TS Pussy Hunters – Bella Rossi & Mara Nova

Our Caramel’s Girls 30% off Kink.com offer with Full Access to All 30 Kink Channels continues! TS Pussy Hunters – Queer Gym, stranger fucking with Bella Rossi and Mara Nova. Mara and Bella both know that this special gym is a pick up spot to meet horny girls who are down to fuck. If you work out at this gym, it means you’re looking to fuck and suck. Bella Rossi and the horny Mara Nova hit it off right from the get go and after sweating in the gym, they head over to one of the girls’ apartment for a little cool down. Bella Rossi sucks Mara’s beautiful cock. They tease each other and fuck each other!

Bella puts on a strap on to fuck Mara’s tight ass. Mara pounds Bella’s pussy and finally cums on her. Stranger’s in the night at a gym has never been so perverted. Both Bella and the tsmaranova.com star have been on TS Pussy Hunters before, but this is their first time together.

Ariel X encourages them to talk about their turn-ons. Mara is generally more submissive in her personal life, but you would never know that from watching this scene. She likes getting sloppy blowjobs and Bella loves giving them. Just don’t slap the pussy, please.

This isn’t a typically corporal BDSM video, so no safe words need to be established before the action begins. It starts out with Mara lusting after Bella body, especially her curvy ass while she works out. Their forward flirtation leads to a private room where they make out passionately.

Mara falls back on the bed with Bella on top of her and while undressing the petite trans girl, the gorgeous redhead is pleasantly surprised by the sight of Mara’s huge cock! Bella knows just how to pace her strap-on drilling and Mara in turn gives her an expert bareback pounding with her big dick. The volume of Mara’s cum shot is astounding!

This is an incredible TS Pussy Hunters scene displays full nudity and no condom on Mara’s mighty meat. Ariel X sums up the action in the closing interview and gets feedback from these incredible performers.

Mara loved getting fucked and said that Bella definitely as great strap-on skills. Bella loved the “cock gobbling” and said the sex left her cum-drunk. Kink.com 30% off NOW.

Jessica Fox and Bella Rossi in Hair Salon Sex

You can see a Flash video preview of Hair Salon Sex! on TsPussyHunters, but here’s a WMV and MPG preview if you don’t do flash (on your mobile device, for instance) and a sample photo gallery:

Bella says that Jessica hit her G spot while railing her on the sofa. Director TomCat will be filming a sequel to this hot video! TsPussyHunters from the Kink empire is the sister site of TsSeduction. I live with one without the other. Bella’s upcoming site BellaRossiXXX is in development (best of luck!). Jessica The Fox has been running successfully since May 22, 2014 so be sure to take the tour.

The Stepford Wives Electrosluts Parody

Sploshing, squirting, sexual training, bondage, anal electricity and double penetration, pussy licking, ans lesbian humiliation are featured in the new Electrosluts video featuring Bella Rossi, Rose, Rhapsody and the hostess of Mona Wales XXX!

Mona Wales and Bella Rossi are perfect wives in every way, including sexually. When new girl Rose Rhapsody comes to town, they take it upon themselves to teach her how to live like they do.

They punish her with electricity and train her to be sexually submissive, tying her up on the kitchen floor and covering her with their pussy juice and squirting all over her. They DP her with samurais and she licks their pussies, gets fingered, and gets zapped on her tits and ass until she learns to behave.

They finish her off by covering her in whipped cream pie and cattle prodding her!

Watch The Stepford Wives Parody on Electrosluts

Tiffany Starr and Bella Rossi on TS Pussy Hunters

The transsexual porn star I’ve had the best conversations with ever is Tiffany of tiffanystarrxxx.com. She’s an incredibly smart and sexy bright light and her website is amazing! Tiffany can be found on many other great websites also and I especially love all of her TS Pussy Hunters videos and pictorials.   

“Candy Stripers turned Nasty: Shagging in a Hospital w/a Stranger’s Vibe” is a 34 minute scorcher in which Tiffany and Bella are busy complaining about their lousy summer internships. Bella finds a vibrator in the bed she’s stripping and she can’t believe that Tiffany has never seen a vibrator before. She dismisses Tiffany’s disapproving looks and gets down with her new toy, rubbing her clit with it until she cums. Tiffany watches Bella cum, but refuses to try the toy until Bella convinces her to let her put it on her clit over her skirt. Bella has no idea what she’s rubbing is Tiffany’s bulging cock that presses tight against her panties while Bella rubs her with the vibrator. 

Tiffany had planned to tell Bella about her cock, but the right time just never seemed to be right. Now, however, Tiffany can no longer keep her mouth shut. She pulls back her panties and shows Bella why she’s not all that familiar with vibrators. Tiffany’s cock is thick and hard and a dazzle of precum is just waiting to slip into Bella’s cunt.

Tiffany spreads Bella wide and plows into her wet slit. These two are very attracted to each other and it shows in the bareback sex they have – explosive, sensual and rough all at once. Tiffany pulls out of Bella just in time for Bella to jerk a huge load of cum out of her cock. Her load is so big, Bella nearly starts to giggle with surprise.

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