TheEnglishMansion: Queen Takes Pawn

Mistress Sidonia has her slave ready for use on the bondage bed, making him lick her beautiful shoes, then shoving her nylon feet into the foot whore’s mouth. Mistress is control of his senses, using a latex re-breathe hood as she ties his nipples tightly with thread and then torments them. His cock is teased and then cropped. “Queen Takes Pawn” is a 35+ masterpiece split into five delectible parts. It also the Top Movie this month on The Queen of Everything, Sidonia, plays 4D chess on this poor man’s mind as she torments his body. As the video begins, Mistress Sidonia looks exquisite as she swats the man’s sizeable boner with her riding crop.

Her curves are accentuated by a sheer outfit that reveals her center of the world, and the slave is bound on a dungeon bed by his wrists and ankles. He’s forced to suck the narrow heel of her tall platforms until she decides to stab at his nipples with them, making him whimper in pain. Then he’s made to suck her perfectly pedicured red toes. She unstraps one of her heels and releases it from her stockinged high-arched foot for a more complete foot worshiping¬†session. Then she alternates the process with both feet. She’s even kind enough, or mean enough to torment his stiff cock with her dainty feet, depending on how you look at things.

She even kicks his balls and I think he likes it! Mistress Sidonia sits on her slave and then lays beside him and applies glass pumps to his nipples while his erection bobs and lurches. Then his nips end up extended like his stiff dick! In the next sequence, his poor balls are tied up and his cock is still throbbing hard. Now I’ve just described the first half of the complete film and the level of this slave’s torture is only beginning.