Abella Danger in Anal Warriors Vol.3

Anal Warriors Vol.3 is brought to you ArchAngelVideo.com (IR Tour) who are right at the top of the game when it comes to interracial porn. MimeFreak once again directs and has brought a great cast with him including Casey Calvert, Abella Danger, Kenzie Taylor, Dakota, Prince Yahshua, Isiah Thomas, Sean Michaels, and L.T. Turner. It does not matter if you are male or female, you will look at the cast list and think, “Oh yeah, I am going to enjoy this…” How right you are. We are featuring Abella Danger and Isiah Thomas. Whatever turns you on about female body, Abella has it going it and ticks every single box on any porn lovers list.

Abella begins by telling the camera and you the viewer about how she needs a big cock in her ass. She is in an old kind of garage or industrial building. It is hard not to direct your eyes straight to her big booty. Isiah walks onto camera and is already rock solid erect and Abella drops down to her knees and begins sucking his big erection straight away. She works his cock down her throat until she makes herself gag and drool all over herself.

Isiah spanks her ass and pulls down her shorts and when a butt plug is inserted into her ass, he pulls it out with his teeth and begins eating her pussy. She remains standing while he penetrates her ass with his big manhood and starts banging away. It’s like they say, go hard or go home. Abella slowly opens her ass cheeks wider and wider. Isiah is hitting it hard so much that Abella’s eyes roll back with total pleasure.

Changing positions, she lies on the desk and he bangs her ass while also playing with her pussy which brings Abella to orgasm. She tastes her own ass on his cock and sucks him hard. She rides his cock in cowgirl and enjoys every last inch of his erection, sliding and bouncing up and down his manhood. She makes him cum on her tongue and swallows the load. Anal Warriors Vol.3 is also available on adultdvdempire.com. I’m Scott. Follow me on Twitter at @PornOCD. Keep enjoying porn.

Missy Martinez: Fucked Ra


FMissy Martinez was born and raised in Southern California, which is pretty rare for someone in the industry as well as convenient. She was a good home schooled Christian girl who graduated high school early at 16, started college and got her college degree. Her major was Forensic Autopsy, but she entered adult entertainemt at 23 years old. Now she’s dealing with more fun kinds of stiffs. Missy’s ethnicity is Mexican, German, Greek and Hopi Indian. Spinning and biking helps to keep her body fit. “Missy Martinez: Fucked Ra” features her first double penetration scene. She wanted to work with James Deen and Erik Everhard because she trusts both of them and knew they’d take care of her. “I was really nervous because I only did it with toys and never two cocks,” she told Captian Jack of Adult Empire. “It was a test of wills. I was super nervous and was almost crying in the bathroom before we shot it because I didn’t know what to expect. And I went out there and thought that I had a dick in my ass before. And I’ve had a dick in my pussy before so we’re just going to combine them together. It was the easiest thing in the world, it was super fun,” she added. But you can see her explaining it in more depth when you watch the preview for “Missy Martinez: Fucked Ra” right now. Joined in her fantasies also by Abella Danger, Vicki Chase, Adriana Chechik and more, Missy embarks on the ultimate journey of passion. The goddess awaits!