Whipped Ass: Cherie Deville and Veruca James


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30% off Kink.com Monthly for Life is our exclusive subscription price for Kink Unlimited – All 30 Channels from Kink.com. Today’s update features a hot lesbian detective seduces straight girl with bondage, spanking, flogging, pussy licking, suspension bondage, and pussy and anal strap-on fucking. Performers of shoot here: Cherie DeVille and Veruca James.

Veruca James hires private detective Cherie DeVille to find out once and for all if her husband is cheating on her. After Cherie presents evidence that confirm’s her suspicions, she helps distract Veruca from the emotional turmoil with spanking, flogging, finger banging, tons of pussy licking, suspension bondage, dick-on-a-stick fucking, foot caning, and an enthusiastic pussy and anal strap-on fucking!

Domming is new for blonde Cherie, but I’d never have guessed that if this were the first time I’d seen her in action. She really lives up to the verbal challenge she gave herself in this scene as well as the physical aspects. Brunette Veruca’s reaction to Cherie’s initial deep French kiss kicks this scene into high gear. Her arousal is so clearly evident in her confused state as to what to do next. These women are so beautiful to watch together and if you can make it to the point where Cherie dildo fucks Veruca’s tight ass without cumming, just watch it again later. You almost made it to the end.

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Everything Butt: Lesbian Vampires

The Caramel’s Girls 30% off Kink.com offer with Full Access to All 30 Kink Channels continues with Lesbian Vampires on Everything Butt on Kink Unlimited – Kink.com! Dahlia submits to her vampire captors with anal fisting, ATM, butt sucking, spanking, strap on anal, anal toys, gapping and hot anal lesbian action. Performers of shoot here: Charlotte Sartre, Veruca James, and Dahlia Sky. Veruca James and Charlotte Sartre are butt sucking vampires invited in by the secret wishes of the desperate slut, Dahlia Sky. For centuries, these Butt sucking vampires have lived in darkness and shadows. They are pariahs to most morals while other morals see them as gods. If you invite them in to your home, they will show you pleasures you’ve never dreamed of. Myths started long ago about these Vampires feeding on the blood of the living. The truth is we they feed off of the living but their involvement with the morals is much more passionate and much more perverted than any tales will have you to believe. They feed off of the orgasms of the lost; Sexual deviants who have been outcasts from society who wish for the vampires to come to them in secret. These vampires open the gates of hell to give you the most powerful orgasms possible. The only way to make the morals feel this good is to violate them through their core via the butthole. If you’re in emotional pain, and you are done with suffering, just close your eyes, let us in and we will capture your soul forever. We come to suck your butt. Dahlia submits to her vampire captors with anal fisting, ass to mouth, butt sucking, spanking, strap on anal, anal toys, gapping and hot anal lesbian action! Charlotte Sartre is the standout to me in this scene, not to take away from the incredible Dahlia and Veruca. I know it’s a personal bias I can’t help as Charlotte is one of my all-time faves. Join Kink.com with our exclusive 30% off special offer! 

Divine Bitches – Honeymoon Cuckold At Hotel Divine

The Caramel’s Girls 30% off Kink.com offer with Full Access to All 30 Kink Channels continues! On Divine Bitches from Kink.com! Honeymoon Cuckold At Hotel Divine stars Maitresse Madeline Marlowe , Will Havoc and Tony Orlando. Maitresse Madeline Marlowe brings her new feminized bride to Hotel Divine for their honeymoon weekend.

Tony is beautiful as Nell in full feminization and is treated like the virginal bride he is. She happily endures whipping from Madeline and her gimp bull, large toy insertions, big strap-on pegging and anal fisting. She’s so turned on she makes her ride her huge toy for her and her gimp bull’s amusement while she strokes her cock. This makes her blow his load all over their black leather shoes and is made to clean it up with her mouth. As if that wasn’t enough, she puts her in a clear plexi-glass box while wifey Madeline gets pounded hard with gimp bull cock. Nell’s “clit” is locked away in a metal chastity device. She does let her leave the box, but only to suck the cum off her bull’s cock and she strokes the gimps dick all over the blushing brides face!

Maitresse Madeline Marlowe welcomes Tony Orlando to Hotel Divine in the opening interview and he introduces himself as “Nell” and his real name. When she asks what feminization means to him, he replies that his goal is to look passable. It’s a huge sexual thrill getting dressed up and into the kinky role play. He love’s the Madonna style “Like a Virgin” outfit and doesn’t have many limits.

Feminization is way up at the top of my list of Caramel’s Girls kinks and “Nell” is magnificent as the cuckold with his powerfully played partners Maitresse Madeline Marlowe and Will Havoc. If you’re not beside yourself with lust by around the 39th minute with Nell’s Domme fucking Nell with her huge black strap on dildo, perhaps watching her ride a toy until she shoots her cum will do it for you. Or watching her suck Will’s stiff cock until she’s forced to take a huge facial will make you cream.

