Stefani Special, Kate England, Francesca Le

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This is cisgender female star Kate England’s second scene ever with a trans girl – She-Male Perverts #03. Stefani is pansexual and she’s done this many times before. I’ve raved about her performances many times with all gender identities. In the behind-the-scenes interview, Kate says she really liked the domming. Stefani has mastered that skill long ago. Stefani loved the face fucking and rimming. Producer Francesca Le loved everything about the scene. Kate has never done a double-penetration scene and that idea sent my mind reeling. When Stefani mentioned that she’s a switch, Franceska mentioned something I totally agree with; that the best Dommes have at least some experience with being submissive. Everyone agreed with that. I learned that Francesca is submissive in her personal life and that’s something I never would have guessed. As a porn actress, she most often gets booked as the dominatrix. If you watch or download the BTS scene first, the kissing between Stefani and Kate is a good warmup for the main event. Stefani poses and strips in naughty schoolgirl mode for about 4 minutes until Kate joins her as a horny schoolmate. Stefani’s cock is hard as she and Kate stand before the sofa and Franceska sounds like she’s already wet as she adds commentary. Stefani handles Kate more like a stern teacher than a fellow classmate after they kiss and share lots of fondling. I always feel like I’m learning something new when Stefani goes down on a cis girl even though I’ve done this many times myself. My favorite part of the first half of the scene is Stefani spanking Kate’s pretty ass hard before driving her erection inside her pussy bareback. Kate isn’t totally passive in this scene, either. She surprised me with her strength while fucking Stefani with a dildo. Stefani, Kate and Francesca have delivered a masterful Domination/submission themed scene you simply must see if you like it glamourous yet rough. Watch or download She-Male Perverts #03 on Evil Angel

Stefani Special and Endza on TS Pussy Hunters

“Stefani realizes she is going to need to teach Endza some manners…..with her cock,” is how TS Pussy Hunters sets up the plot development of this top shelf hardcore scene. Genetic girl Endza Adair has heard about the sauna pick up spot where ladies can go to meet up with strangers to fuck. However, she got the address wrong and stumbled into a vanilla sauna where TS Stefani Special is looking to simply relax. Endza gets obnoxiously forward with Stefani who casually pops her gum and rolls her eyes. One would almost think that Stefani isn’t impressed with the sight of Endza’s nudity until she rises to her feet with a big, straining erection between her lovely legs. Endza had just suggested that she needed punishment while stripping. Her first form of discipline is to give Stefani a “forced” blowjob. Stefani strokes her swollen member while Endza teabags her smooth ball sack. Then it becomes a full-out face-slapping skull fuck with the curly haired fox literally gagging on all that cock. Endza is then forced upon Stefani’s lap and spanked until her pretty ass looks like a road map of Chile. Sefani’s stiff dick points toward the ceiling of the sauna until she’s thrust downward for another balls deep sucking. Don’t be surprised if you cum before you get to the middle of this TS Pussy Hunters scene where Endza gets her pussy eaten and finger banged. If that happens, pick up where you left off to watch the bareback fucking including a pile driver bang that absolutely blew my mind!

Stefani Special and Jay Taylor in The Next She-Male Idol #08

Click on each image for a photo gallery and video previews of TS Stefani Special and Jay Taylor and the entire cast of The Next She-Male Idol #08 from Joey Silvera and Evil Angel.

In Scene #01, the bespectacled Jay sucks Stefani’s cock and takes a fucking ride on it. Stefani blows Jay’s strap-on and takes a good, hard railing. As Jay masturbates with a magic wand, Stefani jacks off and eats her jism from Jay’s hand.