Whipped Ass: Holly Hendrix & Cherry Torn

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Our exclusive 30% Kink Unlimited All 30 Channels offer of Kink.com continues with “Anal Asylum: Horny Nympho Patient Meets Equally Perverted Lesbian Doctor”. Cherry Torn has been on Whipped Ass many times before, but this is a first for Holly Hendrix. She’s not new to Kink however and you can see her previews of scenes as well as Holly’s when you get there.

The set-up reads: Holly Hendrix is a sex-hungry pain slut being kept for observation by devious doctor Cherry Torn. Dr. Torn’s treatment for Holly includes bondage, spanking, pussy slapping, face slapping, foot torture, flogging, face-sitting, anal fisting, and vigorous anal strap-on fucking. Through countless orgasms, Holly continues to beg for more pain and orgasms.

Petite Holly doesn’t have a lot of experience with other females, but I know she was in good hands with gorgeous Holly. They’ve worked together elsewhere so there’s some chemistry and familiarity already generated. For this incredible scene, Holly announces that she’s ready to be anally fisted. But keep in mind that she’s not into nipple clamps.

“Fill my fucking holes, bitch!” Holly screams while wriggling on the cement floor in a leather fetish straitjacket. “Fuck me!” Her ass and pussy look incredibly inviting from both side are rear angles. Meanwhile, Dr. Torn is in her lab jacket shaking her head as she jots down some notes. Holly is so horny that she’s on her back thrusting her hips in the air like there’s an imaginary phallus inches from her pretty pussy. Her tongue wags around and she laughs hysterically like she’s certifiably insane.

The doctor receives a backhanded compliment when she enters the padded cell from the sexy little crazy person. She was called sexy, but she puts Holly in place with a brief slap across the crotch. Dr. Torn twists Holly around on the floor like she weighs nothing and proceeds to squeeze and slap her face hard. She also tweaks her nipples firmly and slaps her tits briskly. Holly makes the mistake of resisting and then gets her bare ass spanked hard! This action is followed by intense pussy slapping and foot torture. The doctor then gives Holly a teasing rim job that has her begging for more. Turning the poor nutty girl on her back Dr. Torn spreads her patients bound thighs and begins eating her smoothly shaven pussy. She bites Holly’s labia at times while playing with her tender looking rosebud. 

Dr. Torn double finger’s her patients wet pussy and covers her mouth, making her gasp for air. There’s more hard pussy slapping and then comes a paddle. I could go on but I’ve described a quarter of this brilliantly tortuous movie and I’d like to save the rest for you to see for yourself. The closing interview is not only highly informative, but intimately erotic. Get it now with your 30% off Kink.com discount while it lasts.

Divine Bitches – Cherry Torn & Artemis Faux


Our exclusive Caramel’s Girls 30% off Special Offer for FULL ACCESS to all 30 Kink.com channels continues with Cherry Torn’s Tea Service and Slave Punishment on Divine Bitches. It’s tea time in the Armory and Pathetic slave Artemis Faux is ready to worship and serve the exquisite FemDomme Mistress Cherry Torn. Restrained in leather bondage, Artemis is prepared for corporal punishment, face sitting, smothering and high heels foot worshipping. Cherry decides to tie her willing slave up for tight rope bondage cock torment before zapping him with electricity and strap-on fucking. Artemis finally pleases his mistress with a dildo gag orgasm all over his pathetic face. In the opening interview, Artemis tells us some of his favorite activities since he’s been in Kink scenes like suspension, bondage in general and corporal punishment. He looks incredibly cute with all but his arm hair shaved on his sleek body as he establishes his safe word and the scene begins. Director and performer Cherry Torn looks exquisite as she lounges on the sofa with a riding crop. She rings her bell to signal Artemis for her tea service. Cherry is the ultimate Domme with the props and toys she utilizes on her slave. What’s key is the verbal humiliation she employs as she torments Artemis until he thanks her one last time for his punishment. Cherry explains how she came up with this brilliant scenario in the closing interview.She was the first house slave on The Upper Floor (that comes with our 30 channel 30% off Kink.com pass). I’ve always felt that the best Dom(mes) often have experience as submissives. She’s so forcful in this scene and Artemis is an absolute darling of a sub.


TS Stefani Special and Cherry Torn

I’d bet any amount of money that Cherry Torn is more experienced with transsexuals than TS Stefani Special is with genetically born females simply because of the amount of TS movies she’s co-starred in . However, Stefani is a true TS Pussy Hunter in my opinion. No transsexual who isn’t into GG’s could have made such a passionate movie.

I watched very closely to see how Stefani treated Cherry throughout the entire 34 minute film. The forced skull fuck ended when Cherry started gagging on Stefani’s big dick. Kudos for giving the girl’s throat a break. Then she ate and fingered Cherry’s lovely pussy almost exactly the way I would have. Stefani took time to orally tease and please Cherry’s petite high-arched feet before sinking deep inside her in the missionary position. It wasn’t necessarily a gentle fucking. There was lots of hard ass slapping and the doggie-style railing was even more rough.

There were moments when Stefani banged Cherry with jackhammer thrusts. I don’t know how Cherry managed to totally deep throat that big cock to the base after that fuck, but she did it. I loved watching Cherry’s large, luscious breasts bounce up and down when she straddled Stefani for another pussy pounding. I love the way Cherry had her mouth wide open and tongue sticking out to receive Stefani’s big cum shot. I also adored the sensual cummy kiss that followed. In the closing interview, Cherry said she loved the doggie-style fucking the most. I don’t have any favorite segments. I loved it all!  

Watch “Cat Fight Sexy Time” on TS Pussy Hunters

Mandy Mitchell, Cherry Torn and Sebastion Keys

Mandy, Cherry and Sebastion are Kink.com veterans and their new 62 minute long TS Seduction.com film is the result of these three major talents displaying at their best work in a variety of niches. Perhaps you’ve seen Mandy and Cherry in their Cuckholding or Sex Addiction Part One and Part Two videos from The Official Mandy Mitchell Website. Anyway, in this new video, Mandy and Cherry are having fun in bed under a down quilt. Cherry straddles Mandy’s face for some oral pleasure, then gets some of her own when Cherry begins sucking her stiff cock.

Mandy is so turned on her thighs are quivering and she tastes Cherry again, then fucks her doggy style. Cherry rubs her clit next with a vibrator that looks like it could be a microphone for King Kong and gets pounded by Mandy. Then, uh-oh. Cherry’s boyfriend Sebastian is home from his part-time job! Mandy introduces herself, but he’s not having this until he sees Mandy’s rock hard cock sticking up in the air. He’s hard in no time flat and Cherry sucks him with Mandy on top fucking his pretty girlfriend! She deep throats him pretty easily until Mandy really begins railing her. Then he’s forced to suck his first cock! Mandy kisses Cherry’s petite feet and cute toes like she did a at her own website, then Sebastian gives her some foot loving too. In the next scene, Cherry and her boyfriend are ass up for Mandy’s fucking. I could go on and on, but I don’t want to spoil the rest for you. Let me just say that Mandy dominates this couple like it’s just second nature to her. Download this must see video at TS Seduction on Kink.com with our exclusive 30% discount on all 30 channels!