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Tasty Trixie: Your Wife The Cocksucker

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Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley is one of my all-time favorite pornstars. Hartley was born in Berkeley, California to a Lutheran father and a Jewish mother whose family was from Alabama. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. After graduating from high school in 1977, she attended San Francisco State University’s undergraduate nursing school and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1985. She is a registered nurse.   

She stated in an interview that she chose the name “Nina” because it was easy for Japanese tourists to say during the time she was a dancer in San Francisco; “Hartley” was chosen as it was close to her own real last name and because she “wanted a name that sounded like that of a real person”. She has said that when she got into the adult business, she was blessed with two popular fetish items: “big, baby-blue eyes and that round butt with a high, small waist”, with her buttocks becoming her trademark.

Politically, Hartley currently considers herself a liberal and an outspoken sex-positive feminist, although for a time she was a socialist activist. Addressing other women, she said “Sex isn’t something men do to you. It isn’t something men get out of you. Sex is something you dive into with gusto and like it every bit as much as he does.” Hartley has been an advocate for the adult film industry’s right to exist, and, before the rise to stardom of Jenna Jameson, had often been called on when television news programs and talk shows required an articulate, leading adult film actress to support the pro side.

She appeared most notably on The Oprah Winfrey Show with fellow porn actress Ona Zee. The two came under hard scrutiny from the mostly female audience, but refused to back down and were outspoken in their support of the industry. She and Ona Zee also spoke out strongly against illegal drugs in the industry. Hartley crossed over into mainstream Hollywood with an appearance in the 1997 film Boogie Nights, in which she played William H. Macy’s serially unfaithful wife. She also appeared in the 1996 Canadian film Bubbles Galore.

Hartley is openly bisexual in her private life and describes herself as an atheist. She married Ira Levine (aka Ernest Greene), a director of porn films, particularly BDSM films.  They sometimes work together, as in The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, directed by Tristan Taormino and Greene, and O: the Power of Submission, directed by Greene. In both of these films, Hartley plays supporting roles. The couple consider themselves polyamourous.

Hartley remains active as of 2012. Appearing primarily in “mature”-themed pornography, she also has a line of instructional videos which are marketed under the Nina Hartley’s Guide brand covering the entire sexual spectrum, from basic sexual intercourse and foreplay, to anal sex and bondage. In 2006 she published her first book Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex.[16] In 2010, she quipped “Now I work with women who are younger than my breast implants”.

Hartley played the part of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the film Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?, a pornographic parody of vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin with Lisa Ann in the role of Palin. Hartley has won numerous awards throughout her career, from various critic and fan organizations. The following is a list of her Adult Video News Awards:

Best Non-Sex Performance for Not Bewitched XXX (2009)
Best Specialty Tape – BDSM for Nina Hartley’s Private Sessions 13 (2005)
Best Specialty Tape – Spanking for Nina Hartley’s Guide To Spanking (2005)
Best Supporting Actress – Video for The Last X-Rated Movie (1991)
Best Couples Sex Scene Film for Amanda By Night II (1987)
Best Couples Sex Scene – Video for Sensual Escape (1989)
Best Supporting Actress – Film for Portrait of an Affair (1989)
Best Actress – Video for Debbie Duz Dishes (1987)

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Barely Evil Weed Smokers

Spark up with Kenzie Marie, Esmerelda and Superna! BarelyEvil is all about the most thrilling sexy trouble seeking hellions you’d ever be tempted to meet. Young Rock’n Roll iconoclasts with darkly wicked sexuality. These girls challenge a lot of counterculture labels, Gutter-punk, Gothic, Deathrock, Satanist, Emo, and more, but one thing they have in common is their taste for hot daring adventure.

FTV Girls – Elle and Malena

Malena, one of the most popular girls on FTV Girls for 2011, was set to come back, and since she’s more into women than men, why not bring her best friend back for a girl-girl? They fool around in personal life, and have a lot of chemistry (which really shows on camera). We meet them at the airport, they flash, dress up, and fool around, then we go out to a sassy mall, and they do all kinds of public displays of affection. They even finger and go down on each other out in the open! Before any more trouble, they go home to get very intimate, having oral sex and we get closeups of their sex play from various angles. Back out for lunch, the girls get more touchy-feely, and Malena gets fingered in the parking lot. Playful as they are, they chase each other naked, do karate chops, and random things only friends would do when teamed up. Then there’s vibrator play for Malena, with help of Elle to orgasm. They go again in some sexy heels to play some more until the sun sets. They get kinky with a large cucumber, using it as a double ended toy to penetrate each other. Malena makes greater use of it by using it on herself, and showing off those tight vaginal muscles by shooting this large and heavy cucumber out quite a distance! Putting on their sexiest dresses and heels (which they wore during their New Years’ night out) they dance to music, then fool around on the computer.So enjoy two very popular girls, who happen to be real life friends and real life lovers. 10,000+ Mb of Malena & Elle 8000kb/sec WMV HD Video In the Members Area!

Femdom Empire

Mistresses Nikki and Jade had so much fun helping Mistress Lexi Sindel fuck her strapon slut that they wanted a turn as well. Nikki goes first, with Lexi sitting on the slave so that Nikki can fuck him as hard as she wants. Jade pitches in, making the slave suck her cock as she humiliates him. Jade then takes her turn, with Lexi and Nikki rocking the slave back onto Jade’s cock, making him take it balls deep as they verbally humiliate the pathetic slut. Download the full video on FemdomEmpire.com

Muscle Black Women

As a black tgirl, I stopped asking myself years ago why black female bodybuiders are so friendly with me. I wondered if many were bisexual or felt a kinship because of the negative reactions many of them experience when accused of trying to “look like men”. Whatever it is, here’s a little tribute to openly sexual black fitness experts and professional bodybuilders. Muscle Black Women showcases sisters who work their bodies hard, from from the largest bodybuilders to the girls next door with a great pairs of biceps. Cheers to these phenomenal women!