Benjamin Riley Is New Boycrush Exclusive

Jason Valencia is super hot, but I really like the 18 year old blonde femboy, Benjamin Riley. Girlish twinks drive me absolutely nuts. This 5’6″ 110lbs, Knoxville, Tennessee native has signed a 1 year exclusive contract with Boy Crush Studios and will be performing in cam shows on Boycrush Live as well.  

Benjamin actually describes himself as “gay-curious”, occasionally thinking about lesbians when he’s drunk. But he’s all about the dudes when he’s on Boycrush and there are a lot of boys who want to get that 8″ dick inside them when it’s rock hard. He loves to top also, and has plenty of experience. To watch the mp4 video behind the photos, give them a moment or two to buffer and enjoy!

Enigmatic Boys – Twinks, Androgynes and Femboys

When I was a teen and before I began my transition, a man in semi-retirement hit on me. I wasn’t interested in him or any other males sexually at the time and declined his offer. I was only into genetic girls, transsexuals and part-time girls back then. Much later, I dated a femboy and to my surprise, I didn’t mind making love to him when he wasn’t wearing makeup or female clothing. After he moved halfway across the country, I found myself looking for twinks and femboys of every race. Some of the androgynes in this post are what I’d describe as my “type” and I love the photos and videos on this site. The only drawback for me personally is that I love all ethnic backgrounds and these pretty people are only European and from the Mediterranean. Enigmatic Boys is the best place to be if this is your particular type.

By the way, that man from my past told me he thought that everyone was bisexual. I still don’t quite agree with that, but it’s interesting how much one’s tastes can broaden over time. Looking back, I should have let him suck my cock. If I only knew then what I know now… 

Twinks Matthew Keading and Jacob Dixon In “The Changing Room”

Who hasn’t had a fantasy about a sexy store clerk stepping into your changing room for a quickie? Matthew Keading and Jacob Dixon bring this twink bareback dream to life in “The Changing Room”. While begging for Matthew’s honest opinion about underwear, Jacob attempts to stuff his huge cock into a skimpy jock strap that can’t seem to hold his growing erection. Matthew’s mouth waters at the sight giving Jacob somewhere else to try and stuff his behemoth rod. Click on these pretty twinks for a 3 and a half minute Helix Studios video preview!

Helix Studios – 2,119 Videos and Counting

European and Meditteranian Twinks

Enigmatic Boys. These cuties are hot enough to make the straightest man in the world question his sexuality and make women try to change them. Call them twinks, bois, femboys, or whatever you want to. If you’re like me, you’ll just want to call them to come to your bed. 

The Enigmatic Boys here are all in the 18 to 22 year old age range, perfectly shot for quality photo galleries and they will melt your heart while stiffening your cock. That’s one promise, but there are more; high quality videos in various players, photo slideshows, fast downloads and all the content is exclusive. Videos: Over 45 videos about 20 minutes each (download and stream) No DRM restrictions, Multi-Bandwidth Format: WMV (2400kb/s, 720×576), WMV (500kb/s, 320×240), WMV (1440kb/s, 1080×500).

Femboi Yuu at Japanboyz

When I tell people I’m hot for “fembois”, half the time, my friends don’t know what I’m talking about. Well the cutie on his back getting fucked is what I’m talking about. Yuu is so feminine, I can imagine feminizing and making a pretty convincing girl out of him. This video begins with Yuu being being spanked and cuddled by Tsuyoshi. Handsome Tsuyoshi tugs on Yuu’s adorable dick while Yuu is busy deep throating him. Being a good bottom, Yuu obediently swallows all of his boyfriend until there is nothing left but hair. Gagging, he comes up for air and rolls to his back. Tsuyoshi rubs Yuu’s penis with lube to both of their delight. Whimpering, Yuu is encouraging Tsuyoshi to do more. You’ll find several more cuties at this site. Download The Full HD Video at

These twinks are both hot but I’m especially attracted to the long-haired bottom. I’m a top when it comes to slender fembois and I’d love stroking this one’s big cock while fucking his perfectly rounded ass. brings you the hottest, sexiest young men from around the globe. With studios in the U.S, Australia, Russia, South America and the U.K, there aim is to bring you the best cross-section of buff youngsters on the net.

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Helix Studios Twinks

Fresh Fratboy Nicholas Nash works his cock all over horny blonde twink, Kyle Ross. The skinny blonde boy slurps up Nicholas’ erect bone without coming up for air. That is one hungry cock-sucker. Nicholas drops his pants down to his ankles revealing his tight college boy bum and buries his face between Kyle’s ass cheeks. Nicholas slams his hard cock deep into Kyle’s rear opening and pumps out a hot load on his new younger blonde friend.

Horny little super twink Derrick Porter just finished getting shaved by the adorable Jade Parker. The two hairless blond twinks are turned on and start making out. Derrick prepares to bottom after the two tight twinks suck each other’s twink cocks to attention. Pulling Derrick’s cute undies to the side, Jade begins pounding the blond boy’s tight little ass. Jade turns Derrick over and sits back. Then the little blond bottom boy rides Jade’s rock hard twink cock while laying on his side. Derrick shoots his creamy twink load on his hairless boyish chest while being fucked from the side. Jade creams almost immediately after all over the blond boys ass and dick.

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