PornOCD Interview with Saya Song

January 6, 2017

Twitter: @xokittysaya 

This is my interview with the very sexy porn star, writer, dancer and photographer Saya Song of from October 2015 posted on another site. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Evil Angel Profile 

PornOCD: How would you describe yourself going through school?

Saya: In High School, I was kind of nerdy and weird. I was in the band, choir, and drama club. I dressed in oversized men’s shirts from Goodwill and I wore plastic jelly bracelets up to my elbows.

PornOCD: Were you a good student?

Saya: Yeah, the only subject that challenged me was Math.

PornOCD: How popular were you with the boys?

Saya: Not at all… I was weird and my school was small. I got picked on in Elementary School by boys, so I learned to defend myself, which turned into being feared by boys.

PornOCD: What were your earliest plans for life. College or career?

Saya: I tried going to college because that’s what I was supposed to do, but then I got married and focused on being a good wife. When that didn’t work out, I tried college again, but eventually I realized that college and a “normal” job aren’t for me.

PornOCD: When did you first watch porn?

Saya: I first watched softcore porn when I was in Middle School and hardcore porn when I was 18.

PornOCD: Who adorned your bedroom walls?

Saya: I was a teenybopper until I turned 15. I loved all of the boy bands and Britney Spears.

PornOCD: Who influenced you growing up and what music connected with you?

Saya: I discovered Metal in high school, starting with stuff like Linkin Park, Kittie, and Sevendust, and it really moved me because that’s when I also started struggling with major depressive disorder.

PornOCD: When did the thought of career in porn first get into your thoughts?

Saya: Well, I’d been a GodsGirl ( and making my own amateur clips for almost three years before I decided that I could – and should – shoot for professional companies. I started making my own porn because I’m a very sexual person and I’ve always enjoyed seeing how good I look on camera and I realized I could make money from it.  

PornOCD: How did your very first scene come about?

Saya: When I realized I wanted to shoot for professional companies, I applied on James Deen’s website for his Amateur Sex Tapes. When I didn’t hear back, I emailed the model coordinator a couple weeks later and she asked if I could be in NYC in 10 days and I said yes. A week and a half later, I met James Deen in a hotel room and we banged twice.

PornOCD: What were your friends’ and family’s reaction to you becoming a porn star?

Saya: My friends were all very supportive and only mildly surprised. I don’t talk about it with my family because they’re very conservative and someone will have a heart attack or stroke over it.

PornOCD: What movie was your very first scene?

Saya: My very first scene was James Deen’s Amateur Sex Tapes.

PornOCD: How did you feel before you walked in front of the camera for the first time?

Saya: I didn’t really feel anything out of the ordinary. It was not a big production, so it wasn’t intimidating.

PornOCD: Did you forget the camera was there and just enjoy the sex?

Saya: I really did 🙂

PornOCD: What is your favourite position?

Saya: I love doggy style because it gets deep, but I also love missionary with my legs spread wide so I can kiss my lover.

PornOCD: Is any position off limits when it comes to shooting a scene?

Saya: None!

PornOCD: Who do you look up to in porn and think is setting the bar and leading the way?

Saya: Jacky St. James is a director I really admire.

PornOCD: For those reading about you for first time describe yourself in five words.

Saya: Friendly, considerate, clean, sexy, chill.

PornOCD: What is the best thing about being a porn star?

Saya: Having so many of my sexual fantasies fulfilled on camera and getting to suck and fuck so many hot people that are tested regularly for STDs.

PornOCD: What’s the biggest misconception with porn?

Saya: That the plot lines are real! Come on, people…

PornOCD: You have recently done a movie First Prince #2 how was working with Prince Yahshua? Did he stretch and satisfy you?

Saya: Well, as you can see in the scene, he makes me squirt like crazy, which I cannot fake. I definitely enjoyed him, but I love big cocks and he was nothing I’m not used to. Give me all the big dicks! 

First Prince #02

PornOCD: Loved your scene in “Jizz My Glasses“. How much do you love a facial cumshot?

Saya: Thank you! I love a good facial; it makes me feel like a good little whore.

PornOCD: Do you ever watch your own porn scenes to keep getting better?

Saya: I do, especially because I’m new to professional porn. I like to see how I look and if there’s anything I can change to improve.

PornOCD: What keeps you motivated to keep working hard?

Saya: As far as porn is concerned, it’s just a lot of fun and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I also have fun with my fans; I love chatting with them.

PornOCD: If you were given 1 million dollars to spend in 24 hours, what fun would you have?

Saya: I would buy so many shoes, clothes, a car … I can’t even imagine!

PornOCD: How do you keep your body in such amazing shape?

Saya: I exercise a little bit, but I’m really just blessed with good genes.

PornOCD: So any more movies your fans can look forward to in the near future?

Saya: My blow bang is coming out soon! It was shot by for

PornOCD: Who is your biggest celeb crush at the moment?

Saya: I have a thing for Ellen Page and it’s even stronger since she came out.

PornOCD: What music album you listening to at the moment?

Saya: Break Science – Monolith Code.

PornOCD: How important is twitter to your porn career?

Saya: I don’t like social media, but Twitter seems to be a pretty powerful promotional tool.

PornOCD: Have you come up with #hashtag name for your fans yet

Saya: Haha yeah, I just did a few days ago. It’s #Sluts4Saya.

Wet Food #07

Thank you for reading our interview. Saya is currently on hiatus, but I hope you’ll check out follow her on Twitter @xokittysaya. I’m at Twitter at @PornOCD.