Anal Pros #2: Mona Wales & Mick Blue

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BAM Visions’ “Anal Pros #2” is brought to you by and stars a smoking hot line up including Lily LaBeau, Mona Wales, Roxy Raye, Samantha Rone, and Mick Blue. It runs 4 hours and 15 minutes. We are going to look at the “Gaping, Squirting Mona’s Anal Affair” scene starring Mick Blue and Mona Wales. We need to talk about her outfit. She is wearing a mesh top and leather pants. These pants will make you turn your head to all sorts of angles thinking, “Holy hell, she looks amazing in those!”

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The camera follows her tremendous ass and she slowly runs her hands around her crotch next to the zip that runs all the way up from underneath. Turning around, she squeezes her ass and her leather pants stretch around her booty and her zip is opened to show the viewer what they have to look forward to seeing. She opens them completely and slowly begins playing with herself opening her pussy wider and rubbing herself. She begins by stroking Mick’s erection and wastes no time taking his erect manhood down her throat.

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Mona lubes his cock with her spit. He gets his cock sucked and face fucked. She takes his cock from behind and he slides a dildo in her other hole to increase her pleasure. Her ass is penetrated in various positions and the sex is HOT Damn HOT. Mona takes hold of his now throbbing erection and jerks him off all over her face and swallows his hot load. I’m Scott. Follow me on @PornOCD on Twitter and keep enjoying Porn!!!!

Mona Wales on Device Bondage

You can’t please everybody, especially during awards season, but I was elated the Mona Wales won the 2016 Transgender Erotica Award for Best Non-TS Performer. But it’s not just because of her incredible work with trans women. I became a super fan of Mona years before was launched, with a lot of brilliant trans content, and it was through her scenes in the Kink network. Extreme pain is not my favorite thing as a lifestyle Domme, so it was a bit difficult to watch Mona in this scene, while incredibly arousing at the same time. After “Dominatrix Is Destroyed with Brutal Domination in Strict Bondage” on the Device Bondage website ends, Mona Wales tell The Pope she loved every part of the scene. Some of the brutality has never been administered on this site before. It seems as if the verbal humiliation was only a small part of her most intensely stimulating moments. The breath play and even punching really set off her nervous system and the foot torture was the most challenging sequence. It was truly evil as The Pope recalls. Mona started her Kink career at Device Bondage, then went on to be a fierce Fem Domme. She never forgot the inner pain slut and always let’s her out to play from time to time. The Pope unleashes the most sadistic punishment that she can take, then makes her beg for more. Mona suffers through brutal torment, bastinado, predicaments, a zipper, caning, pussy fucking, extreme domination, and mind blowing orgasms. As an established and famed rigger, The Pope has roped, trained, fucked, and taken ownership of more subs than other Dom(mes)s. And as he takes over the Device Bondage site, he is showing no remorse for submissive sluts who need to be demeaned, broken and deconstructs them into the contorted forms of his choosing. Waterboarding, rigging, suspension bondage. No holds barred. No mercy. Dedicated aficionados of bondage fetish will devour these HD videos. The official website actually tells you more about what makes Mona tick. It also reveals more of her glam and fetish side. There you’ll also see Mona with some familiar male favorites of mine that add to the excitement if you’re also a serious genetic girl and trans porn aficionado.

Divine Bitches Simone Sonay and Mona Wales

The real life head of New Talent Development and Recruiting for the Kink network, Simone Sonay, trains a eager slave with her step daughter, Mona Wales, both fucking his human dildo dick to see if he is a worthy slave husband! In “Stepmother and Daughter Dominating Duo,” on Divine Bitches, Simone married Mona’s panty wearing submissive father and completely destroyed him! Now she’s on the hunt for a submissive slave husband for Mona! Will Alexander Gustavo measure up? This dominant duo toys and plays with Alexander’s mind with evil femdom games, electricity punishment, mind fuckery, face sitting, pegging and they both take a ride on his human dildo cock! Will Alexander become a submissive slave husband to Miss Mona Wales? I simply had to since Simone Sonay and Mona Wales are at the top of my all-time favorite female adult stars. I mean they’re way up at the top of it! As for Alexander Gustavo, I’ve had a crush on him since Venus Lux had her way with him on TsSeduction! If you’ve never seen Simone and Mona on TsPussyHunters by the way, it’s time for you to get serious about Kink! Also visit Mona Wales XXX.  