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TS Pussy Hunters – Bella Rossi & Mara Nova

Our Caramel’s Girls 30% off Kink.com offer with Full Access to All 30 Kink Channels continues! TS Pussy Hunters – Queer Gym, stranger fucking with Bella Rossi and Mara Nova. Mara and Bella both know that this special gym is a pick up spot to meet horny girls who are down to fuck. If you work out at this gym, it means you’re looking to fuck and suck. Bella Rossi and the horny Mara Nova hit it off right from the get go and after sweating in the gym, they head over to one of the girls’ apartment for a little cool down. Bella Rossi sucks Mara’s beautiful cock. They tease each other and fuck each other!

Bella puts on a strap on to fuck Mara’s tight ass. Mara pounds Bella’s pussy and finally cums on her. Stranger’s in the night at a gym has never been so perverted. Both Bella and the tsmaranova.com star have been on TS Pussy Hunters before, but this is their first time together.

Ariel X encourages them to talk about their turn-ons. Mara is generally more submissive in her personal life, but you would never know that from watching this scene. She likes getting sloppy blowjobs and Bella loves giving them. Just don’t slap the pussy, please.

This isn’t a typically corporal BDSM video, so no safe words need to be established before the action begins. It starts out with Mara lusting after Bella body, especially her curvy ass while she works out. Their forward flirtation leads to a private room where they make out passionately.

Mara falls back on the bed with Bella on top of her and while undressing the petite trans girl, the gorgeous redhead is pleasantly surprised by the sight of Mara’s huge cock! Bella knows just how to pace her strap-on drilling and Mara in turn gives her an expert bareback pounding with her big dick. The volume of Mara’s cum shot is astounding!

This is an incredible TS Pussy Hunters scene displays full nudity and no condom on Mara’s mighty meat. Ariel X sums up the action in the closing interview and gets feedback from these incredible performers.

Mara loved getting fucked and said that Bella definitely as great strap-on skills. Bella loved the “cock gobbling” and said the sex left her cum-drunk. Kink.com 30% off NOW.

TS Pussy Hunters – Tori Mayes & Nikki Hearts

The Caramel’s Girls 30% off Kink.com offer with Full Access to All 30 Kink Channels continues with Strangers in the night: TS Tori Mayes has a one night stand. These girls fuck and suck each other with passion and fury fulfilling each other’s “stranger fantasy”. Performers of shoot here: Nikki Hearts and Tori Mayes.

TS Tori Mayes is stuck in a snow storm in a small town. She happens across a lesbian dive bar where she befriends the beautiful Nikki Hearts. These women get to talking and discover that they both fantasize about fucking a complete stranger and having a one night stand. Heavy, passionate kissing ensues.

Tori has a secret to tell Nikki. Nikki is pleasantly surprised after Tori whips out her hard throbbing cock. Nikki has a cock for Tori as well in form of a plastic strap on dick. These girls fuck and suck each other with passion and fury fulfilling each other’s “stranger fantasy”.

These beautiful ladies aren’t new to Kink.com, but this is their first time together. It’s Nikki’s first time on TS Pussy Hunters we learn in the Ariel X opening interview. Tori lays out her likes and limits first. Nothing turns her on more than lesbian sex. Nikki explains what she wants and doesn’t want to happen next.

When asked about fetishes, Tori states that she likes being penetrated while doing the fucking and she likes nipple sucking. When it comes to cum shot, Nikki likes it on her tummy and she’s cool as long as it’s not in the eye.

Nikki works the bar as if she actually has bartending experience which is the first sign that there’s going to be some good acting here. It’s confirmed when Tori, the customer gets into a conversation with Nikki. There’s great writing as well. When Tori is told that there’s nothing much to do but drink, fight and fuck. Tori responds that she’s a lover, not a fighter and since it’s she’s late to get drinks tonight, this is the perfect segue to flirtation. Nikki swings around the bar and proceeds to help her with a foot rub to help her relax. Fast forward to first the kissing sequence, not literally though. It’s just so beautiful and sexy and well worth the wait. Then comes the moment when Tori realizes it’s the right time to warn Nikki about something important. Nikki doesn’t want to hear it, but she sees it while crouched before Tori’s midsection. She’s so delighted by the hard cock between Tori’s legs that she can’t wait to get it inside her mouth.

