Erica Chery aka etertaycb

Am I becoming obsessed with Erica Chery aka etertaycb on I’m not sure but I do write about her a lot. In fact, I’ve reviewed Erica’s work so much this year, she’s one of the top performers on my list in 2019! Part of the reason for that is because of that everything she touches turns to gold.

For example, she’s a heavy hitter on YouTube and Twitter and in live webcam shows as well as with major studio work. Do you ever see a porn update you know you absolutely must see? That’s what “Erica Cherry & King Epicleus!” was for me.

The description reads: What a way to make a debut! Gorgeous Las Vegas starlet Erica Chery, just discovered by Radius Dark, introduces herself to the Grooby world with a smashing hardcore scene co-starring King Epicleus! The two start out kissing and then she sucks his dick with passion. Epic returns the favor and then eats her ass too before he fucks her hard in multiple positions until they both cum!

Naked Erica Chery is ready to be fucked!

Erica’s innocent to wicked smiles are so arousing! I can’t pinpoint why exactly she makes me cum so fast (live or recorded in a pro studio session) but her mood changes are part of it. The way she looks at super stud Epic right before he eases his huge cock inside her tight ass is enough to do it for many. I knew I wouldn’t make it to the end of this instant classic without shooting my own lady jizz.

King Epicleus fills Erica Chery with his huge cock!

Come to think of it, Erica has made me shoot two times consecutively this week! I just watched another amazing live performance where Erica was stroking her huge cock in a black bra and blue polka dot panties. I’m a dominant top getting turned on by Erica talking about being the Domme. “Fucking go ahead and take me then,” I was thinking to myself.

Tips rolled in like crazy as she spoke about how she needed to cum and make me (us) take it. She announced when she was going to climax and thick ropes of creamy white cum shot out of her huge erection! That was just the first half of her show before she got completely naked and kept on stroking!

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Karla Beltran on Chaturbate

Trans beauty Karla Beltran strokes her big cock until she cums. When she’s not camming alone, she’s fucking her TV friend Paola.

Trans beauty Karla Beltran strokes her huge cock on Chaturbate!

23 year old Karla Beltran lists her current location of Miami, Florida on social media and on her webcam channel, but she’s originally from Venezuela. She’s one of the most exciting models on the Net, engaging in hardcore shows, when she’s not flying solo.

She’s always the one taking the lead when she’s with another Venezuelan stunner she calls a transvestite named, Paola. I’ve seen this cutie pie in both male and female modes and the chemistry between Karla and Paolo is incredible.

But today’s focus is one of of Karla’s most recent solo shows on When I logged into the last half hour of one of her performances, she was wearing a red evening dress with sequins. Karla had the hem raised above her hips and she was seated, stroking her enormous cock from its flaccid state to rock hard.

Karla Beltran and Paola jerk off after fucking on Chaturbate!

Karla took a short break to have a snack, on camera, then went back to fapping. This time she jerked off with both hands. Since I’m left-handed, I noticed that she favors her left hand pretty quickly. I don’t know how this is relevant to anything. It’s just an observation. This stunning lefty also needs one hand to make her huge cock shoot big, creamy white ropes of cum on!

cutiepii3 on Chaturbate

20 year old Quinn from Ontario, Canada, was close to cumming when I logged into her wildly popular channel on She was stroking the big hard dick that hangs below her “Lucky You” tummy tattoo and the tips were rolling in like mad.

She was only wearing a black t-shirt, eyeglasses and her trademark cap. But most of what we saw at the point of Quinn’s climax was her cock closeups. That came in handy considering the darkness of her red-hued room. She shot her creamy white cum and licked some of it off. Then she continued chatting with her fans.

Quinn thanked her big tippers politely for quite awhile instead of just checking out after her orgasm. She said she had a rough start to the day, but her viewers made it better. Quinn also answered questions like the fact that she’s a full-time trans girl and how this particular show was a quick one.

She hadn’t cum in about two days. She thought she might have cum more but… hormones. I actually thought it was a big blast, but I know from personal experience what to expect. Lastly, she asked that you follow her everywhere and that you should first do on!

Erica aka etertaycb on Chaturbate

Erica often wears the sexiest outfits. But this trend with Erica broadcasting with less and less clothing on is a major hit. Last week, she was wearing an off-the-shoulder number, stroking her big dick and talking dirty. She took a tip from a Chaturbate fan named Eric, thanked him and said she likes talking dirty while getting sucked. Her legs and feet were deliciously bare. At times she’d just rub the sensitive underside of her red-flushed schlong. Or she’d be stroking the shaft quickly and firmly.

Her pink French-tip pedicure must have been driving foot fans as crazy as her puffy nipples do with boob lovers. Once she parted her thighs widely, we could see that she had one of those Lush toys embedded in her tight ass. It gives trans cam girls a buzz when a tip rolls in and Erica was getting flooded with tips! Her big dick got redder and harder as she drew closer to orgasm. She announced that she was cumming and her fiery rod sent spurt after spurt of creamy white cum across her blue dress right below her lovely bare breasts. Ans she kept on chatting with her adoring fans.

In another show, she wore a burgundy dress and nothing else. She addressed the room as if she were one-om-one with daddy. But this time, she didn’t have a little Lush toy in her tight butt. It was a monstrous phallic toy. She rode up on her chair for some amazing rear presentations and sat back down for more big dick stroking.

Then she poured big, long ropes of white lubricant across her smoothly shaven ball sack. She coated her turgid shaft and resumed her fap session. She also managed to get one of her pretty peds in the frame as her eyes began to shut a bit. You can pretty much tell when this beauty is close to cumming when she dims her eyes with her long-lashed lids. Sure ‘nough came another big orgasm she’s become famous for on

blondelashes19 on Chaturbate


20 year old blondelashes19 aka Alaska aka Oral Strawberry is really letting herself go these days. Just kidding! It’s exactly the opposite. This stone fox was at her best broadcasting LIVE the other night on and I’ve got the whole scoop.

Before I go any further, just know that you can register free on and follow your faves – mine are in the trans area I’ve just lead you to. The White Label version of Chaturbate is my own, named TS Dreamland after one of my other blogs. When you sign up through me, I get credit, so help a girl out.


So Alaska is in full cosplay in an animal print get-up when I log into her cam room. Her pretty boobs are out and she’s sitting full frontal with her legs wide open and her posterior embedded with a big black butt plug. Her cock is still inside her panties, but she’s going cross-eyed in ecstasy from gyrating and moving the plug around deep inside her.

Her legs and feet are literally quivering and this is when I realize that her btt plug is one of those lovesense toys that charges whenever she gets a tip. And the tips are flooding in like crazy! She then begins rubbing a pink vibrator across the head of her dick. After shuddering wildly, she takes a break, but doesn’t go off sreen for more than a few seconds.


This chick really knows how to make the best of colors with her interior design and makeup choices. She’s got a special brand of beauty going on you’ll notice when she’s not being sexual – just drawing and chatting with you. Sick body, too. Then she gets horny again, produces a huge dildo from out of nowhere, and lubes up her incredible ass. An even bigger dildo follows and she’s fucking herself and gaping.

It’s showtime again, yet it’s so very real. She’s incredible – one of the baddest babes on the Net. Periodt. Once again, her LIVE link is