The English Mansion – Lady Nina’s Sex Puppets

Blonde beauty Lady Nina Birch treats redhead fox Lady Switch Zara to an afternoon of pleasure from her slave boy, leading them outside The English Mansion for some sexy games. She wants them to put on a dirty show, which she will be directing and supervising. She soon has them fondling and licking each other, cock sucking and pussy eating before she rests slavegirl Zara du Rose’s head on her lap and orders slaveboy to fuck her until she climaxes. Lady Nina then directs Zara to give a slow sensual handjob ruining his orgasm at the last second so her knows his place at the bottom of the pile. The HD quality of the video is rapier sharp. I never quite get over the beauty of the dominatrix and the switch, but the slave boy is mysteriously gorgeous as well. I enjoyed watching his cock expand to a full erection as he kneeled and played with Zara’s large breasts at Lady Nina’s direction. Listening to the Lady going into detail about Zara sucking the shiny slave’s cock is erotic as watching it. The 69 footage is scorching hot and the fucking is exquisite! I almost felt sorry for the way the slave boy was forced to cum. Zara jacked him off while Lady Nina scratched his taut balls. The sexy gimp had to shoot his spunk after Zara released her hand. That must have been tortuous! Don’t miss Lady Nina’s Sex Puppets on The English Mansion.

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