Yammi Is So Yummy!

Charade Bar dancer #14 Yammi is so adorable and so sexy. She steps out from behind a staircase and says “Hi,” with a cute little wave wearing a black dress and platform mules when her franks-tgirlworld.com video begins. I’d love to have her frock for myself and those shoes also if not for that unfortunate thing where the little toe hangs off the side. Platforms are easy to walk and dance in, but that minor overhang detail with the little piggy can be a deal breaker for lots of girls.

When it comes to the pretty Thai model, I see no deal breakers at all. Yammi speaks English well with Frank with a sweet, high-pitched voice. The 25 year old has been in Bangkok for two years and she wants to be a dominatrix. She likes white men, so there you go, guys who fit the description and like being topped.

Yammi doesn’t just like to dominate men however. She likes being fucked also. Some guys are so lucky I think to myself when she raises the hem of her dress to expose her hot little butt. It has the perfect tilt and she spanks it hard, getting my imagination going.

When Yammi starts rubbing herself, Frank asks if she has a big cock. She says she does and I personally don’t think it’s all that big, but it’s just perfect. She tents the fabric of her dress with it and it’s obviously hard before she fully exposes it.

Yammi raises the hem of her dress above her pierced belly and her uncut cock stands higher than straight out. The head of her penis is slightly visible and Yammi fully exposes it as she masturbates slowly. I think it’s the perfect sized cock for someone inexperienced as a bottom, for someone who really just enjoys sucking or only bottoms every now and then like yours truly.

The photo shoot and video are much more explicit than what I’m showing here. Yammi is not shy at all about extreme closeups on her private parts. The footage ranges from wide, full body full frontal and floor level closeups on her ass, her raging hard cock, and her flat chest capped with big suckable nipples. Yammi gets incredibly horny while making pre-cum ooze from her hardon and leg admirers and foot lovers will absolutely love it when she’s on the floor completely naked in her franks-tgirlsworld.com debut. I love seeing Yammi finger bang her sexy ass and perhaps her delicious looking Bangkok cock is bigger than I originally thought it was.

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