PornOCD Interview with Hollie Mack

December 29, 2016

Hollie Mack’s Evil Angel Profile

    In November 2015 I was lucky enough to interview the amazingly cute porn star Hollie Mack. Sit back and enjoy:

Twitter: @HollieMackXXX

PornOCD: Where did you grow up and what was your home town like?

Hollie: I was born in Phoenix, Arizona but I spent most of my life moving around Arizona. I lived in Flagstaff quite sometime, but I primarily lived in a small town called Camp Verde. It was basically small town America. The teens were pretty much rednecks and if your family didn’t own a farm or some how contribute to the town in some way, you weren’t really anyone. We prided the High School football team and liked to have bonfires out in the middle of nowhere. Small Town, USA in the West!

PornOCD: What sort of student where you at school?

Hollie: I was never really the smartest student. I’ve always had trouble with learning. But needless to say I was a jock! I was at all of the sporting events. I was Varsity Cheer, Softball and, Volley Ball all through High School. I’ve always been super social when I want to be and HS was more of a social event then an opportunity to learn. But I graduated HS as a Junior with extra credits. Getting my education wasn’t necessarily easy, but I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from getting it!

PornOCD: Were you popular with the boys?

Hollie: Yes, even though I kind of a tomboy up to High School, I always very popular with the guys. When I was a Sophomore, I flashed the whole football team in hopes it would help them win the game that night! (We won by the way!) I was the girl that always hung out with guys!

PornOCD: Who adorned your bedroom walls growing up?

Hollie: The typical 90’s and early 00’s boy bands! Back Street Boys, Aaron Carter, the Playboy Bunny, and the Green Bay Packers. Being a Cardinals fan this was not really a prime time in my life!

Scene Trailer: Wanna Fuck My Daughter Gotta Fuck Me First #22

PornOCD: How you describe yourself in five words?

Hollie: Down To Earth, Honest, Foodaholic.

PornOCD: Were you a party girl or sensible?

Hollie: I’ve always been the party girl! I love being social and meeting new people and the party scene is where I get my fix of social! But in the same sense I am sensible. I’m a realist I suppose.

PornOCD: When did the idea of getting into porn first enter your head?

Hollie: When I was 18. I never had thought about it until I was given the opportunity. It was one of those things that just kind of came up and I ran with it.

PornOCD: How has your family and friends taken your new career in porn?

Hollie: My friends that are close have never given me any shame or looked different upon me for my career choice. Anyone that has judged me for what I do usually doesn’t stick around too long. As for my family; I have arguably one of the best families ever! They for obvious reason would choose something else for me as a career, but the support my choice of career and have been by far the most supportive and helpful people in my journey as a porn star.

PornOCD: How did you feel on the morning of your very first shoot?

Hollie: The morning of my first shoot was set to be a LONG day; but needless to say I was excited. Getting onto the plane the morning I felt somewhat of a burst of confidence, I was happy to begin pursuing my now career!

PornOCD: When did you first view porn?

Hollie: The first time I ever viewed any type of porn was when I was around the age of 10. I found some old Playboys in my family storage.

PornOCD: Do you have any role models inside the industry?

Hollie: Alex Chance is someone that I’m very lucky to have as a great friend, but she is also someone I look up to and she is certainly someone I would consider as a role model. Brandi Love is with out a doubt another role model to me in the industry.

PornOCD: When was the last time you were star struck when you met someone?

Hollie: Meeting Ron Jeremy was a star striking moment. I don’t get star struck too often, but there have been a few moments that I’ve had to pleasure to interact with some amazing people that have put me into those moments. I don’t get star struck too often by porn stars. DJs…… Now that’s a different story!

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PornOCD: What music is currently being played on your iPod?

Hollie: I listen to a wide variety of music. EDM is my top choice, Country, Punk Rock, R&B even some classical. What I listen to all depends on how I’m feeling, but I do love my music! Music is my one escape from almost everything. When I drive from Arizona to L.A. or vise versa, I’m consumed by music.

PornOCD: How important is fashion to you?

Hollie: I’ve never really been into fashion. I like nice things but I’ve never been a follower of trends. I don’t think modern fashion really speaks to my tastes; I like to be different and individual even if that means just being Plain Jane.

PornOCD: Do you have a bag and shoe fetish like most women?

