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In today’s exclusive scenes from Footsie Babes, badass brunette bitch Kerry Louise is here to show you her voluptuous big breasts and of course her fine legs wrapped in a super sexy net. Leslie Taylor is her teacher introducing her to the pleasures of leg sex. Kerry does quite good on this one and she does have pleasure in Leslie licking her stilettos and toes. In return she caresses Leslie’s cock with her sexy cuffed feet and teases his balls while he’s fucking her wet pussy. Then we’ve got Kortney and she’s is a beauty by her own right, but her most sensual parts are her long legs and slender feet. One could imagine what could she do with those long toes. Apparently even she has some kinky ideas about it, because while she poses for us, showing off with her big feet,  she cannot resist to touch herself, tenderly massaging her pussy. by her sexy feet, and to cover them with his hot cum. I get a monthly report on the members favorite videos and these are two of the hottest of the moment!

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