Le Dragon Rouge on Whipped Ass

My sex life resembles Halloween in many ways. Fortunately they’re all good. That said, I normally don’t get excited about Halloween feature presentations, but I’m so glad I didn’t miss this one! In the two part “Le Dragon Rouge” on Whipped Ass, Saturnina Von Kaltenbruner, played by Mona Wales, is a rare book collector perpetually stuck in her expansive mansion from a demonic curse. The only way to break the spell is to procure “Le Dragon Rouge”, a one of a kind book said to be written by Lucifer himself. Penny Branch, played by Penny Pax, gets wrapped up in Saturnina’s twisted plot to get the book and finds herself seduced and mesmerized by Saturnina’s esoteric ways. Lesbian BDSM and bondage, pussy licking, dildo gag, whipping and strap-on are all included! Click on each image for previews in four different formats:

In Part 2 of the “Le Dragon Rouge” will Saturnina Von Kaltenbruner, played by Mona Wales, acquire the book written by Satan himself and break the evil curse placed on her? Will Penny Branch, played by Penny Pax, fall deep under Saturnina’s evil spell and become enslaved to her forever? Watch the previews and see if you can predict the ending.

Rogue Adventures #40 – Jessica Fox and Mona Wales

Beautiful, blue-eyed blonde sweetheart of Mona Wales XXX is a sexy biological female with an irresistible attraction to gorgeous transsexuals. When she meets Native American Jessica Fox, Mona quickly envelops Jessica’s twitching cock with her hungry mouth, while lewdly fingering her rosebud. Mona receives a power fucking from the star of Jessica The Fox, and even takes that fat cock in her ass! Jessica gets her new friend off using a vibrator and splatters Mona’s face with cum!

Mona says, “Jessica’s beautiful body and enticing personality made it easy to let all of my inhibitions go. My tongue got to run over every inch of her flesh and we took turns fucking each other in the ass.” Rogue Adventures is out on DVD and is STREAMING online now on EVIL ANGEL!

The Stepford Wives Electrosluts Parody

Sploshing, squirting, sexual training, bondage, anal electricity and double penetration, pussy licking, ans lesbian humiliation are featured in the new Electrosluts video featuring Bella Rossi, Rose, Rhapsody and the hostess of Mona Wales XXX!

Mona Wales and Bella Rossi are perfect wives in every way, including sexually. When new girl Rose Rhapsody comes to town, they take it upon themselves to teach her how to live like they do.

They punish her with electricity and train her to be sexually submissive, tying her up on the kitchen floor and covering her with their pussy juice and squirting all over her. They DP her with samurais and she licks their pussies, gets fingered, and gets zapped on her tits and ass until she learns to behave.

They finish her off by covering her in whipped cream pie and cattle prodding her!

Watch The Stepford Wives Parody on Electrosluts

Tiffany Starr and Mona Wales on TS Pussy Hunters

In the 43 minute TS Pussy Hunters video on at 30% off,  “Hot and Dirty Party Sex with Tiffany Starr and Mona Wales”, the pansexual star of fucks and dominates sexy blond submissive Mona of!

Mona and Tiffany sneak off from a boring fundraising party to a private room where they can turn their flirting into fucking!

Tiffany pulls out her hard, curved cock and buries it balls deep in Mona’s pussy. They fuck every which way they can all over the room just out of hear shot of the party they are supposed to be attending. When Tiffany cums, she dumps a hot load all over Mona’s tits!

Great chemistry between these two ladies and a ton of hardcore, hot sex! 


What’s Russian for Suck my Cock? First Time Girl Fucked By TS Teacher

The teacher/student role play action begins after a 4 minute interview with TS Pussy Hunters director Tomcat. Russian professor Francheska is disappointed in Mona’s progress. The student is desperate for a good grade but if she fails, she won’t be able to visit Russia and she’ll also be kicked out of school. Mona is already hot for the older teacher and anxious to do anything to please the sexy cougar.

Mona learns how to say “cock” in Russian and performs her blowjob on a huge, uncut transsexual dick. In return, the student gets fucked doggie-style over the work desk. Then she gets a missionary railing interrupted only by a brief pussy licking. Then she straddles the professor on a chair until she’s carried halfway across the classroom for another missionary position pounding.

Professor Francheska carries her horny student back to the chair and takes the girl doggie-style again. After a loud and fast jackhammer fucking, the professor gives Mona a big wet creamy facial. The ladies discuss they’re favorite parts in the closing interview.

This is Franchezka’s second TS Pussy Hunters film. Her first was with famous porn star Bella Rossi.