PornOCD Interview with Anna Bell Peaks

December 18, 2016

Back in September of 2015, I interviewed inked porn star Anna Bell Peaks. For those who missed it first time around, here’s another chance to enjoy it.

Twitter: @AnnaBellPeaksXX

PornOCD: You’re a Midwest girl. How was growing up for you?

Anna Bell: I grew up pretty sheltered in small town USA and a good girl. I was an ugly duckling and a tomboy till high school. I focused on school cause it was easy for me.

PornOCD: Seems you really knuckled down at school. How important was a good education to you?

Anna Bell: I knew going to college would mean a great job after graduation, and I loved numbers and math and was very good at it. So it was easy to choose a major in Accounting.

PornOCD: So you gained a Master’s degree in accounting. Seems like a very safe and steady career choice.

Anna Bell: I love accounting, love how there’s a way to prove my work because debits = credits. I also loved the challenge of taxes and financials because there were so many ways to complete the information, but only one best solution for your client.

PornOCD: So when you sat at your desk at work, was your brain doing overload for a more exciting career?

Anna Bell: I love the challenge of a difficult task, a financial problem I had to research to solve, or a complex set of entries to fix mistakes of another. I loved my job as a CPA. Just goes to show you can love lots of very different things in life right!?

PornOCD: You have a number of tattoos. Tattoos seem to be more accepted in society now. What was your very first piece of ink?

Anna Bell: A little butterfly on my shoulder about the size of a half dollar coin. My little way of saying I’m all grown up. I got that when I was 18!

PornOCD: So how did an accountant go from the office to camming?

Anna Bell: I started webcamming to make more money at night doing something I liked doing and was good at; talking dirty and having sex! I was surprised how easy and fun it was, and never even left my bed! I only worked an hour or two a night, most nights, and it was a great supplemental income.

PornOCD: It’s hard to do an interview with talking about your boobs … they are big. Were you naturally busty before they got real big?

Anna Bell: I had size D cup tits before my enhancement. So, most of the breast is extremely soft and fun to play with because it’s real! I absolutely love my boobs and how they turned out. I wear a 32G bra. No more Victoria’s Secret for me!

PornOCD: How did the first offer of porn come about?

Anna Bell: I took some boudoir pictures for my guy as a present, and those pics I was going to use on the webcam site too, to help drive traffic to my room. The photographer said, “Wow you look amazing! you should be a model!” I figured he just wanted my phone number so I gave it to him. Two days later, my phone was ringing off the hook with various agents wanting me to do porn! I was completely caught off guard!

Anna Bell Peaks’ Naughty America Profile

PornOCD: How have your friends taken your career change?

Anna Bell: I have few close friends, those that know are quite supportive. They know I’m a smart woman, and that I wouldn’t do this career move unless I knew it was the best choice. I’m not a ditzy high school graduate enticed into porn by the idea of fame and fortune. I am an educated woman who considered all the sacrifices and rewards knowing I could make a serious career out of this. I’m not here to be just a girl in porn. I want to be the best, on top, because I believe I am driven and dedicated enough to accomplish that.

PornOCD: You started in porn in your 30’s. Do you feel it’s been an advantage or disadvantage? Has having more life experience helped you make your choices in porn?

Anna Bell: I don’t think I would have liked porn at any earlier age than I am now. I know my body, I know how to make myself feel good over and over. I know how to care for my body too.

PornOCD: So on the morning of your very first scene, how did you feel?

Anna Bell: Excited, horny! I’m voyeuristic so it was a huge turn on to be fucked and video taped!

Scene Trailer

PornOCD: I read you’re happily married. How supportive is your man of your career?

Anna Bell: My man is the very best part of my life. He fully supports me and encourages me to work hard not give up and be the very best I can be in every venture I enter. Amazing man.

PornOCD: What ambitions did you have for porn right at the start and have they changed slightly?

Anna Bell: My ambition hasn’t changed a bit, though I know how to get to where I want to be a little better now. I said when I entered porn that I wanted to be the next Bonnie Rotten. Not to replace her or to do everything she does, by any means. I just knew that she was the number one most known most shot inked adult performer, and I wanted that position for myself! She is not currently performing and neither are a couple other names in the inked community, so damnit I want to rise straight to the top and take my place there! I hope that doesn’t sound rude or haughty. I’m driven and I set goals and I strive to be the very best at what I do.

PornOCD: With having such big boobs, has this caused you to be typecast into the Big Boob genre or can you choose your roles easily?

Anna Bell: I’m new, I’ve been in the industry 8 months. I don’t really pick anything at all right now. I get shot for Big Tits at Work (Brazzers) and Big Tits Creampie (BangBros) but I also am shot for “regular” scenes (how is there anything regular about porn?!).

PornOCD: How much do you think Twitter helps not only promote you but porn in general?

Anna Bell: Twitter is by far the best way to get my pictures and scene info, links, and meet new industry contacts, and has been invaluable to the advertising of my career thus far.

PornOCD: Do you ever get star stuck when meeting people in the industry?

Anna Bell: I’m sorry, not really. I’m friendly to everyone and I don’t always know when I’m meeting someone who’s been around a long time! But I absolutely respect their tenure in the adult industry field and try to ask a few newb questions to guide me in the right direction towards success. 

PornOCD: If you could direct your own movie, what would be the plot and who’s the cast?

Anna Bell: Lately I’ve been fantasizing a scene at an airport where TSA men have to stop and inspect my travel bag because alarms go off through the detector. They take me to a back room for closer security examination to open my bag and find lingerie, dildos, lube, and I get a very personal physical pat down that turns into a full fuck fest. Yummy. Cast: Me, Johnny Castle, and at least one other male talent among the hotties I’ve worked with. Chad White, Ryan Driller, Johnny Sins, Xandor Corvus, take your pick. Or, if I am an obvious security threat to the airlines, maybe they are ALL needed back in that back room!

PornOCD: Finally, I like to end with this question – if you could have dinner with three people alive or dead, who would they be and why?

Anna Bell: George W. Bush, not to be political, but because I admire him and his ability to stay a calm level headed man in a country that was pointedly divided and very volatile after September 11th and throughout the war. His ability to hold his leadership position and not bite back at every negative comment he received or crumble under I’m sure intense pressures of his job just show what kind of man he is.

Leonardo DaVinci, because his mind must have been an amazing thing to behold. His inventions, ideas, the beauty he saw in the world and his ability to think out of the box to create fantastic ideas. It would be amazing to talk to someone who’s mind was so sharp like that.

My Dad. He died a year ago. He was the happiest man I ever knew, and his life was terrible. He had horrible health problems, brain cancer, went blind, was divorced, out in a nursing home at about age 40, and still maintained the happiest disposition I’ve ever seen. I strive to be able to do that. To be content no matter what life holds, to find happiness in SOMETHING every single day, no matter how bad a day gets, even if it’s just seeing the beauty in a flower or sunrise or remembering that others care about me.

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