Divine Bitches Simone Sonay and Mona Wales

The real life head of New Talent Development and Recruiting for the Kink network, Simone Sonay, trains a eager slave with her step daughter, Mona Wales, both fucking his human dildo dick to see if he is a worthy slave husband! In “Stepmother and Daughter Dominating Duo,” on Divine Bitches, Simone married Mona’s panty wearing submissive father and completely destroyed him! Now she’s on the hunt for a submissive slave husband for Mona! Will Alexander Gustavo measure up? This dominant duo toys and plays with Alexander’s mind with evil femdom games, electricity punishment, mind fuckery, face sitting, pegging and they both take a ride on his human dildo cock! Will Alexander become a submissive slave husband to Miss Mona Wales? I simply had to since Simone Sonay and Mona Wales are at the top of my all-time favorite female adult stars. I mean they’re way up at the top of it! As for Alexander Gustavo, I’ve had a crush on him since Venus Lux had her way with him on TsSeduction! If you’ve never seen Simone and Mona on TsPussyHunters by the way, it’s time for you to get serious about Kink! Also visit Mona Wales XXX.  

Simone Sonay on Anilos

I was doing some research on one of my all time favorite porn stars in preparation to do an interview with her. In my horny search, I found out that she was on one of my favorite MILF sites Anilos and I somehow missed it! Well, that was fixed quickly and so was my state of arousal, at least temporarily. Here’s a sample photo gallery and video preview to show you what calmed the stirring in my loins. I went back to working on our upcoming interview freshly charged post-orgasm.

Venus Lux and Simone Sonay on TS Pussy Hunters

I love that the beautiful Chinese/Cambodian transsexual hostess of Venus Lux Entertainment fucks gorgeous Simone Sonay’s pretty pussy and tight ass bareback in this scorching TS Pussy Hunters video! This is the sister site of TS Seduction from the tremendous Kink.com empire with 30% off!

Simone plays the Mother of the Bride who seduces her daughter’s lover Venus.

Venus follows the lead of the incredibly seductive Simone until both ladies are dry humping and rubbing their parts against each other. Then Venus pulls out her super hard cock and Simone can not resist. She sucks her off and lets Venus fuck her senseless while her face is in the pillow.

Venus gives Simone an ass and pussy fucking that has the Mother of the Bride cumming and moaning while she gets banged. They don’t even try to keep their sex noises down – they don’t even care if the guests down stairs hear them fucking. Venus shows off just hot she finds this sexy MILF by cumming a massive load on her back!

5’7″, 35C-27-36 submissive Simone Sonay makes a dynamic return to this awesome website with returning 5’11”, 34C-25-30 Venus Lux and her 7″ cock! Watch “MILF Mother of the Bride Banged by Her Daughter’s TS Lover” on TS Pussy Hunters at Kink.com! Enjoy the 30% off package on All 30 Channels! 

Jessica Fox and TS Foxxy Double Team MILF Simone Sonay

“Jessica Fox and TS Foxxy Double Team MILF Sensation Simone Sonay” is the first of a two part TS Pussy Hunters video. In the opening interview with the four ladies, director Tomcat tells us that the movie went into development when Simone requested a scene with two transsexuals at the same time. So, Jay Taylor and her Mother-in-Law, Simone are visiting San Francisco from the Mid-West. The trip is going like most family vacations with in-laws goes: awkward, painfully embarrassing and sometimes down right blood pressure raising. Jay is trying her best to stay calm but Simone is getting on Jay’s last nerve. The final straw comes when Simone gets in to an argument with the TS bartender Jessica Fox. TS Foxxy, the nice manager, takes Simone away to discuss the problem she is having with her staff. That feeling, however, doesn’t last long. The bartender grabs Jay and handcuffs her the storage room.

Meanwhile, Simone faces a whole other set of problems as she’s handcuffed in the bar office. Jessica and Foxxy are taking their clothes off and Simone’s squirming and cussing vaguely mask her curiosity with the bulge in each of her perpetrators panties. Simone barely resist and allows the ladies take over and dominate her. Simone finally gets to have orgasms that she has always dreamed about from women she has only fantasized over.

In the following week, I saw what happened to Simone Sonay’s daughter-in-law Jay Taylor.

The petite girl is seduced and dominated by TS Kelli Lox. Another TS Pussy Hunters member says “Jay’s innocence and Kelli’s sneaky dominance make a wonderfully believable chemistry that lead to quite an entertaining exhibition!” Kelli is lithe and athletic and she uses her physicality to perfection with little Jay.

This is adorable Jay’s second Kink film. Her first can be seen on Device Bondage. Simone Sonay is 41 years but she’s only been in the adult industry for a few years. I predict that she’ll have her own MILF website up and running someday.

Kelli Lox has a website in development and you probably already know about the successful websites The Jessica Fox Archive and TS Foxxy.