The Upper Floor: Amarna Miller, Chanel Preston & Mickey Mod 30% Off For Life 

The Caramel’s Girls 30% off offer with Full Access to All 30 Kink Channels continues with Amarna Miller, Chanel Preston and Mickey Mod on The Upper Floor. I never thought it would be an adult entertainment scene that would make up for everything I abhorred about Driving Miss Daisy on general principle as a black person. This is a Domination/submission masterpiece.

In Evil Hot Step-Mother and Spoiled Brat Get Anal Punishment, gorgeous little minx Amarna Miller is a spoiled brat daughter, returned to claim her Dad’s estate and play BDSM games with the butler. She’ll take a hard spanking and tight clamps on her pink pussy so she can get the hard fucking she so richly deserves.

But her fun is interrupted by evil and hot Chanel Preston, estranged wife with her eyes on owning both the house, the butler’s hard cock, and Amarna as her personal sex slave. Cruel Chanel delivers a hot scene of verbal humiliation, intense flogging, clamps, cattle prod torment, and fuck training, but only after she has had her own fill of big black dick.

Like all matters of litigation, nothing is as it seems, and according to the legal team Chanel may well have her own gold digging ass fucked and punished with hot wax and caning before the day is done. This is the best turning of the tables videos I’ve seen for as long my memory serves me. It’s not just because of the good looks and talent of the actors, but the writing and directing that makes it so special.

It also employs every aspect of BDSM I love seeing without drawing us into a dungeon – not that I have anything against dungeons. I just admire the creativity that was used to make do without one and to present the scene in the plush setting of The Upper Floor.

This is where Spanish actress Amarna first did a scene with and she recalls that experience fondly. There’s a lot going on here so safe words and limits are established with Alaska native Chanel starting first. The fine acting of these three actors makes the sex incredibly enjoyable to watch. I don’t see anything taboo about interracial relationships, but the interplay between Amarna the rich spoiled brat and Mickey the butler adds sexual tension.

Well, I must admit that the contrast also added something special. Watching masterful Mickey Mod dominate both beauties until they’re awaiting the cum explosion from his stiff black cock with their tongues out makes for a perfect ending. Then there’s that torrid lesbian cummy kiss to wrap things up.

TS Pussy Hunters – Isabella Sorrenti & Amarna Miller

BREAKING: The Caramel’s Girls 30% off offer with Full Access to All 30 Kink Channels continues! On TS Pussy Hunters, Isabella cream pies into Amarna’s spy pussy keeping her with her to raise their baby together for ever and Amarna loves the plan.

Performers of shoot here: Isabella Sorrenti and Amarna Miller. Isabella has captured a hot spicy red headed spy who is known for having a weakness for cock.

Amarna Miller is an infamous spy who will never let go of her secrets unless something big and fat were to cum into her pussy and impregnate her with baby spies.

That’s exactly how Isabella Sorrenti plans on getting information out of this sexy Spanish spy. Once Isabella reveals her huge cock, Amarna is at her mercy.

Amarna sucks her juicy cock then gives her a foot job and fucks her. Isabella cream pies into Amarna’s spy pussy with the intent of impregnating her and keeping her with her to raise their baby together for ever and Amarna loves the plan.

Both Isabella and Amarna have been on TS Pussy Hunters on before, but this is their first time together. Isabella makes Amarna blush in the opening interview with Ariel X and since the stunning blonde trans was in the Marines, she wanted a military theme.

When asked what turns Isabella on the most, complete obedience is what does it for her the most she says. With Amarna, it’s more about the connection and chemistry. They both like hair pulling and choking a lot.

Safe words are established and both girls discussed a creampie ending. Then it’s on! Isabella’s dominance is on point beginning with her interrogation of her hooded and bound captive.

Amarna is confused about why Isabella brings up her insatiable lust for cock. What could this possibly have to do with a spy interrogation? She doesn’t think there’s a thing Isabella can do about that form of lust until Isabella raises her jacket. She has no panties on and her big dick is fully exposed. While she strokes the hard shaft, Amarna literally begs Isabella to let her her suck it.

This is an incredible TS Pussy Hunters bareback scene displaying full nudity with the exception of the hung and super pretty impregnator’s stay-up stockings. At the end, Isabella laps her huge load of cum out of her Spanish ginger spy’s lovely pussy. Mission accomplished! Ariel X sums up the action in the closing interview and gets feedback from these incredible performers. 30% off NOW.

Amarna Miller on Pure-XXX

“You cannot breath because you have my pussy on your face?” is something thousands of AVN nominated, NINFA Best Actress winner Amarna Miller fans wouldn’t mind hearing – in a vulnerable submissive situation as it is. The stunning Spanish ginger looks incredible in pink and black latex and sheer black stay-up stockings as she smother’s Christian’s face on Pure-XXX. The region surrounding petals of her pussy aren’t bare, but it’s not like 70’s Penthouse magazine hairy. It’s got a modern buzz that’s enough to drive a hirsute beauty fan nuts, yet not enough to make most other pussy lovers make a big deal about. I usually prefer clean shaven quim myself, but I’d take Miss Miller’s any way I could get it. In most of the first part of this Domination / submission sequence, Amarna rides Christian’s face from the front. But before she leaves the room, we get some amazing footage of her full round ass, too. Poor Christian isn’t even allowed to cum in this scene. I can’t even imagine how tortuous that must have been. But I actually loved another Pure-XXX scene with Amarna and Christian even better. There’s nothing quite like seeing a beautiful Domme with a strap-on and knowing what she’s about to do with it, is there? The view is magnificent when she turns around also. Mistress Amarna makes Christian suck on the huge phallus before making him get on all fours on the sofa with his bubble butt turned up. When she has him on his back, she jerks his huge cock while railing him. Okay I’ve said enough. Take the Pure-XXX tour to see what else is in store for you. For trans action from Christian XXX, visit the incredible Pure-TS website.