I love the way both sets of these beauty’s large breasts heave and sway and seeing Tori’s stiff cock bouncing while she gets railed by Nikki and her strap on. Aside from that harness Nikki wears, they’re both gloriously nude! They look incredible when it’s Tori’s turn to do the real cock fucking in a variety of positions on the bed. I also appreciate that last look close up view of Nikki’s pretty pussy right before Tori shoots her cum just where Nikki requested it. The closing interview with Ariel X gives them the opportunity to say what they loved the most about this exquisite TS Pussy Hunters scene. Tori seems to get more beautiful every time I see her and I love watching her speaking. Nikki is so incredible with her strap on, I’m a primarily a top and she had me fantasizing about bottoming for her. That doesn’t happen every day.

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Kink Unlimited: Danielle Foxx, Venus Lux & DJ on TS Seduction

After nearly 20 years as a network of separate BDSM sites, Kink.com has re-launched as Kink Unlimited, an all-access portal for the company’s two dozen brands. The move represents a new era, freeing the online giant’s massive user-base from the confines of separate subscriptions. Kink Unlimited will allow visitors to access the studio’s entire library of BDSM content with one $49.99 monthly pass.

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I totally get it when they opt for a life outside of the adult industry and respect it. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I was really disappointed when Danielle Foxx went into early retirement, but I’m so glad she’s back. She’s now on TS Seduction for the 6th time and this is her first post-op performance on the site. Another favorite of mine is Venus Lux, Danielle’s co-star with over 30 Kink performances for Venus Lux between TS Seduction and TS Pussy Hunters. The cute guy who plays Danielle’s husband is lots of fun and he delivers a solid performance if you’ll pardon the pun. The theme is a time-tested classic one we’ve seen many times before, yet with a trans twist, obviously. The story mirrors one of Danielle’s real life loves of seeing men getting fucked. DJ feels uncomfortable during the therapy session with Venus as the counselor, but all those feeling begin to dissipate while he’s on his hands and knees on the bed naked. He gets a salad tossing and cock sucking from Danielle as Venus directs the action. DJ is obviously expecting strapon sex from both beautiful women, but he’s surprised to discover that one of them has a cock as real as his own is. The surprise is a highly pleasurable one for DJ who gets spitroasted with Venus fucking his face and Danielle banging him from the back doggy style. She gets a taste of the counselor’s rigid cock also when she pauses her pumping. Danielle wrecks this man’s butt with her tits and ass jiggling all over the place. Then as he goes down on her pretty pussy, Venus destroys his rump. My favorite part might be seeing Danielle getting pummeled by Venus while sucking DJ off. Or is could be when Venus fucks DJ again while Danielle rides his face. At this point, it’s all just a sexual blur to me until I watch this TS Seduction instant classic all over again. DJ has been on Kink sites several times before. You can find more of Danielle’s incredible work on sexchangegirl.com and for more of Venus, go to Venus-Lux.com.

TsPussyHunters Venus Lux and Alura Jenson







One of the best ever TS Pussy Hunters videos begins with the Pornstar Platinum blonde bombshell Alura Jenson. As a matter of fact, the first time I ever saw the multi-award winning Venus Lux fucking her was on Alura Jenson XXX. Alura, who has done hardcore scenes with several other transsexual stars is as amazing as I thought she’d be once again with Venus. The opening scene of this TS Pussy Hunters video on Kink.com reminded me of how great her acting skills are. It takes a lot to make me laugh and her portrayal of a nymphomaniac in a straightjacket cracked me up. Alura’s ad libs reminded me of a Broadway actress with a director who took the day off. On the contrary, there’s nothing funny about the performance of Venus Lux here. Her job is to cure Alura by making her overdose on cock. Venus opens her lab coat and pulls down her panties to expose her big boner. The dialogue doesn’t die down just because Dr. Lux has the crazy lady give her a blowjob. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Venus as a dominatrix before, but she’s very vocal and a no nonsense actress as well. Her sexual prowess is legendary and she fucks every tantalizing opening Alura has in a variety of positions. On top of all that, both gorgeous ladies get entirely bare naked and the climax ends with a big ass creampie. This is a top shelf kinky classic you must see on TS Pussy Hunters and the chemistry is absolute perfection. Be sure to also watch the closing interview on TS Pussy Hunters and visit Alura Jenson XXX and the official Venus Lux website. If you join Kink Unlimited now at Kink.com you can enjoy Kink.com for life at 30% off! 

Honey FoXXX and Angelina Valentine

Honey stuffs her nine inch cock deep into Angelina’s greedy pussy and pounds cum soaked orgasms out of her.

It’s a match made in biker dungeon hell today for Honey FoXXX and Angelina Valentine. Honey doesn’t say much. She lets her big cock do the talking as she pounds it deep into Angelina’s hungry snatch and cums in Angelina’s mouth. Download the 29 minute film at TS Pussy Hunters and visit the Official Angelina Valentine Website to see her with men, other women and more hot transsexuals!