Hollie: I like bags and shoes just a much as most women, however I prefer sunglasses and hats. I have an absurd amount of sunglasses that half of which I’ve only worn like once.

PornOCD: What is the very first thing you notice about a guy?

Hollie: The first thing I notice about a guy is his hair and his smile. Those two things have and still get me into A LOT of trouble! I’m a sucker for a guy that has nice hair or a genuine smile!

PornOCD: Who would be your dream one night stand?

Hollie: Goodness, that’s a tough one…. My current man crush is Tom Hardy! Mad Max was the movie that turned me on to Tom Hardy and Holy Goodness that man is HANDSOME!

PornOCD: Can a cock ever be too big?

Hollie: I haven’t yet worked with someone that’s “too big” but I think that would be something that would be a game changer should I have a relationship with someone that’s consider BIG. I have been intimidated by some of the cocks in the industry, but after we get started, I get more comfortable and can’t help but enjoy it!

PornOCD: What is 100% guaranteed to bring you to orgasm without fail?

Hollie: Hitachi! I am clit stimulated so the Hitachi always gets the job done!

PornOCD: What is the best and worst thing about being a porn star?

Hollie: Being a porn star is awesome in itself, but the sex is most definitely a HUGE perk to my job! I have had some amazing sex before becoming a porn star but after I started my career nothing can really hold a candle to some of the sexual experiences I’ve had now! A major con to being a porn star is the stigmas that come along with it. People judge you for almost everything you do and either you walk on water or your the Devil himself. I receive a lot of criticism doing what I do for a living, but having the support I do and not allow people to get to me is something that weighs on my side!

PornOCD: When you started in porn, did you have any scenes or positions that you thought, “I am not doing that.”?

Hollie: I was never a fan of facials or swallowing cum before porn. Now it’s just another thing. Everything I do now is fairly vanilla, but I am still exploring my body and seeing what I like and what I don’t.

PornOCD: What was your first interracial scene like?

Scene Trailer

Hollie: had the opportunity to take my IR Virginity and in doing so they set a GREAT example for an IR scene! I loved working with Dog Fart and Isiah Maxwell.

Scene Trailers

Hollie: They made my first IR scene one to remember to say the least. Isiah and I clicked from meeting one another, so working together was effortless. It’s much easier to work with someone when you vibe well!

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PornOCD: How important is Twitter to your career and porn in general?

Hollie: Twitter is super important to porn in the sense that Twitter is kind of a hub for people to be able to interact with not only their favourite celebrities, but also their favorite porn stars! I have a lot of people that communicate to me via Twitter to find out more about me or where they can find my work. Twitter is also the only social platform that allows nudity. What point is there to having social media if I can’t be naked on it! People want to feel like they have a connection with their favourite stars and Twitter gives people that connection!

PornOCD: How much time do you spend keeping in touch with your fans?

Hollie: I try to keep up with staying in touch with my fans; however whenever I’m back home, I do kind of check out so that way I can be with my friends and family. I do try to respond as much as possible, but usually when I do respond, it’s when I’m in L.A. or if I have some down time at home. I have recently turned to Periscope to give people that more personal connection. It’s easier for people to get my immediate attention and gives more of a live Q&A to people that are watching and following!

PornOCD: Who is in your list of people you 100% have to do scene with?

Hollie: Hmm, just to name a few… Aaliyah Love, Bonnie Rotten, Dani Daniels, Jessa Rhodes, Jessie Volt ,Maddy O’Reilly , Misty Stone, Ramon Nomar, Chad White, Tommy Gunn, Manuel Ferrara, Tommy Pistol, PrinceYahshua, James Dean, Michael Vegas.

PornOCD: What movies have you got coming up for your fans to look forward to?

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Hollie: I think so far the most Fan Anticipated is my Scene with Lexington Steele; Lex’s Pretty Young Things #2! There may be a few others but you’ll all just have to wait and see! 😉

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PornOCD: Do you have a hashtag name for your fans yet?

Hollie: I don’t have an official hash tag, however there was a pic that I posted on IG a while back where I was wearing a long sleeve Bat Man Top and someone use #BatMack and it was TITS! But nothing official to come yet.

You can find Hollie Mack online at these locations:

Instagram: @HollieMackXXX

Twitter: @HollieMackXXX