Trans-Visions #07, Holly Heart & Sami Price

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In Scene #01 of Trans-Visions #07, TS Sami Price is telling director Joey Silvera that she’s dying to fuck Holly Heart. She tells him, while exposing her fabulous breasts, how she keeps in such great shape. She’s into biking bigtime as I learned from my partner in crime PornOCD’s interview with Sami Price on TS Dreamland . Sami has a hardon developing in her panties in anticipation. Next, we see Holly talking shop to Sami as she does Sami’s makeup. Holly tries to keep things professional when Sami flirts with her, but she’s way too turned on to resist. Holly admits that she’s into girls just like Sami is. With the gorgeous trans schoolgirl’s face in her cleavage, her resistance is quickly worn down. Holly doesn’t want to get into trouble, but with Sami’s legs spread open and her skirt pulled up to reveal that tell-tale bulge, she’s willing to risk the consequences. She withdraws Sami’s rapidly expanding cock from its panty prison and gives it a long, teasing lick. It literally grows larger in her hand before our eyes, and then in her mouth. I’m a huge fan of Sami’s and feel honored to host one of her interviews on one of my sites. As for Holly, I’ve been a major fan for much longer. It’s not just because she performs with so many trans girls, but because she’s just incredibly bright and gorgeous as well. I’m not one to fawn over people this openly, but I adore them both. As for the rest of the sex scene, I found the footage of Holly dildo fucking Sami and watching her pretty pussy getting eaten mesmerizing to watch. When Sami sank her big cock inside Holly about 25 minutes into Scene #01, let’s just say that my panties were stretched to the limit and wet with a copious amout of pre-cum. It’s available now for streaming and download in crystal clear HD on Evil Angel. I’ll be talking about the rest of Trans-Visions #07 too!

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