me a flashback to Erica licking and sucking her own stiff cock in a previous show. And yes to the peanut gallery out there… I’d probably never leave the house either if I could do that.

TsSeduction Review: Hang Ups & Hook Ups: Kayleigh Coxx Calls Up Mason Lear

Director: Sadie Lola

Categories: Anal, Blowjob, Cock Worship, Feet, Flogging, Humiliation, Male Sub, Role Play, Spanking, Straight, TS, TS Fucks Male

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Synopsis: Kayleigh Coxx is in the middle of a cam session when her internet gives out. She calls up her service provider who sends Mason Lear out to repair her connection. But Kayleigh doesn’t like how Mason demeans her, so she takes him down and punishes him, flogging him and fucking him with her rock hard cock, to correct his bad fucking attitude. She starts by ordering him onto the floor, and to worship her feet, legs and cock. She flogs his ass through his jeans, and after this warm-up, she demands that he strip naked. Kayleigh puts Mason her over her knee for a spanking, and swats his pale ass until he’s begging for more. She then pulls him up to suck her cock. Mason works Kayleigh’s dick until it’s rock hard, and he’s even more voracious. He slurps on her perfect dick as she demands, until she deems him ready for the main event. She bends Mason over the couch and fucks his hungry ass from behind. By now he’s fully her little bitch, and she delights in slamming his tight hold full of her hard cock. Kayleigh is a powerhouse, filling her little internet repairman with dick in every position. She gets on her back and orders him to ride her as she strokes his cock as a reward. She decided his cock looks good enough to eat, so she sucks it, taking it down, and doing it all because she likes it, whether he enjoys it or not. Kayleigh puts Mason on his back again, head down, humiliated as she pounds into his hole, reducing him to a fuck toy. Ultimately, Mason can’t contain himself as this beautiful woman fucks his ass with her hard cock. He shoots his load on himself, and Kayleigh unloads immediately after. Mason’s final humiliation comes when Kayleigh shows that he’s been broadcast on her cam the whole time. She instructs him, next time, to show a lady respect.

Review: Kayleigh Coxx is equally great on and the Trans/Cis sister site Mason Lear has been on a couple of times before, and with Kayleight before on another network, but this is his first Kink trans performance. Sitting next to Kayleigh who is wearing a revealing mesh top in the opening interview with director Sadie Lola, Mason speaks first about his hard limits. There aren’t any. The director lets us know that there will be some flogging, spanking, and choking. He’s comically down with humiliation! This interview is a great ice breaker where safe words are also established.

The most important gift Kayleigh has, aside from her dazzling good looks, is her ability to be convincing as a dominatrix. If she’d chosen a career as a FinDom instead of an actress, I’m pretty sure she could have done quite well. It wouldn’t be that much of a stretch, for that matter. The best part about Mason’s performance is that he seems so laid back, when he’s forced to become passionately devoted to Kayleigh, a complete transformation occurs.

He’s brilliantly convincing in his role as a submissive who didn’t even know that this side of himself existed. Kayleigh’s sexual prowess develops in the first 20 minutes. It goes into warp drive an incredible 28 minutes into this scene that presents her climax ten minutes later! She’s giving us yet another Master’s Class in Domination/submission 101 on

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BlackTGirlsHardcore Review: Kandi Janae & Soldier Boi

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Description: Another stunning new girl gets her chance to introduce herself to you in a brand new “First Timer Friday” episode! Everybody, meet Kandi Janae! This beautiful young doll was just discovered by Omar Wax and we are very excited to have her with us! Kandi has an amazing body, perfect long legs and a smoking hot booty! She can’t wait to show it all to you!

Review: Okay, let’s take it down a thousand to settle into the coolness TEA Award-winning actor Soldier Boi projects when this scene opens. Gorgeous Kandi Janae enters the room like a date presenting herself before a night out on the town on the sisters site, You should also check out her Kandi Janae Profile from that trailblazing website.

Yet, the flirting between this hot couple suggests that this isn’t their first date. Soldier Boi’s caresses are quite welcome once Kandi is sitting next to him. The initial exposure of nudity gets the blood boiling fast. First seen is Kandi’s milk chocolate nipple being manipulated by her man. Next, we see her cock head peeking through her parted thighs beneath her dress.

