Rogue Adventures #42: TS Tarynxo & Holly Heart

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I’ve been a super fan of Holly Heart, the genetic female star of this Rogue Adventures #42 scene, for about five years now. I’m used to seeing as a blonde, but I love her new look just as much. I’ve been a super fan TS Tarynxo since her 2015 adult industry debut. Seeing them together is like something out of the type of wet dreams you hate waking up from. You know the ones when you go right to sleep hoping it will pick up where it left off? In Scene #01 of Rogue Adventures #42 on Evil Angel, Holly points out Taryn, who reclines on a lounger outside on the terrace studying. Holly leads us outside to show us what a bad influence she can be. But Taryn is already baring her lovely breasts and withdrawing her cock from her panties before Holly even reaches her. Taryn is Holly’s best friend’s sister and feels a little guilty about lusting after her. But she can’t resist kissing Taryn deeply. Holly leans down and begins licking Tayrn’s stiff prick soflty before taking the head and first few inches into her mouth. She kisses Taryn again while stroking her erection. Holly is still fully dressed, but that begins to change once they’re inside Holly’s house. Taryn jerks off slowly while admiring the sight of Holly stripping down to her lingerie and stockings. Holly helps Taryn shed more clothing and more passionate kissing follows. I love all the attention devoted to foreplay in this Joey Silvera production. I know that Taryn is about to fuck Holly silly, but the buildup is incredibly seductive. Within 11 minutes of the scene, Holly sinks down on Taryn’s raging hard cock, and it’s on. Before the first position change, Holly sucks Taryn’s cock again, tasting her own flavor. Did I mention this is a bareback scene? I’m watching it as I type and it’s quite challenging. Holly worships Taryn’s body like she hasn’t had sex since I don’t know when. She rims Taryn as she jacks her cock furiously. Taryn’s cumshot is just plain ridiculous. All I have left to say about Rogue Adventures #42  so far is “ten.” For their Evil Angel profiles, Holly’s is here and Taryn’s is here.

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