PornOCD Interview With Chelsea Grinds

January 26, 2017

Twitter: @ChelseaxGrindsx

Today we are turning back the clock twelve months to my interview with sexy #Inked California girl Chelsea Grinds. If you missed it the first time or if you loved it before, read and enjoy!!!

PornOCD: So you are a California girl. Is it all sunshine, bikinis and rollerblading like on all the music videos?

Chelsea: lol First thing that popped into my mind when I read this question was Katy Perry’s song “California Girls”. But yes, if you live in Southern California (Los Angeles-San Diego) you can expect that type of scene all year long!

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PornOCD: What was your very first ambition for your life and career?

Chelsea: Dancing has and will always be my passion. Starting from the age of 3, I competed and won numerous awards which led me to being scouted and signed by an agency for commercial, print work, TV, etc. I started going to school to get my major in Dance, but realized school wasn’t for me (which I always knew but parents forced it lol), but I plan on once I settle down years from now to open up my own studio or even gentleman’s club.

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Phoenix Askani and Chelsea Grinds – A Latex Dream

Chelsea: So to say the least, I have always wanted to be apart of the entertainment industry whether it be adult or mainstream. I am going to go till the end. I don’t give up on my dreams!

PornOCD: How important was school and education to you?

Chelsea: For me it was more I did it because it was expected of me. I was not the best student but I got by. I feel some of the best education depending on what career path you choose to take can be learned and given by mentoring and watching someone that you feel knows the ropes well and can tell you the do’s and don’ts.

PornOCD: How popular were you with the boys ?

Chelsea: lol I guess I was really well-liked by the boys. I remember being the freshman and sophomore in high school that all the older girls hated on because I attracted all the boys. Why I will never know because I was scared to death to even kiss a boy, so I was always shying away from boys because I was too scared they would try to make a move on me. lol

PornOCD: What music did you listen to?

Chelsea: I listened and still listen to everything!

PornOCD: Were you a party girl or well behaved bed early kinda girl?

Chelsea: Oh my no I was a bad girl. lol From drinking…having cops called on me…partying every weekend… also sneaking out of the house constantly. Starting my junior year, I was known as the party girl and even though my mom worked at my high school none the less I still ditched class and repeated all the above no matter how many times I got caught!

PornOCD: When did you get your first tattoo and is there a story behind it?

Chelsea: I got my first tattoo when I was 23. The bow on my forearm. I wanted a tattoo really, really bad, so my ex and me went to some random shop and I got it done. Unbeknownst to anyone it did and still does have a meaning but that is for myself. 🙂

PornOCD: How many tattoos do you have at the moment and any plans for more?

Chelsea: Always plans for more no doubt!! As of now I have eight all together.

PornOCD: Are you loyal to one tattoo artist or use several?

Chelsea: Every piece I have had done was by a different artist. There is one that I will go back to. His name is Robert Holmes and I have gotten the most compliments on the work he did for me and he is an amazing person to say the least!

PornOCD: Do you think that tattoos are more accepted and part of modern society now?

Chelsea: Yes I do and I see society finally just overlooking the fact and not putting judgment as much as before.

PornOCD: What is the very first thing you notice about a sexy man or sexy woman?

Chelsea: Their style and demeanor!!

PornOCD: Who is your dream one night stand?

Chelsea: Hmmmm that is a hard one….if I had to choose right this second I would choose Benicio Del Toro.

PornOCD: What the the worst chat up line that has been used on you and did it work?

Chelsea: lol When I was told by a guy that he had just seen heaven and no. lol I walked away.

PornOCD: When did your first opportunity to model first come about?

Chelsea: First time was when I got approached by an agent for dancing when I was younger, and then from that I was approached by numerous photographers as I got older, but did not pursue anything until a few years ago.

PornOCD: You ventured into porn. How did this opportunity come about?

Chelsea:I was working at a lingerie type store and one of my associates told me about, so I applied and got the gig. Unfortunately I chickened out and I reapplied a year later when I knew I was ready and I knew I wouldn’t know if I liked it or not unless I tried it.

PornOCD: You used to have red hair currently your now blonde do blondes have more fun?

Chelsea: lol I think redheads have more fun. I’m actually going to go back. It seemed to catch more attention for me. Whenever you see me with blonde hair it’s because I’m in the process of a hair color change. lol

PornOCD: Do you want to continue with porn or move into other areas of the industry?

Chelsea: I am trying to move into other areas in the industry as well…. There is no boundaries. I want to do everything!

PornOCD: How important do you think Twitter is to your career?

Chelsea: Very! It is how I am able to advertise myself and let fans be kept up to date.

PornOCD: Do you have a motto for life?

Chelsea: Live life to the fullest….live each day like it’s your last…. be yourself.

PornOCD: Do you have any party tricks?

Chelsea: Yes, but if I give them out everyone will know my secrets. lol

PornOCD: Are you like most of the female population? Do you have a bag and shoe addiction?

Chelsea: Honestly I love both, but I cannot say I’m addicted.

PornOCD: What was the very last thing you bought yourself as a treat?

Chelsea: A new laptop.

PornOCD: What is currently playing in your iPod or in your car?

Chelsea: State Champs, Ellie Goulding, Taylor Swift, Pierce The Veil, A Day to Remember and Mötley Crüe.  

PornOCD: Who is your biggest crush on at the moment?

Chelsea: Nico Nicolette! She is an upcoming star for sure!!! She has a gorgeous body and face! You will definitely be seeing more of her!

PornOCD: When was the last time you told a little white lie? I’m hoping not in this interview.

Chelsea: Today actually lol and no, it was to my Dad. lol

PornOCD: How much time do you get to spend with your friends?

Chelsea: Not much at all considering we are all in different locations. 🙁

PornOCD: What is the favourite place you have visited?

Chelsea: I would have to say London!

PornOCD: Do you speak any other languages (and drunk isn’t a language)?

Chelsea: Oh no. I do not unfortunately.

PornOCD: If you were given 1 million dollars and 24 hours to spend it. what fun would you have?

Chelsea: Off to Vegas grabbing everyone I can reach and going wild while purchasing stuff that even after the 24 hours is up it’s mine to keep!

PornOCD: Who has the sexiest tattooed #Inked body on the planet?

Chelsea: I can honestly not answer that question. lol I have to many to name!

PornOCD: Have you ever been star struck?

Chelsea: No joke, I have not. lol Closest thing would have had to be when I went to Glenn Danzig’s house for an interview and meeting Joanna Angel. 

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PornOCD: What can your fans look forward to seeing from you soon?

Chelsea: More work and more of me period!!! It’s been a dirty ride for me considering I have had to reestablish myself due to circumstances.but I am here to stay!

Twitter: @ChelseaxGrindsx

Thank you for reading our interview. Follow Chelsea at @ChelseaGrindsx and I’m Scott at @PornOCD on Twitter.