PornOCD Interview with Angela White

December 16, 2016

Back in September of 2015, I was lucky enough to interview Australian porn superstar Angela of Here is my reposted interview. If you enjoyed it before, you will still enjoy it now.


PornOCD: How was growing up in Australia?

Angela: Australia was a great place to grow up. I could see the beach from my house and could go swimming every day.

PornOCD: When you were growing up what your ambitions for your life?

Angela: I wanted to travel the world. I love to learn about different cultures and try their cuisines. I have been very fortunate that being in porn has facilitated so much overseas travel.
PornOCD: You chose to make the most of education and went to university and then onto the famous Institut d’etudes politiques de paris. How did this change your life?

Angela: I love learning and while you don’t have to go to university to acquire knowledge, I personally love the regimentation of tertiary education. It instills discipline while encouraging new ways of looking at the world. It changes your perspective and so it changes everything.

PornOCD: What opportunities job wise were available in your home town?

Angela: I don’t know, I didn’t stay there. There certainly wasn’t any professional porn being shot there. I’ve travelled a lot and lived in many different countries. If I ever start to feel limited by a place, I leave. I miss the beach but right now I love being in Melbourne.

PornOCD: It impossible to not mention your very impressive boobs. What size are they and what’s good and bad about having big natural boobs?

Angela: My breasts are a 32GG-cup. They definitely give me a point of difference in porn. It’s rare to have natural breasts that large so I don’t take them for granted. But it does make it harder to find clothes. Finding an elegant dress for red carpet events is almost impossible. The weight of my breasts rule out all strapless dresses, spaghetti-strap dresses, off the shoulder or single-strap dresses. It really limits what I can wear, but it helps when I’m naked.

PornOCD: When did the idea of a career in porn enter your head?

Angela: As soon as I was introduced to pornography, I started thinking about being involved in the industry myself. I was slut-shamed for expressing my sexuality in high school, so when I was introduced to pornography, I saw a space where expressing my sexuality would be encouraged and celebrated. I really felt like I would belong in the industry.

PornOCD: You made the decision to work with Score Magazine ( . Was that a simple decision?

Angela: Score specializes in big breasts, so I thought they would be the obvious choice. I knew that living in Australia would be an obstacle to getting into the industry, but Score have always been open to shooting international models and they even flew me half way around the world to shoot with me. I’ll always be grateful that they took a chance on me and gave me my start.

PornOCD: What were your friends and families reaction to your career and life heading towards porn?

Angela: They were concerned at first. There is a lot of misinformation that circulates about the industry. Most people would have heard the tired myths about women in the industry being drug addicted or being controlled by pimps. This image is slowly being eroded as more and more performers speak out about their experiences in the industry.

PornOCD: It seems you have lots of control over your career, movies, website was that an important element you needed to be at the front of your own brand?

Angela: Yes, my brand only exists because of the work I put into it. I am the brand. I run my website myself and I produce, direct and star in my own films. I need that control to be able to express my own sexual vision.

PornOCD: The porn industry in Australia is slowly growing. Is it in your opinion getting more accepted in Australian society?

Angela: I think that the majority of Australian society is very accepting of sexual expression, but the growth of the Australian porn industry is slow due to draconian and archaic laws and censorship. However, the companies that do exist in Australia are producing some amazing content and I’m sure you will be seeing more and more of it hit the US market in the coming years.

PornOCD: In 2010 you ran in Australian state elections. How did that come about?

Angela: The Greens were running a candidate named Kathleen Maltzahn in the Richmond electorate who was pushing for the criminalization of the sex industry. I ran for the Australian Sex Party to draw attention to the fact that criminalization pushes sex work underground and makes conditions unsafe for the workers and clients. My aim wasn’t necessarily to win but rather to make sure that Maltzahn didn’t win and in the end she lost. I can’t claim complete responsibility for her loss because the Labour candidate obviously had majority support, but I’d like to think that I at least helped to raise awareness about the dangers of criminalizing any form of sex work.

PornOCD: You’re very open about not using a stage name in your porn career. Why is this important to you?

Angela: Using my own name is a political statement: there is nothing wrong with expressing my sexuality and exhibitionism. I’m proud of what I do and I don’t need or want to hide behind an alias. The choice is also representative of the fact that I am embarking on an authentic sexual journey; I’m not playing a role or acting, I am exploring my own desires, pleasures and fantasies in pornography.

PornOCD: You’re very in control of your website How much work is involved in running an award winning website and how did it feel to win Xbiz award for adult site of year?

Angela: The amount of work involved is often overwhelming, but it’s worth it. I have complete control over who I shoot with; the concepts, the costuming, the locations, the sex acts, and I also do the video editing and photo choices and promote the scenes. But running the site myself also means I’m responsible for the less exciting elements like 2257s, contracts, SEO, uploading and transcoding the content etc. I was, and still am, ecstatic that I won the Xbiz award for Adult Site of the Year. Having my hard work recognized and acknowledged meant so much to me! It is truly an honour.

PornOCD: Your movie Angela featured a number of firsts – first Anal, first DP, First IR, first threesome. How much fun was that?

Angela: It was great! I love pushing my sexual boundaries and I enjoyed every scene on Angela. In the sequel that is being released in September, I take it to the next level again. Angela: Volume 2 features my first lesbian three-way, first blowbang, first IR double penetration and first gangbang. In the gangbang I also do my first double vaginal, double anal and triple penetration so this release is my biggest to date! 

PornOCD: You also have your own Fleshlight line so fans can not only enjoy your movies, but technically speaking ejaculate in you. lol well nearly.

Angela: Fleshlight allows my fans to get closer to me than ever before! I’m so happy that the Fleshlight team brought me on board. It’s also really fun to watch fans use my Fleshlight during c2c webcam sessions.

PornOCD: How important do you see social media now today in porn?

Angela: I think it’s a very important promotional platform and a great way to interact with fans. Utilizing social media has definitely helped me to launch my career, especially since being based in Australia has made me more isolated. With social media I’m still able to reach out to people and grow my fan base.

PornOCD: How much do you enjoy interacting with your fans on Twitter at @ANGELAWHITE?

Angela: I spend a lot of time on Twitter interacting with fans and responding to their questions. I enjoy it a lot and love hearing from them.

PornOCD: If you could have dinner with three people alive or dead, who would they be and why?

Angela: I know that you’re supposed to answer this question with interesting figures from history or your celebrity crushes, but honestly, I’d choose dinner with my family, friends and lovers over a celebrity who’s a complete stranger to me. I always want to be surrounded by people that I love.

Thank you for reading our interview. You can follow Angela on the following social media platforms:, Twitter: @ANGELAWHITE, , Instagram: TheAngelaWhite,,, and! You can find me at @PornOCD on Twitter. 

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