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Sample Photo Gallery 

Terry presents the debut of 20-year old Meika Kuroki in a bold, confident scene that makes it seem like she’s been modeling for producers for ages. That’s because she’s a popular AV actress in Japan who works at Club Diamond Shinjuku. Seeing her dressed in casual wear and stripping out of it, I see no signs of her being particularly kinky. But she loves BDSM and soap play. After lowering her short-shorts, Meika begins rubbing the bulge in her tiny thong that exposes her smooth, hairless ball sack. She lowers the garment while showing off her cute little ass. While she spreads her butt cheeks, although you can only see a bit of it, you can see that her cock is already stiff. Then she’s standing before you with her top, bra and tall heels on, stroking her erection firmly. The shaft is thick and capped by a bulbous, glossy head. When she releases her boner, it stands at attention and Meika’s hormone-induced boobs seem to be quite sensitive. She rubs them through her top while beating off slowly. Meika’s masturbation session continues with her laying back on a chair with her feet propped on an ottoman. I don’t know if it’s the angle Terry captures her hardon in with his closeup footage, but Meika’s cock looks enormous when fully erect. I know it’s not really huge, but it’s obviously quite a mouthful. Just after about three quarters of the scene, she’s standing again naked except for her pink pumps. I can see why Meika Kuroki is already so popular.

You can watch Meika's Free Trailer on
You can watch Meika’s Free Trailer on

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