Kandi’s firm breasts are exposed when Soldier Boi looks down and discover’s his girl has already developed an erection for him. He proceeds to get her further undressed, removing her tall boots and taking not of her pretty pedicure. Once the tall boot s are off, Kandi rises from the sofa to get some help with taking her dress off.

Once completely naked, she’s encouraged to turn around and show what she’s working with on the back end. This girl is blessed with a phenomenal bottom that Soldier Boi obviously can’t wait to get into. He tosses her salad and gets his big black cock sucked in return. Then he gives Kani a raw fucking of a lifetime that begins in the doggy style position! So now is the time to take it back up a thousand. Check out the full-length scene on!

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Transsensual’s TS Call Girl Chronicles Review: Khloe Kay & Sean Michaels

ALL of the SCENES from TS Call Girl Chronicles from are absolutely fantastic! Scene #02 starring Khloe Kay and Sean Michaels is the breakout scene for me for the following reasons: It’s not the obvious “interracial” content that spins my propeller the most. If anything supposedly taboo is more of a turn on to me, it’s the age difference between these two incredible stars. The trans lead and hostess of is one of the most fascinating superstars in the niche today. But then, so is legendary Sean Michaels who’s slid into trans porn after building a decades-long reputation as a mainstream porn king.

As the plot line of Scene #02 unfolds, Khloe is in soliloquy, conflicted over the aspect of entering the world of escorting. As she prepares to meet a rich and handsome potential client, she makes her final decision and begins undressing in an opulent bathroom. Mr. Michaels is relaxing in the bedroom with a knowing look in his eye. That look says he knows exactly what’s been taking Khloe so long to enter his bedroom. She confirms his suspicion that this is her first time. When she reaches to grasp his hand, he establishes his control by asking, “Did I say you could touch me?” I’m thinking this is going to be one fantastic scene with all these hot visuals, plus a little Dominance/submission thrown in. And, it is. Take a close look at the previews to see why this is one of my favorite porn scenes of 2019. is your answer to erotic and seductive transsexual porn featuring gorgeous TS girls in sensual, hardcore sex videos with men, women and other trans girls. 2017 XBIZ Trans Director of the Year Nica Noelle brings you story driven, erotic transsexual content with powerful sex scenes of deepthroat blowjobs, cumshots and anal sex. Transsensual features spicy TS beauties in beautifully shot scenes of fantasy porn and artistic style pictures, showcasing their natural charm and beauty. Watch scenes of trans babes enjoying each other with passionate kissing before stroking each other’s cocks, or check out full DVDs of kinky and taboo storylines like family roleplay scenes, massage videos and teacher porn. HD quality movies will make you feel like you’re a part of the action as T girls with big tits swallow cum from big meaty dicks and have steamy anal sex, and young transsexual teens enjoy handjobs and rimming action with experienced couples. Best of all, membership includes unlimited downloads, high res picture sets and full DVDs. Join today and explore the sensual side of transgender on! at the EASTER SALE low price of only $9.95 USD for your first month!!!

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TS Dreamland on YouTube Review: Bailee and Daniella Hansson

“So you’re finally in my bedroom,” says stunning German-born globetrotting, Bailee Paris to gorgeous Austrian bombshell, Daniella Hansson. The cisgender blonde has never been fucked by a trans girl and that’s what brought her here tonight.

Bailee promises that she’s not going to fuck her. She’s going to fuck her really hard! This lovely fashionista is dressed in black fetish wear that tells me anything can happen. But Daniella seems ready for it.

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She’s open to compliments, passionate French kisses, and having her full breasts fondled through her brassiere. Bailee makes it clear who’s in charge by pushing Danielle on the bed and straddling her body for more kisses. She announces that she’s going to make Daniella’s pussy wet for her hard dick and proceeds to eat her out. I don’t have a pussy but I know good technique when I see it!

We can already see that Bailee’s cock is stiff in her panties as she sits up to help get Daniella’s off. Daniella wastes no time leaning forward to take Bailee’s boner inside her mouth. What comes next is no ordinary blowjob, but a forceful one with Bailee guiding Daniella’s head up and down along her hard shaft.

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Once Bailee’s cock is raging hard and stranding straight from her loins upon Daniella’s release of it, the glistening rod makes it’s way to Daniella’s horny snatch. The blonde is getting fucked raw within the first quarter of this session! Missionary comes first, then some doggy style with spanking added.

