Mistress Tangent – Close Shave

MP4 Scene Trailer

Mistress Tangent says she needs a little ‘me time’ before going out and hanging with her girlfriends. You’re not fit to hang with them in public, but it’s okay to watch her preparing to go out on the town. She looks exquisite in leopard print foundation wear and full-fashioned black stockings. This is typical of the type of duties you’ll be assigned as her boy toy. As she sits at the edge of the tub unsnapping her stocking from its garter, she describes how she intends to wear something sexy yet classy. Mistress Tangent extends one of her curvy legs and wiggles her pedicured toes as she goes about her personal grooming task. She removes a stocking and presents a bare dainty foot you’d love to kiss. As she repeats the process with the other stocking, Mistress Tangent informs you of your duty to make sure that she doesn’t miss a single spot. If you slip up you’re in trouble. In case she decides to bring someone home, knowing that would totally humiliate you, she decides that she ought to shave her pussy. Did you think you’d only see Mistress Tangent shaving her amazing legs? No, silly! This is going to be an explicit tease and before Mistress Tangent steps inside the tub, she’ll strip completely nude. She lathers her body up a bit while her large breasts sway from side to side and her legs are spread wide open. Mistress Tangent is super tidy already but she proceeds to give her sparse pubic patch a trim. She utilizes naughty talk spiced with verbal humiliation to drive you mad with lust as she shaves her pretty pussy completely smooth. If you threw that pussy up in the air, it would come down as sunshine but on top of that, she presents you with the wrinkled rosebud when she turns around and bends over. Some magical things could happen there too I’m sure. Don’t miss this incredible update on MistressTangent.com!

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