Missing: A Lesbian Crime Story Part Three: Riley Reid, Reena Sky

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The AVN 2017 Winner for Best All-Girl Movie also won Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene with Riley Reid and Reena Sky for Missing: A Lesbian Crime Story Part Three! The movie was brilliantly directed by Bree Mills and and Stills By Alan. Lara Bradford is back on the hunt. After discovering that the latest girl to go missing Cindy Allen, was in fact a lesbian, Sandra shows her a news clip she discovered about a new girl gone missing named Cassidy Klein. Things sound eerily familiar when Lara reads the article and discovers that the details of the case, again are way off. Our suspicious heroine is determined to get to the bottom of this. She once again phones up Anita Sharpe, wondering what clues she can provide. The southern belle turns on a dime becoming defensive, and expressly tells Lara that it would be a waste of time to go searching for Cassidy’s family, and any details related to her disappearance. We get the sneaking suspicion that something is just not right, and that Lara is a sharper reporter in fact, than anyone ever expected.

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Reena has had a very successful 2016, including being named Girlsway’s “Girl of the Month” for December. It isn’t a surprise that Reena was recognized for her amazing performance alongside Riley Reid in this incredible scene. “I swear I love eating pussy and I’ve got the awards to prove it!” said Riley in thanks to AVN.

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The official synopsis of this film reads: It has not been a good year since the Turning epidemic swept America. Despite the bipartisan introduction of the Normalcy Act, sweeping reforms in public and health policy, and the rise in power of AWAL (The Association of Women against Lesbians) … Lara Bradford, (AVN ‘Performer of the year’ Riley Reid) the investigative reporter who will stop at nothing to uncover the answer to why society still lives in fear. Lesbians continue to exist in the shadows, Blooming Tea is still available on the black market and, for the last six months, an alarming number of women have mysteriously gone missing! The question on everyone’s mind is … who is taking them and who is next? Enjoy the previews of Missing: A Lesbian Crime Story on girlsway.com!