When Daniella’s poor pussy needs a break from Baillee’s relentless pounding, she satisfies her quim with her rubbing fingers while sucking on Baillee’s big, stiff cock.

Then she rides it while Bailee lays on her back! I love the cumtastic ending of this masterpiece and the intimacy it ends with until fading to black. Available now on,, and

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Black-TGirls Review: Megan Snow Cums Again!

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Official Description: On the heels of winning the Black “Model of the Year” award, the amazing Megan Snow is back with another hot solo and we just can’t get enough of one of our favorite models of all time! It’s incredible how Megan still manages to keep getting more and more beautiful, this girl is simply stunning! In another smashing KilaKali-produced scene, Megan is horny again and ready to play! Watch her stroking her hard cock until she pops a nice sticky load for you!

Review: Beautiful Megan says she decided to wear pink to go with her blonde hair for this shoot. The pink lingerie and tall, sparkly silver sandals enhances how incredible she is with absolutely no clothing on at all. But we’ll get to that soon enough.

Megan moves through her striptease both seated and standing, giving you views of every angle of her remarkable form. About two and a half minutes into the scene, Megan presents you with killer views from the rear and teases exposing her cock and balls when she turns to face you. But she hides them with her hand. She then takes the doggy style position on the sofa to stretch out in profile.

Her masturbation sequence begins with light fun spot rubbing before cock stroking. Once her big dick is almost fully hard, about nine minutes in, she snaps a vibrating cock ring around the base of her shaft and her balls. This device causes her to develop an insanely hard erection to jerk off with.

If you’ve been imagining sucking her off, KilaKali presents awesome footage of Megan stroking her boner from an aerial view. It’s like she’s standing right above you beating off. Even when her climax hits and long streams of cum pour from her swollen cock head, it seems like you’re right their on your knees to get doused with the streams. If you missed any, there are a few puddles on the sofa for you to clean up.

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Transfixed Review: S1 | E5 | Workout Girls

Watch The Trailer Synopsis: Kenzie Taylor and Kayleigh Coxx are exercising together, working up a light sweat that glistens off their stunning bodies. Kenzie looks at Kayleigh, her eyes drawn magnetically to the tantalizing bulge between her legs. As they move in tandem, the pulsing rhythm of their workout quakes through their taut bodies. “You look really good when you’re bouncing around like that,” Kenzie tells Kayleigh, fixing her with a seductive gaze from her sultry eyes. As the workout continues, Kenzie becomes more and more entranced by the carnal spell cast by the blonde bombshell beside her.

As her lust reaches its peak, Kenzie surrenders to her desire and pulls the willing Kayleigh onto a workout mat. Kayleigh slips her sports bra off, revealing her perfect breasts and perky pink nipples, which Kenzie tongues sensually as Kayleigh throws her head back with pleasure, rubbing her rapidly-stiffening cock over her workout shorts.

Slowly and tenderly, Kayleigh pulls Kenzie’s sports bra down. Kenzie’s spectacular breasts come spilling out and Kayleigh envelopes Kenzie’s nipples with her soft lips, sucking on them as if she is satisfying a deep and animalistic craving.

Kenzie pulls down Kayleigh’s shorts, getting her first glimpse of the treasure that lies between Kayleigh’s legs. Kenzie begins to lightly stroke Kayleigh’s cock, cupping her balls delicately before easing Kayleigh down onto her back. Kenzie licks her lips, filling her eager mouth with Kayleigh’s beautiful cock. Now…the REAL workout begins…

Review: If you’re already turned on by that official description of Scene #01, Episode #05 Workout Girls, I’m not at all surprised. The writer is as into the scene as much as I am! Since most of the action up until the initial blowjob scene is already laid out for you, allow me to add just a few tidbits.

I love the passion Kayleigh puts into her pussy eating since I love doing it also. Kenzie sure seems to love it! The 69 footage is awesome and I love that the raw fucking begins before the midway point of this episode! Three quarters into the scene, both girls are butt naked and every inch of their beautiful bodies is captured. Kenzie gets repeated tastes of herself by sucking Kayleigh’s erection several times between bouts of powerful railings. She also gets a taste of Kayleigh’s precious elixir at the end of this spectacular scene!

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